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The Birth Story: Only 4.5 Months Later

9 Dec

Well, I promised you my birth story, and I’m finally getting around to telling it.

I was scheduled for a c-section on July 28 at 12 noon. I was very nervous, as my experience with my first c-section was horrible — I felt way too much due to a faulty epidural, and felt like I was being gutted alive. My doctor kept assuring me that a spinal block would be much more effective, but I was still scared out of my wits.

We arrived at the hospital shortly after 10 to perform the pre-operation requirements. I was immediately shown to a room, given a gown, and monitored. Then the nurse said, “we have a paramedic student here — would you mind if he observed you getting your IV?”

I said no problem, as I’m all for helping people learn. So this cute, spritely paramedic trainee came in, chatted with me, and next thing I know, the nurse asks him if he wants to put my IV needle in. That made me a bit nervous, but figured he has to learn somewhere…

I mention all of this because getting my IV needle in was easily the most painful part of the whole experience. This guy blew through my vein not once, but two times, and was fishing around with that humongous needle inside my hand. I was writhing in pain. It was horrible, and I was pretty pissed, considering I had only agreed to let him watch. Finally, the nurse took back over, and she got it in the first attempt.

Anyway, the doctor and the anesthesiologist both came in to brief me on the surgery. I told them both under no circumstances was the surgery to proceed if I told them I was feeling too much. Luckily, it wasn’t a problem afterall.

I was walked to the surgery room, and the spinal was administered seamlessly, and they lay me down. We all waited for it to start working, JB was allowed in the room, and next thing I know, the anesthesiologist told me that the incision had been made. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I wasn’t feeling a thing. I remember the doctor saying, “I’m bar-b-queing down here!”, and I could smell my flesh burning as he caurterized the incision. Yum!

So my doctor was right — the spinal block was so much more effective. I was completely numb, and hardly felt a thing. But I was still so scared from my prior experience that I lay there with my eyes closed, concentrating on my breathing, and trying not to freak out. At one point, the anesthesiologist said, “are you ok?”

I answered, “yes, just freaking out” in a very calm voice.

“Well, I like how you freak out,” he said.

Next thing I know, Little Man is out, I hear a cry, and they take him over to the observation area. This is my one beef — they didn’t show him to me (hello — I grew that boy for 9.5 months, didn’t I deserve a peak?!), and then when they took him over for observation, no one said a thing to me, and a nurse was blocking my view of him. I had to ask multiple times, “is he OK?” And finally, a nurse said, “oh, he’s fine.”

That would have been nice to know before I was starting to panic there on the table for a few minutes.

Anyway, they stitched me up super fast, and they were done with me before Little Man and JB headed for the nursery. Honestly, I think I was so freaked out from my previous experience, that I almost completely blocked out Little Man’s birth experience.

I was wheeled into recovery, where a nurse monitored me, and she received updates on Little Man on her computer, so she reported to me his weight and height, and that he was doing well. I dozed a bit, and kept an eye on the door, looking for JB and Little Man to come join me. It seemed like an eternity before they did, but it was probably only a half hour. JB wheeled him in and then picked him up so that I could give him his first kiss from Momma.

I had wanted to start breastfeeding right away, and had arranged for a lactation consultant to help me in the recovery room. Since my spinal block hadn’t worn off, I was told I had to remain flat on my back, and so I had the nurse and the lactation consultant holding Little Man up to my chest and manhandling my boobs. It was incredibly awkward. We never got a good latch in there, so I ended up just holding him.

The recovery from my second c-setion was also leaps and bounds better than the first. I was still pretty sore and immobile the day after surgery, but I managed to get up and walk around that day. Then, each day, I got better and better, and I was able to walk around the block the week that I got home. I went in for my 2 week checkup, and was cleared for any exercise I wanted to do, with the directive of “take it slow”. So, when Little Man was only 3 weeks old, I was back swimming in Lake Tahoe.

So there you go. It was uneventful, just as I wanted, and it was a much better, enjoyable experience than my first c-secion. I’m so glad I won’t ever have to go through an emergency c-section again!

He’s Here!

2 Aug

Introducing Hunter Jonathan Bellin. He was born at 12:38pm on Tuesday, July 28. He weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long. We’re home now, and doing well. I’ll post more when my brain has adjusted more to sleep deprivation combined with some potent pain pills!

hunter bellin

lynnette and hunter

T Minus 1 Day: YIKES!

27 Jul

It is Monday morning at 9am, and I’m sitting in my pjs liesurely getting ready to pick up Mom from the airport. It’s so nice to not be at work!

My last day at work was wonderful. I worked like a dog from 7am to noon finishing everything up, then our entire staff went on a catamaran ride on Lake Tahoe. It was a wonderful way to start my leave. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, we had a blast, and I even got in a quick dip at the Hyatt Beach.


