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Not A Morning Boy

23 Oct

My husband isn’t a morning person.  It appears my son isn’t, either.

This morning, I needed to get him to preschool and myself to work early to have a call with a woman in Paris.  (Side note — after I told her I studied French for six years, she asked if I wanted to conduct the call in French.  Um, no, I had to explain I learned French while living in New Mexico, and hence I’m not very good at speaking it!)

I woke up early, got breakfast made for the kids and lunches packed, and then opened the shades in Little Man’s room to start to wake him up.  He groaned, and I went to take my shower.  When I emerged from getting ready, I could hear him screaming.  Not sure about what.  But basically, he was pitching a fit.

I had hoped that my daughter and husband would make sure he at least got up and ate his breakfast, but no, he wasn’t in the mood for it.  Today was “wear black” day at school, so I had his outfit picked out.  He hated my outfit choice (a black Giants jersey in honor of the Giant’s win last night as well).  He ran around in his underwear, and at this point, I know I need to leave NOW or be late and frazzled for my call.

I picked him up like a football, gathered his breakfast into a Tupperware, and grabbed his clothes and shoes in my other hand.  I tried getting him to the car, and he pulled that move where they go completely limp so that he could slide out of my arms.

Luckily, at this point, my hubby offered to take him, as we were all seeing this was spiraling downhill quick.

If he is this hard to wake up at 3, what will he be like at 13?!

Self Criticism

22 Oct

So I recently won an award that required me to do a video interview.  I haven’t been in front of the camera much, but am comfortable public speaking, so I wasn’t nervous about this.  I received the questions in advance, and watched the previous year’s video, and I think that is where I went wrong.

I thought too much about my answers.  In fact, there were 20 of us doing video interviews, and I ended up being the 19th person interviewed.  It was 8pm, I was exhausted and had blood shot eyes after a long day at work, and I think I ended up answering my questions with answers that I thought would be more interesting or funny than my genuine thoughts.  I think I also experienced that phenomenon where your brain blanks out, and I have literally been kicking myself for my silly answers ever since.  Anyway, I literally couldn’t sleep that night, because I was kicking myself over my silly answers.

1.    Tell us briefly what you do. What does a typical day look like?

My video answer:  I hop on my treadmill desk and talk to people all across the world about online advertising.

My real answer:  (face smack)  God, why did I say that part about the treadmill desk?  I am such a dork.  OK, the rest is true, but there are also the hundreds of daily emails and a LOT of meetings. Also, my real day starts with the chaos of getting two kids up, fed, lunches packed, and trying to get myself into work on time.  Once I leave work, I shift gears, get the kids, cook dinner, help with homework, read to kids, get kids ready for bed and often fall asleep in one of their beds while I’m tucking them in because I’m so tired.  But us working moms are afraid to admit that at times.  So I just talked about the talking to people all across the world, which is cool, but such a small fraction of the real picture.


2.    What are your passions outside of work? (volunteer work, personal passions)

My video answer: My kids are my number one passion.  Outside of my kids, I do volunteer work to support Washoe County School District.

My real answer: (another face smack): Really?!  People are going to think I’m boring because of course my kids are my passion.  I didn’t mention skiing, open water swimming, blogging, reading, baking REAL fresh food for my family…  It’s also my passion to teach my kids skiing and swimming.

3.    What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My video answer: To have a vision.  In my early 30s, I discovered I had realized my vision, so now I’m working on the vision for the next phase of my life.

My real answer:  Well, yeah.  But I didn’t mention that that secondary vision has been perplexing for me.  I want to get my work back to my creative passions, but creative passions don’t pay as well or provide great healthcare.  I also came across about 50 articles this weekend about people getting “the best advice”, feeling like fate was just taunting my answer.

4.    At first glance most people don’t know about you …

My video answer: That I’m a budding author, and I’m writing a children’s book series.

My real answer:  OK, so this is true, but it feels a bit like stepping onto a stage naked.  I hadn’t even mentioned that on my blog.  So, hey, blog readers, I’m writing children’s books!  That’s one reason I’ve been a slacker blogger recently.  More on that later, but last week I hired an editor, and I have two books ready for editing with drafts of the cover art.  Working on that “vision” I mentioned in the previous answer.  Why am I shy about this?  Not sure, but can’t take it back now!

5.    If you could travel anywhere in time, where would you go and why? My video answer:  Dinosaurs.  I would want to go see dinosaurs and the world before humans got a hold of it.

My real answer:  Dinosaurs?!  Yeah, that’d be cool, and maybe that will make for a funny sound bite, but really, my authentic answer would have been that I’d like to go back and see the world (or the United States) when my grandparents were young.  I’m so intrigued by the 1920s-1940s, and have read tons of historical fiction from that era and watched all kids of movies and TV shows.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t get much adult time with my grandparents to talk to them about their lives.  I’ve also been really into researching my family tree, and am just so curious about my roots.  But that answer didn’t feel cool.  So I went with dinosaurs.  Which really, is probably the antithesis of cool.


I Want To Cuddle

22 Oct

My three year old son has pretty bad allergies, and I believe that is why my normally good sleeper is waking up in the middle of the night or extra early some days.  Yesterday morning, he came into my room one hour before I needed to get up.  I wake up to him saying, “Momma, I want to cuddle.”

Part of me knows I shouldn’t allow this, but another part of me loves to cuddle, and doesn’t want to wake myself completely up to take him back to his room.  So, to my husband’s protest, I let him get in the bed, we snuggled up and went to sleep together.  Although my arm went numb, it was bliss.  I’m just not sure how long my little boy will want cuddles from his Mom.

This morning, he made his appearance at 4am.  I know this is becoming a bad habit.  My husband is completely opposed to kids in our bed, and I don’t want to set precedence that it is OK for him to wake me up in the middle of the night if there isn’t something wrong, but he is just so darn hard to resist right now.  So, instead of allowing him in for a second time, I marched him upstairs and told him that it isn’t Okay to wake me up just for cuddles.  We only cuddle when we’re awake, I told him.

Sometimes when I am laying next to a sleeping child of mine, holding them and feeling their heart beat and their breathing, I smell the top of their head and think this is what heaven must be like.  I already dread the day they get to be too big for cuddling with their Mom.