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Wedding Photos

2 Nov

Wedding photos are up at my photographer’s site.

My favorites seem to be the kissing photos.

weddingkiss (WinCE).jpg

weddingkiss2 (WinCE).jpg

Thought of The Day

1 Nov

There is one thing that the pastor that married us said during counseling that keeps coming back to me. I really like it, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.

“Getting married means that you’re saying yes to each other, and in effect, you’re saying no to all others that you’ve known in your past, and all others you will meet in your future.”

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that saying yes to JB was the best decision I’ve made in my life.


Yes, I’m still basking in the post-honeymoon glow.

Can We Slow This Train Down?

6 Oct

Well, my parents are now in town. Greg, Jane, Jack and Luke are staying in Incline Village (30 minutes outside of Reno at Lake Tahoe), and they arrived there last night. Today, I have a bridesmaid (Sami) and JB’s sister and her boyfriend showing up. Tomorrow, we’ll see the rest of the wedding party and JB’s parents. Woah! I feel like I’m on a runaway train! Time already feels like it has been sped up.

I guess my main concern as of right now is the darn weather. It’s supposed to be beautiful all week, but then it will change on Saturday, when it is supposed to get cold (in the 60s) and rainy.

This is Nevada and October, a state that doesn’t get much rain at all, and in the month that we get the least amount of rain. The odds of it raining on my wedding day were slim, but now it’s looking like a pretty certain possibility. Can’t I get cut some slack in the weather department? Oh well, at least all of the festivities are inside.

We now have limo arrangements to and from the reception, as well as luxury hotel suites for Friday – Sunday. Friday night, I’ll be staying in a suite with Sami, one of the bridesmaids, so that I’ll be following the tradition of not seeing my groom until the ceremony.

Tomorrow, I have my bridal portrait, and I’m still not sure how the heck I’m going to do my hair for it. I guess we’ll just wait and see what inspiration hits me.

This is likely to be my last post for a while. Thanks to all of you for your support over the past five months!

Wedding Ring Engraving

5 Oct

I have been contemplating for a few weeks now what I wanted to engrave in JB’s ring. After searching countless websites for ideas, I remembered the title of a poem that I wrote for him in September of 2003. So I’m now headed to a jeweler to get “You Make My Heart Smile” engraved in his ring along with our wedding date. Here is the poem that inspired me. Heh. I inspired myself!

You Make My Heart Smile

I don’t know why
I’m so afraid
If you weren’t real
I would make you up.

I’d imagine the love
In your green eyes,
The taste
Of your soft lips,
The sound of our laughter,
And the feel of your hand in mine.

Every day I grow closer to you
And realize more and more
That you’re exactly
What I’ve been looking for.

You make me laugh,
You make me sigh,
You give me butterflies,
But most of all,
You make my heart smile.

Take my hand
We’re in this together
I can’t wait to see
Where this path leads.

Out of Touch

1 Oct

My college roommate, Katie, called last night. She’s coming out next week for the wedding, so we were making final plans and doing a bit of catching up.

“Are you still dating *man’s name*?” I asked her.

“Oh, no!” She replied, “he’s married to someone else by now. That was two years ago!”

“Are you still training for a marathon?” I asked.

“No, that was a year and a half ago.”

Geesh, I didn’t realize I had gotten so out of touch with her! At least we’ll get a chance to catch up a bit next weekend. Katie and I lived together for two years, went through the Marketing program together, and we also worked at the NMSU pool as lifeguards and later lifeguard supervisors.

In other news, tonight the boys in JB’s band are taking him out for a bachelor party. One of them owns a 1970s Cadillac limo, so he’s the designated driver. The thought of them all tooling around in that car really cracks me up.

Since I’m flying solo tonight, I’m hooking up with a girlfriend for a hike, and then her husband will be cooking us dinner. I’m sure I’ll get home many hours before JB.

Our plans this weekend include washing at least three of our four vehicles (inside and out), washing all three dogs (who are so dirty your hands turn black when you pet them), and cleaning the house in preparation for company. Somewhere in between all the cleaning, I’ll be packing for Italy, organizing what stuff goes to the reception hall, church, etc., we’ll hopefully find some time to relax and we’ll go to our second and final counseling session on Sunday.

I have a feeling the next three weeks are going to pass in a hurry for us.

10 Day Outlook

30 Sep

The wedding is so close that we can now watch the ,weather forecasts for it:

October 9 Saturday
Partly Cloudy Hi: 68° Low: 42°

T Minus 12 Days and Counting

27 Sep

Am I really getting married one week from Saturday?! By golly, I am, and I can’t believe how close it is getting! JB and I are remarkably calm so far. We’ll see how the next two weeks go.

We had our first pre-marital counseling appointment with the pastor yesterday. We showed up right on time, just to discover that the pastor had thought our appointment was at 1:00 and not at noon. Once again, another example how nothing can be easy while you’re in the process of planning a wedding.

So, we walked around Downtown Reno, and checked out the interesting folk at Street Vibrations, the sixth largest Harley event in the country.

The counseling appointment went well. The pastor focused on our personal histories, our history as a couple, and our family relations. He also asked a bit about how we interact.

I think my favorite questions were the following:

“Do either of you have a disease that the other person doesn’t know about?”

“Do either of you have an unfinished relationship that the other person doesn’t know about?”

We had to chuckle at those questions afterwards, because really, if you had deceived your significant other up to the point of getting engaged and going to premarital counseling, is someone really going to come clean in front of a pastor? I doubt it. Over lunch afterwards, we both came up with answers to those questions that would have really thrown the pastor for a loop. But we were good children during the session, I promise.

We both really liked the pastor. I was relieved when he didn’t interrogate us on why we hadn’t been going to church on a regular basis, didn’t chastise us for living together prior to marriage, and said that the vows in the Methodist church are about equality, not a woman being subservient to her husband.

Very nice. We go back for our second and final counseling session this next Sunday. That should be interesting, because the pastor mentioned a few times that he’s going to talk to us about sex.

Now, ladies and gents, I’m off on a business trip to San Diego. I’m hoping for a bit of beach time over the next few days!