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The Vanity Project

17 Oct

Multiple times in the last week, I’d be listening to Internet Radio and hear a song that sounds remarkably like the Barenaked Ladies, one of my favorite bands from my days of living in Michigan.

But I would check the artist, and see The Vanity Project listed. I had never heard of that group, but decided I liked them enough to Google them.

And much to my surprise, I discovered that The Vanity Project is the lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, Steven Page. I may have to buy this CD… I had really missed the Barenaked Ladies, and now, it looks as if I can still relive their former glory through The Vanity Project.

The Never Can Be Happenstance

9 May

Today I discovered Rachel Yamagata via Yahoo Launchcast Plus Internet Radio. Very nice, soothing music for a Monday.

Latest Listenings

6 May

Today, I am listening to Maroon 5. You can hear their latest CD on their website at I mentioned before that JB knows the guy who is filling in for the drummer, who is currently injured. Well, Maroon 5 is coming to town next month, and it looks like we’re going to go see JB’s friend, Matt, playing with the band. How cool is that?

Edited to add: This afternoon, I’m all about Low Millions. I just love how bands let you listen to their CDs on their websites now-days. By the way, you have to check out their ‘Ex-Girlfriends’ page. Too funny!