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All She Wants For Christmas

21 Dec

My daughter’s top tooth came out last night, and I immediately filmed her singing this song. Merry Christmas!


All She Wants For Christmas

21 Dec

Madelynn’s top tooth came out last night, and I immediately filmed her singing this song. Merry Christmas!

Gimpy Momma Goes To Gimp Class

20 Dec

Six weeks ago, I started a class at the Reno Orthopedic Clinic designed to help people recovering from injury (me!) prepare for ski season.

Before heading to the first class, I thought I was doing really well with my recovery.  I thought I was ready to ski — after all, the doctor said I could ski 9 months after surgery, and I was walking up to 6 miles a day, and even starting to run.

The first night of class, we did an assessment, which included measuring how far we could jump with both legs, and then single leg jumps.  The results were eye-opening.  My left leg could hardly jump at all, and jumping was very initimidating for me.  I left class that night, and melted into tears in the car, feeling frustrated that I still had a long ways to go, and a lot of work ahead of me.

I don’t think I realized how much work this would be after I completed the initial physical therapy.  But thanks to this class, I got direction on how to start pushing my knee and strenghtening it through a lot of different balance exercises.  The physical therapist teaching the class told me two things:

1.  I am NOT ready to ski.  I have a lot of work to do before I should even try, or else I risk injuring myself again.  In fact, she told me I am NOT ready to run.  I’m favoring my left knee so much that I could do more harm than good by running.

2.  I need to work my left leg every day. She told me to go to the gym daily and do only left leg exercises.  I must look like a dork, but that is exactly what I’m doing.  I guess I look no more dorky than I did getting into the gym on crutches and using the arm bike.

Last night was the last night of our class, and I have made a ton of progress.  So much that the PT leading the class hugged me after measuring my gains.  The goal of the class was to “close the gap” of the performance of my injured leg compared to my good leg.  The gap is definitly smaller, but there is still a significant gap to close.

I think reading all the knee injury forums of people with ACL repairs gave me the idea that it was more of a time constraint to recovery than actual strength and agility exercises daily.  I think I’m now realizing that my injury, with MCL, meniscus and ACL damage was more severe than the typical ACL tear, and hence, it is going to take longer to get back to normal.

Part of me wonders if I ever will get back to normal.  I’m determined.  I work it every day.  But the idea of skiing like I used to ski scares me to death right now.  It is sad, but I am at least thankful that I have so much of the recovery behind me.  I’m thankful that I can actually break a good sweat and work aggressively at the gym (as it wasn’t so long ago when I was relegated to the arm bike with senior citizens picking up on me).

I’m looking forward to 2012.  2011 was hard for me.  So hard.  I had some significant blows this year.  Granted, there was a lot of good (just look at my two adorable children to see how much GOOD there is in my life), but truly, 2011 can suck it and go down in the history books.

Fun With An Elf

14 Dec

My mom purchased The Elf on the Shelf for us four years ago. For the first several years, I dutifully moved the elf every night, and it was pretty fun.

But this year, I started seeing fun ideas online, and I have really stepped up the mischief that our elf pulls. Here are a few shots of the hilarity, including painting the bathroom mirror, and the kids noses, and then being found with a paintbrush, hanging underwear and diapers on the tree, fishing for Goldfish crackers in the toilet, and drawing funny faces on a family portrait. Our elf even brought them Christmas pjs to wear on our Polar Express train ride.

One Sunday, I overheard Little Miss begging Bethaniel to play hide and go seek with her.  I told her that perhaps if she went to count in her room while he hid, he would play, as he didn’t want her to see him move.  I kept that girl busy for well over an hour playing hide and seek with her elf.  It was hard to keep a straight face, but she was really good at finding all of the funny places I hid that doll.

Wondering what I can do that will top all of this…  I’ll be using sites like this for ideas.  Bwahahahahaha…..

Bethaniel the Elf

1 Dec

I’m tired.  As much as I love long holiday weekends, the week afterwards just seems interminably long.  After returning from the Bay Area around midnight on Monday morning, we were slammed back into reality.  On top of this adjusment, my daughter was begging me to set up the Christmas tree (as she just LOVES to play with Christmas ornaments).

I finally caught my breath around Wednesday evening, so I set up the tree with the kids after dinner.  I got the box of ornaments out, and Little Miss immediately opened it, and within a split second, Little Man had grabbed two ornaments and broke them (one being a glass ornament we got on our honeymoon in Venice).

As I was getting our fake tree out of the shed, I stumbled upon our Elf on the Shelf, which Little Miss named Bethaniel when she was two.  I decided he would make a magical appearance as we set up the tree, but also needed to sneak him into the house without the kids seeing him.

So I shoved the elf down my pants, and lugged the Christmas tree into the house.

I had that darn elf down my pants for at least 10 minutes until the kids were out of sight for me to place him in the house.

Almost as if on cue, Little Miss asks me, “when is Bethaniel going to come?”

Totally winging it, I said, “well, have you done the magical dance to ask him to come?”


I told her to turn in a circle three times, while chanting, “Bethaniel come play, Bethaniel come play, Bethaniel come to our house today!”

She then found Bethaniel in his new spot, and was thrilled by the magic of it all.

I was pretty smug about how magical I was until the next morning, when Little Miss woke up her brother at 6am to look for that darn elf.

Last night I put the elf in her room after she was asleep.  She woke me up at 3am because she had a nightmare.  (Side note:  she keeps having nightmares about Miss Trunchbull from the Roald Dahl book Mathilda.  Perhaps that wasn’t a great book to read to her in hindsight…)  I go upstairs with her, find her light on, and she says, “do you like my room?  I cleaned it because Bethaniel was watching.”

Yes, she was cleaning her room at 3am.

Anyway, I’m rather tired today from her late night escapades, but it is fun making Christmas magical for my kiddos.