Saturday, I nested. It was serious. I did 6 loads of laundry, sterilized stuff for the baby, cleaned the windows in our house, and worked myself ragged until I took a long nap. I didn’t go outside until 7pm.

Sunday, I lived it up one last day. To the pool with friends in the morning, back for a nap, to the pool with family, then up to Sand Harbor for JB’s early birthday celebration of a picnic, one final dip in the Lake for me, and a Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival show. It was a lovely evening.



Today, I pick up Mom, we’re going to lunch, and then doing a spa day. Can’t wait!

Surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow. Will post updated here ASAP, but I’m giving you fair warning… JB isn’t one to update this blog (I tried to get him to last time I gave birth), so it may be a few days!

Updated photo streams on Flicker today!

June 2009
July 2009

T Minus 5 Days: The biggest belly EVER

23 Jul

Little Miss quote of the day: “Momma, you have the biggest belly I’ve ever seen!”

I hear you, little one. Although I feel like there is no way I can stretch any further, I think of the poor mothers that have carried multiples, and just cannot imagine their plight.

Yesterday at work was spent in presentation skills training, where I gave four presentations that were video taped for me to watch and critique my own skills. I can’t tell you how rough it is to watch that much video of yourself at 9.5 months pregnant. I couldn’t stop staring at the belly. I’m sure my audience was having the same issue! It is fun to watch peoples’ reactions when they aske me when I’m due, and I say, “Tuesday.”

I had my week 38 appointment today, which was my “pre-op”, and final prenatal visit. Yowser. I’m now measuring 36 cm, and I highly doubt this baby has shrank in the past week, when I measured 37 cm. The doctor says he has dropped, but I’m telling you he hasn’t. I’ve been fighting with him for real estate right around my ribs every day. I can feel his little feet as I try to push them back down into my abdomen and out of my rib cage. Crazy to think I’ll be seeing those feet in the flesh very soon!

T Minus 7 Days: End is Within Sight

21 Jul

Just looked at my clock, and one week from today at this time, I will no longer be pregnant. Hopefully, I’ll be sitting in the recovery room with my brand new son.

My goodness, it is dauntingly close.

Walking around the office today, I can’t help but think I’m ready to be done with being constantly HOT (office A/C problems aren’t helping), done with constantly pulling up my underwear after it rolls down under my gut, and done with the waddling that inevitably stikes after I’ve been sitting or standing for a long time.

Then again, I start to think of the c-section, and the c-section recovery, both of which won’t be fun either. I guess I’ll be trading in the pregnancy waddle for the c-section recovery shuffle (which is much slower and labored), but it will be all uphill from then, right?!

We went to a concert last night up at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe. They were playing Afro-Cuban (read Carribean) style music, and we all three danced the night away as a family. It was such a lovely night, and I’m glad I’ve been able to pack so much into this summer, since my activities are about to slow way down as I shift gears to care for a newborn and recover from major surgery.

It is so hard to be at work this week. My thoughts are on next week, for sure, and I’m not sure how many more times I have to field the questions of, “when are you due?”, “how are you feeling?”, and “are you excited?” Many times a day. Perhaps I should post a sign on my office door that says, “Due July 28, feeling GREAT (which is the response they all expect to hear), and excited, yet scared as heck, thankyouverymuch”.

T Minus 8 Days: Can A Prego Melt? I Am the Science Experiment

20 Jul

It’s not a good sign when you walk into the office on a day forecasted to be 100 degrees, and you see a technician working on the air conditioning.

I think I may get heat stroke. I’m wiping sweat from my brow, and sucking it up because this is my last week in the office.

Had a lovely weekend at Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake. Wishing I was up there now, as a dip in cool water is just what I need.

T Minus 11 Days: I Spoke Too Soon

17 Jul

Remember how last Friday, I was talking about how there was no way I was going to stop working out, even if it meant I had to deal with labor before my surgery?

Ah, how fate intervenes and laughs at us sometimes. Week 37 came in and kicked my cocky derriere with sheer exhaustion. Suddenly, my normal day-to-day activity of walking around at work and daily chores at home seem like workout enough. Everything gets me out of breath, including grocery shopping. Every day, I’ve had plans to make it to the pool, and when the time comes to actually go, I have absolutely no motivation, and just want to take a nap.

There is part of me that feels guilty, but another part of me that says, “screw it”. I’m thinking missing a few workouts really won’t make a difference when I’m fighting my way back from 6 weeks of exercise restriction after I’m cleared.

So take that.

P.S. 37 week appointment today, and I’m measuring 37 centimeters, which is right on track (still 4 cm smaller than with Little Miss at this point). Could I truly be growing an average sized spawn with our families’ above average gene pool?!