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Where am I?!

20 Oct

Welcome to my poor, neglected blog!  In May 2014, I became a managing partner of the Reno Moms Blog, and all of my blogging efforts have gone into that site.  You can view my most recent posts here.

The Reno Moms Blog is a community resource connecting Northern Nevada moms to each other and local resources both online and offline for nurturing, education, friendship and support.  We are a collaborative blog written by and for local moms with regular posts on things to do around town, ways to get involved in the community, parenting solutions, personal essays from local moms, local business spotlights, giveaways and more.

I hope you follow me over there and join the conversation!

Oh, Ella

21 May

May marks one year since we brought our little Ella Bella Stella Bellin home.  She is a loving dog.  Not really smart, but she is really an angel when it comes to my kids.

Her favorite thing to do is to sit on a child and “talk” to us.  Strange but true.  She does it daily.

She lays around all day and sleeps, and then gets super hyper at about 10pm at night.

In honor of this occasion, I thought I would chronicle the things this dog has destroyed.  It is a statement to our love for her that she has been forgiven (mostly) and remains a part of our family.

1.  My curtains

2.  Shoes from every member of the family

3.  Bike gloves

4.  Sunglasses

5.  The screen door

6.  The china cabinet

7.  Countless dolls and super heroes

8.  Countless pairs of underwear

9.  Drip lines

10.  The fence

11.  The coffee table

12.  The kitchen table

13.  The bathroom rug

14.  Toy lizards

15.  Toy soldiers

16.  Toy trucks (especially the tires)

17.  Couch pillows

18.  Dug holes in the grass

19.  My daughter’s dress

20.  My daughter’s comforter

21.  Blanket on my son’s bed

22.  Two sleep masks

23.  Screen door

24.  Bedroom window screen

Here she is the week we got her:


This is what she looks like now:


Ignorant Bliss

20 Sep

As I was driving my son home from preschool yesterday, he said, “Mom, want to know something really sad?”

Of course I did.

“There were these two planes, and they crashed into twin towers.  One plane hit each tower.”

I’m glad I wasn’t looking at him, because I’m sure there was an expression of shock on my face.

Turns out another 4 year old boy told him about 9/11 in preschool.

I knew that he’d learn about 9/11 eventually, but I really thought that could wait until he was older.  Much older than 4.

Last year after the Sandy Hook tragedy, I remember I thought to myself, how am I going to talk to my daughter about this?  She was 6 at the time.  The same age as many of the victims.

But then, I decided I liked that my daughter believed that the world was good.  I like that she has fantasies about mermaids and fairies, and still believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.  I felt that telling her about such a horrific incident would just shatter her childhood innocence.  I decided that the statistical likelihood of a Sandy Hook incident happening at her school was so small that I’d take the risk that I hadn’t prepared my daughter with what to do if a crazed gunman came into her school.

Just as I didn’t talk to either of my kids about Sandy Hook, I also haven’t talked to them about 9/11 or any of the other mass shootings or terrorism in our country.  I’m a bit in shock that a parent at my son’s preschool did choose to tell their 4 year old about 9/11. 

After my son told me that “sad story”, I nodded and said, “huh”, purposely not giving it any more reaction than I would one of his tall tales.  One day I will talk to him about 9/11, and I will tell him how it impacted me and how scary it was.  But for now, I want him to think that 9/11 was just another story that a 4 year old made up.  I quickly asked him what letters and numbers he learned at school and steered the conversation a different way. 

Here’s to childhood innocence.  May we preserve it as long as we can. 


Taking a Gamble on Reno

20 Jun

There is a grass-roots movement in Reno to get the citizens to tell their story of why they choose to live in Reno. This town can get a bad rap in the media, and people are quick to stereotype it as a gambling town. I love Reno, and I was happy to jump on board to support this initiative. Check out my post at

Take That, UK Guy

7 Jun

What a rough morning.  I needed to have a meeting with three people in the US and one guy in the UK.  UK guy insists on a time that is super early for me.  All the US people declined.  Accepting that I’d now have to host two separate meetings for the two different time zones, I rearranged my schedule, woke up early, and still ended up rushing as I tried to get out the door…  Rushing as my boy is being clingy, and he insists I am the one that takes him to the sitter.  I try going out the door, but the sound of him wailing on the floor melts my heart.

I come back in, gather him up, and by now, the stress level for me is through the roof.  I drop him at the sitter’s (he’s still in tears and I am on the verge), and realize I only have 5 minutes until the meeting starts.  I ditch all plans to take the call from my office, and run back in the house, boot up the computer, just to find that my conference call software isn’t connecting to the network.

Lots of cursing, blood pressure skyrocketing, I finally get enough of a connection to instant message UK guy.  His response?  “Oh, I can’t make the meeting now.”

If only I could have reached through the computer to strangle him.  I typed out a very snippy response about how that would have been nice to know as I arranged my whole morning around him and left one kid in tears, but then I stopped, deleted it, and just shut down my computer.

Geesh.  Early meetings are the bain of my life as a working mother.  My family just doesn’t work well with an accellerated morning.  That man has no idea how much stress he put me through just to blow me off.


Milestone Achieved!

4 May

I did it!  Wedding Weight achieved!  *doing the happy dance*

Next goal:  two more pounds until I was the weight when I met my hubby! 

Women’s Weight Milestones

3 May

We all have them…  Women, that is…  Numbers in our head of how much we weighed when…  They often are our own internal barometer on how we feel about our bodies.

My milestones are probably the same as most women my age:

  • High School Weight (the pipe dream that I’ll never see again)
  • College Weight
  • Driver’s License Weight
  • Wedding Weight
  • Pre-pregnancy Weight
  • 10 months Pregnancy Weight (a number in my head that I always marvel at how I used to weigh that much)
  • Post-pregnancy Weight (I look at a picture of me holding my 3 week old baby, and that number pops in my head.  But you know what, I still think I look beautiful because I’m radiating in happiness). 

I started off this New Year with a personal, silent goal.  I was still carrying around 10 pounds of what I thought of as “pregnancy weight”, and by golly, my baby was 2.5 years old.  I had met with my doctor in December, voicing my concerns about not being able to lose weight.  I eat very healthy, exercise daily, but still, for my health and my self esteem, I needed to shed at a minimum those 10 pounds.

So I got on a medically supervised weight loss plan.  It has been strict.  But it has worked.  As of today, I’ve lost 20 pounds, and I’m one pound over WEDDING WEIGHT.  Not to say I was stick skinny at my wedding, but I was at a weight that made me happy, was healthy, and it is a weight I literally haven’t seen since my wedding day (I gained 4 pounds on my honeymoon in Italy, but it was totally WORTH it). 

I always thought that exercise was the key to maintaining or losing weight for me.  And since I was 19, I pretty much worked out 5+ times a week.  Religiously.  Vigorously.  What I’ve learned on this plan, which actually restricts my exercise to light walking, is that for me, it’s really about the food and the calorie count. 

I think my problem before was that I was working out so hard that I would become ravenous.  Even though I was eating healthy foods, I was simply eating too much to offset how much exercise I was doing.

Anyway, it’s interesting how the people that see you every day and live with you really don’t notice much of a change, but I’m starting to get comments from people at work on how I look GOOD

Which always makes me pause and think, did I look that BAD before?!  I really don’t feel like I look THAT different, but I do notice how my clothes are fitting differently and I have bought some smaller sizes recently.

Throughout this journey, I have also been very concious to not talk to my kids about what I was doing…  I believe I’ve managed to slide this under the radar.  I don’t want my daughter to even know what a diet is at this age.  I simply eat my healthy food, which is often what the family is eating minus the carbs.  I’ve taken to snacking on cucumbers and baby bell peppers daily, and you know what has happened?  My kids now think that is a lovely snack.  That makes me happy to see.  They’re also really fond of shrimp now. 

Anyway, I sure hope I can maintain this weight.  I want to lose that one more pound go get me down to Wedding Weight.  I think I may do a little dance when that happens. 

There have been so many changes in my life since I hit my 30s.  I think learning to regulate your weight in the face of marriage, bearing children, and raising children is a whole learning curve.  I’m hoping that I have truly figured it out, and can stop the battle and just enjoy the living.