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Taking a Gamble on Reno

20 Jun

There is a grass-roots movement in Reno to get the citizens to tell their story of why they choose to live in Reno. This town can get a bad rap in the media, and people are quick to stereotype it as a gambling town. I love Reno, and I was happy to jump on board to support this initiative. Check out my post at

Garbage Truck Monday

19 Jun

Monday is my son’s favorite day of the week. It is Garbage Truck Day, which is like a holiday to him, and he anxiously waits for our garbage truck to arrive at the house. Recycling day makes it twice as exciting! Our garbage men are so familiar with my son running out to watch them that they make quite a show of waving to him and honking as they drive by.

This past Monday, my son happened to be getting dressed when the garbage truck arrived at our house. He promptly ran out the front door in nothing but his socks and underwear, waving with enthusiasm to our friendly garbage men.

Oh, how I wished I had my camera for this. May we all live life with abandon and do the things we love without worrying about what other people will think or say!

Girl Rising in Reno: Sharing the Power of Educating Girls Worldwide

10 Jun

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a contributor to the Reno Moms Blog.  I will be posting links to my entire posts for them here as I write them! 


Last Thursday, I was part of the effort to bring the movie  Girl Rising to Reno. Girl Rising is a powerful film showcasing the strength of the human spirit, and the power of educating girls in impoverished countries to change the world.


The evening was a prime example of everything I love about Reno.  We had 225 of Reno’s most passionate and educated mothers, fathers and children.  Not only were people touched and inspired by the film, but they generously opened their hearts and their wallets to help make a difference for girls across the world.  Click here to read the entire post at Reno Moms Blog.

Girl Rising

3 Jun

girl rising 2

Know what I’ve been doing in my spare time?  Arranging a movie screening.  Seriously.  I’m super excited about it.  A group of women from my work have come together to make this happen, and I’m leading the project to bring the movie Girl Rising to Reno on Thursday, June 6.  I mentioned before that I was getting involved with the local charity, Think Kindness.  The CEO of Think Kindness, Brian Williams, offered to partner with us to host the screening, and thankfully he has hosted charity movie screenings before and he is laying all the framework for this to happen.  The event is also sponsored by the Junior League of Reno, who is helping to promote the event.

Girl Rising journeys around the globe to witness the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change a girl – and the world. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and other acclaimed actors contribute voice performances to the film, which features original music from Academy Award winner Rachel Portman and Grammy Award winner Lorne Balfe.

Watch Girl Rising, and you will agree: One girl with courage is a revolution. You will walk away feeling an overwhelming sense of pride, triumph and many other emotions. Invite your friends, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, mothers and fathers — share the power of education.  Please note the film is rated PG-13.

We only have 160 seats, and this is sure to sell out.  Buy tickets in advance for $10/$15 at the door.  The direct link to the ticket sales site is this:

If you live in Reno, please join us for a night that could very well change your life!




Run or Dye… Or Wait Until You Die…

3 Jun

Color Run

On Saturday, I took Little Man along with me to meet up with one of my best friends and her to kids to do Run or Dye at the University of Nevada, Reno campus.  This was our second color run.  We did Color Me Rad in the Fall, when I attempted to have my daughter run, but ended up with her running out of steam at about mile 2, and I had to kick the 3 year old out of the stroller and onto my back so that I could push my daughter.  Hefting 100 pounds of kids isn’t my idea of fun, so I told my daughter she couldn’t do another 5K with me until she trained…  Which she chose not to do.

Anyway, I digress.  I was excited to run the 5K, as I haven’t run one since my knee injury, and the UNR course is hilly, so I knew it’d be challenging.  We arrived 15 minutes prior to start time, and I hurried to adjust my laces and get my son strapped into the stroller.  We lined up, and everyone was happily throwing colored powder at each other, which was mildly entertaining.  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  At one point, my friend said, “I think they’re letting 10 people go at a time.”  She wasn’t far off.

We ended up having to wait with our kids (two 3 year olds and one 1 year old) for almost 2 hours.  It was ridiculous.  And have you ever tried waiting with three young kids standing in the hot sun without any food or entertainment for them?  Torture.  It was so bad that my friends were ready to bail after waiting 1.5 hours.

When we FINALLY got to start running, I was amazed at the people who only ran about 100 yards.  I’ve always had a rule with myself that I won’t do a 5K run unless I can run the entire time without stopping.  But the culture around 5K runs has changed in recent years.  99% of the people tend to walk, and they walk slowly, spreading out all across the course with no regard to having slow people stay on the right.  It was challenging for me to maneuver the jogging stroller around all of the walkers, and I had fun telling my son, “look how fast your Mom is!” as I tore past all those walkers.  I had him convinced by the end of the race that he had a “sports car stroller” and we “won” the race together.  It was also an ego boost for me as I ran past all the high school and college students.  I heard one young guy complaining about a hill as he walked up it.  I ran by him saying, “yeah, try pushing 45 pounds up this hill!”


Color Run 2


Anyway, we headed straight from the run to the outdoor pool, which was our first pool outing of the summer.  Let the warm weather activities begin!  I had so much fun swimming with the kiddos this weekend, and am excited to see how much they will progress in the pool!

For those of you contemplating a color run, I would recommend Color Me Rad over Run or Dye.  Run or Dye was a disorganized mess if you ask me!