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Three Years Ago Today…

2 May

Three years ago today, I went on the hike of a lifetime, where the infamous JB proposed to me. Thank you, my love, for making my dreams come true.

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My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours

26 Apr

Tonight, JB decided to make a milkshake. Here were the ingredients:

1. Vanilla ice cream
2. Milk
3. Organic wild blueberries (he was very specific about this)
4. Peanut butter
5. Scotch Whiskey (aged 12 years)

And as random and icky as that sounds, it really wan’t half bad.

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Big Boys and their Toys

7 Feb

This past weekend, I told JB that we should do something fun, as it could be one of our last weekends without a kid for a very, very long time.

“Let’s rent an excavator!” he exclaimed.

Not the fun I was thinking, but the man wanted to install a drain using heavy machinery, and who am I to steal his “fun”?!

I wanted to screw with the guys that were renting us the excavator, and have JB tell them that he needed it to move his giant pregnant wife around (since I went with him to rent it), but JB wouldn’t participate in that little practical joke. OK, I guess I don’t blame him… It would have been rather un-PC.

A few pictures from the project:



And the whole time, Tucker was excited to have a playmate (aka JB) in the backyard. He kept dropping his toy in the trench that JB was digging!


Celebrity Gossip

26 Oct

I’m usually the one in our marriage that is up on celebrity gossip. It’s a side effect of working online 40+ hours a week.

Anyway, last night, as we were watching the World Series (i.e. longest and most uneventful game EVER – 14 innings, people!), JB proudly states, “Guess who broke up?”

I had no idea.

JB: Jessica Simpson and Nich Lachey.
Me: Are you sure? That rumor has been flying around, but they’re denying it.
JB: Yes, I’m sure.
Me: I would have thought I would have heard something about that..
JB: Well, it’s true.

I shook my head, and of course, when I got online today, I searched around, and found that I was right — it’s still a rumor at this point, a rumor that is being denied by the celebrities’ camps.

It just makes me chuckle, though. JB was pretty proud to have some celebrity gossip of his own. Too bad it wasn’t right…

Date Night Was A Success

17 Oct

I mentioned last week that I had declared Date Night on Saturday. Between the moving and JB’s overtime and his band, there hasn’t been any quality time for us. I had begun telling him how much I missed him, but that wasn’t doing any good.

So, I asked my husband out on a date for Saturday night, and wouldn’t give him the slightest clue as to what we were doing.

I had planned to take him to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, but house projects got in the way, and I decided to make scallops and pasta at home instead.

Of course, tearing the man away from his yard projects was like pulling teeth, making us very late to our first destination, the Siena Spa.

That’s right, I got us a couples’ massage. I swear every time I go to get a massage, I’m running late and end up stressing myself out over it.

Anyway, the massages were nice, despite the fact that JB was missing the masseuse from his last massage there, and I made the mistake of saying I could lay on my belly no problem. “I sleep on my belly every night still!” I proudly proclaimed. What I hadn’t realized is that when I sleep, I’m laying a bit on my side with the support of a pillow. During my massage, with my ankles bolstered up, I felt a ton of pressure on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe.

And of course, I was too shy to say anything about it. I walked into the massage with a sore lower back, and thanks to laying on my belly (completely not their fault), I left with a sore upper back. Oh well, lesson learned for next time!

Anyway, after our massages, we then headed to The Chocolate Bar, a place I’ve been wanting to try for ages. It is a cool little bar that combines the atmosphere of a bar, cafe, and a candy shop. We both got white chocolate drinks (his cold and alcoholic, mine hot and non-alcoholic) and truffles.

From there, we went to 3rd Street Blues, where we were delighted to find the band that played at our wedding reception as the band of the evening, Uncle Funkle. We sat and listened to a set of theirs, which was way more mellow than what they played at our reception, but still very enjoyable. Once they went on break, we strolled along the Truckee River Riverwalk until we came to EJ’s Jazz Cafe.

We found a delightful jazz quartet playing in EJ’s, and it made for a very romantic atmosphere. Mission accomplished — we once again felt like newlyweds instead of roommates doing a lot of house chores.

On Sunday, I had to surrender JB back to the house projects and band practice, but I learned my lesson… Complaining that we don’t get enough time together isn’t enough… Taking charge and declaring Date Night works!

Perhaps we’ll have to do a repeat this weekend, but this time JB has to plan the night!

Honeymoon Travel Journal

11 Oct

One year ago today, JB and I left on our honeymoon to Italy. We visited Naples, Capri, Florence, Cinque Terre and Venice. Reminisce with me — click here, and then read the entries from the bottom up!

Happy Anniversary to Us!

10 Oct

Happy Anniversary to JB, the love of my life! We celebrated by going to brunch at the country club where we had our reception, Thunder Canyon.

After brunch, we took a few pictures. I love this picture of us — the picture of wedded bliss!


And, here I am at 5 months (21 weeks) pregnant: