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Future Advertising Mogul

21 Jul

Little Man has been talking a ton lately. A lot of his sentences are short and to the point. They sound a lot to me like advertising tag lines. For instance:

“Milk — have some.” (The next Got Milk campaign)
“Garbage — got it?” (Waste Management’s next campaign)
“Booger — don’t want it.” (Future ad for Kleenex)
“Poop in there.” (Future ad for Charmin)

My baby turns two next week. I can’t believe it. Two! That really isn’t a baby anymore. I want my baby back!

In preparation for his birthday, I have been asking him, “How old are you?”

His response is always, “good.”

Making a mental note to get that on video before he learns the appropriate answer!

To Run or Not To Run… That Is The Question

19 Jul

Oh, boy, I’ve been slacking. You can always tell when work and personal life gets busy, as this is the first thing to go. Sorry about that. It has been a lovely summer so far, filled with lots of pool time (both me swimming laps and taking the kiddos to play), concerts on the beach of Lake Tahoe, and lots of small trips in July.

I took about a month off of physical therapy, as I really enjoyed simply walking, or working out on my own schedule, and doing laps in the pool. My knee is feeling great. It definitely continues to get better each day.

I finally went back to therapy today to check in, and my PT was very pleased with the motion of my knee and my ability to flex my quads. I told him how the doctor had given me clearance to start running again in a few weeks, and his response was, “why would you do that?”

I explained how I’ve always liked running for the convenience and the awesome calorie burn. He told me that he highly recommended that I didn’t return to running. He said I would wear my knees out, and I already have weak tissues in my knee. “If you don’t get paid to run, you really don’t have a reason to run.”

This really took me aback. I have always measured my level of fitness based on my running abilities, and returning to running was a key milestone in my mind. But now, I’m just not sure if it is worth it.

I had a friend who had meniscus surgery a week after I had my knee repair, and he tried running last week. He went 2.5 miles right out of the gate, and his knee hurt more and more in the following days. The doctor (who is also my surgeon) said he has likely re-torn his meniscus. That story with the warning of my PT really has my head spinning today, reconsidering my return to running. As I type, I am picturing how much I enjoyed trail running, and it makes me wonder if I’ll ever do that again.