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My Approach To Picky Eaters

25 Jul

I was recently interviewed by the Reno News and Review for an article on picky eaters. Although I wouldn’t call my kids “picky”, I think every kid goes through picky phases, and how you deal with it is key. They included some of my approaches to getting my children to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. Click here to read the article. Great job, Jessica Santina!

Gimpy Momma featured on NPR!

18 Jul

A few months ago, NPR asked on their Facebook page what people’s experiences with tissue donation were.  I responded, which led to an interview.  Clips from that interview aired today on NPR.  Check it out!

On a roll here

19 Jun

We have been spending a lot of time at the pool, and I got up on my soap box one more time to submit a Letter to the Editor of our local paper regarding floatation devices on children in pools.  Leave it to the Reno Gazette Journal to take my error-free writing and edit it to INCLUDE a typo.  Grrr…  It’s like playing Where’s Waldo — can you find the typo?!

I’m Famous

14 Dec

You know that when I say that I’m famous, it is with the utmost sarcasm.  But I’m the featured Mom of the day on  Check it out!

PR Blitz

6 Feb

Well, we’re on a bit of a PR blitz at work, drawing attention to one of my most recent projects. I was in a few articles over the weekend.

As always, autographed copies are available upon request.


Article in Reno Gazette Journal

If you live in Northern Nevada, there is an article in this week’s Northern Nevada Business Weekly, although that article isn’t available online.

Famously Dorky

30 May

I am quoted in this morning’s newspaper… This time, I’m talking about self tanners. Go ahead and read it — it’s pretty funny! I’m quoted in the last few paragraphs.

Bronzing Gone Bad

I’m Famous, Fifth Installment

18 Mar

I was in the local paper while I was on vacation last week. How about that?! (Look for my quote towards the bottom of the article.)


28 Feb

Well, I finally got published, which was a New Year’s Resolution for 2004… Better late than never, right?!

Here is my guest column in the local paper.

I’m Famous, Fourth Installment

9 Feb

Looks like I’m beginning to be a regular in the local paper. Look for my quote torwards the end of this article.

You Can Say You Knew Me When I Was an Unknown

21 Jan

I made the local paper again last week. I’m on a roll, people!

I’m Famous, Third Installment

23 Nov

I made the local paper again today. This time, it’s with my new name. Check it out.

Famous…. Again

23 Sep

I made the local paper this morning. The CEO of our company was the one who pointed it out to me, too. Check it out. Autographed copies of this article will soon be available for sale on this website.


Look! I’m Famous!

21 Jan

I’ve made the local paper for the second time since my move to Reno. Here is my quote in this article about On Hold, the company my organization uses for the hold message on our 800 number:

Lynnette Cook, Internet marketing manger for the RSCVA, said Rosslow?s service has a quick turnaround on messages that need to be changed.

And the RSCVA likes the local business angle.

?We prefer to work with local companies,? Cook said. ?It?s just a matter of supporting the local economy.?

Autographed copies of this article will soon be available for sale at

Not really, but it’s pretty entertaining to be just a tad bit famous.