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Emerging from The Storm

11 Nov

Last week was pretty bad at our house. It all started Monday morning at about 5am, when Little Miss woke me in tears, saying that her tummy hurt.

And with that, the flu had entered our house.

I worked from home with her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, which meant the poor little sick girl ended up watching movies in the morning and taking a nap in the afternoons while I participated in conference calls in my pjs. (What, a nap for an almost 6 year old, you ask?! I made up the rule for her that if she is too sick to go to school, she must take a nap. I think it aids in healing, and it also helps this Mom get some work done while she sleeps!)

Wednesday night, I picked up Little Man from daycare, noticed he had a fever, and he puked on me shortly after we got home. He puked on me four times in the last week. I am SO over being puked on. I swear, that is one of the grossest trials of motherhood.

Thursday morning, I woke up realizing that the flu had taken me as a victim as well, and then JB got up and announced he was sick, too. I was too sick to work. We all four wallowed in our misery together all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. JB and I were sick enough that at a few points, we slept during the day while the children played in the family room and we hoped for the best. Nothing went horribly wrong, but at one point, I did catch them trying to stand on the kitchen table “because they thought that would be fun.”

Or in other words, my daughter thought it would be fun, and convinced her brother it would be as well.

Two members of the family are on antibiotics, and all of us are finally on the mend. We all lost weight, and we all slept A LOT. I have to say that one of the toughest parts of motherhood that I have experienced is being so sick myself, but still expected to nurture two little ones that are sick as well. I felt like I was pulled in too many directions last week — my body giving out on me, my kids needing me, and deadlines slipping at work.

I’m just glad it’s over. Sorry for the lapse in posting, but now you understand the reason!