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Gimpy Momma featured on NPR!

18 Jul

A few months ago, NPR asked on their Facebook page what people’s experiences with tissue donation were.  I responded, which led to an interview.  Clips from that interview aired today on NPR.  Check it out!

You Know What Makes Me Feel Old?!

3 Jul

Oh, how I have enjoyed watching the swimming Olympic Trials on TV this week.  I also love how I’m married to a man who also likes to watch swimming on TV.  I love watching and commenting on swimming techniques with him.

You know what makes me feel old, though?  Thinking about all that has changed since my days as a competitive swimmer, such as:

  • They now wear noseplugs (Really?!  This one baffles me, as I constantly blow air out my nose when I swim.)
  • Everyone does track starts, and the blocks are now designed for track starts
  • Women’s suits include shorts
  • The men don’t wear true Speedos (anyone else remember the “paper suits”, where the men would wear suits 2 sizes too small?)
  • You’re now allowed to do a flip turn in the IM from back to breast
  • You’re now allowed to do a butterfly kick off the wall when you’re swimming breaststroke
  • I remember when backstroke turns were a “sit and spin” and not a flip
  • I remember when doing butterfly kick off the wall underwater in backstroke was first done in the Olympics, causing major controversy

What also amazes me is women like Dara Torres and Janet Evans, whose careers have spanned multiple decades, and still remain competitive.  Sure, they didn’t make the Olympic team, but do you know how many teenagers and 20 year olds those women beat out in order to even make the Olympic trials?!  My heros.  I loved watching them race with their daughters cheering them on from the stands.  I also think their daughters will learn a lot about how their moms handled not making the team.  Both women seemed to take it in stride and hold their heads high.

I’m so excited to watch swimming in the Olympics later this month.  I have to admit I have a full fledged celebrity crush on both Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.  Growing up as a swimmer, I find a swimmer’s build to be the IDEAL physique, and I just LOVE watching these athletes in action!