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One Fin is a bit Dorkier

27 Jun

We had a lovely summer weekend, with two days of pool outings and an evening trip to Tahoe City for a concert on the beach. I swear, these are the days I live for.

Sunday, JB went to ski Tioga Pass, which is just outside of Yosemite. Nutty man. Anyway, I slept in a bit, and woke up to two sticky kids jumping on my bed.

Yes, I did say sticky.

Little Miss decided to feed her brother honey for breakfast so that I could keep sleeping. While I appreciate the thought, it sure caused a lot of work cleaning carpets, floors, and kiddos.

Anyway, at the pool, I let Little Miss play with my kickboard, which I only just found last week from its winter hibernation spot in the garage. We managed to leave it at the pool, and when we returned the next day, it was gone. I do admit it was a total loser looking kickboard — covered with rainbow cloth. It was the only one I could find at the sporting goods store last summer!

Anyway, evidently someone else really wanted my dorky rainbow covered kickboard. The thing is, I really need a kickboard right now to work on rehabbing my bum knee. So, this morning, I grabbed the next best thing… My daughter’s miniature Ariel kickboard.

Can you imagine how hideous I look at the pool, doing some swim sets with only one fin on my good leg, and other sets with a miniature Ariel kickboard?! Oh, if my teenage self could only see me now! I must make my way to the store to buy a decent kickboard ASAP!

Call Me One Fin

24 Jun

One Fin. That is my new tribal name. I’m wondering how many laps I’ll swim with one fin before someone takes notice and asks me what the heck I’m doing?!

The interesting thing is that with one fin on, my backstroke is much straighter. Normally, I’m clamboring with the lane line, but as One Fin, I swim straight as an arrow.

Go figure.

I’m also hoping none of my co-workers catch me sitting in my office shaking my head frantically trying to get the water out of my ears.

Gimpy Momma Swims

22 Jun

I spent my lunch break swimming laps at the outdoor pool by my work. It was divine. It is heaven on earth for me to be swimming outside in the summer.

I’m now 12 weeks post knee surgery. My knee seems to get a little better every day. My first attempts at swimming, I refrained from using my surgical leg at all, but I now can move it more and do some light kicking (light = SLOW). Today, I swam with one fin on my good leg. I found it was a remarkable solution for being a gimpy swimmer… I could balance better using the one fin, and it also freed up my gimpy leg to do some lighter kicking without pushing it too hard.

IM sets (individual medley for you non-swimmers) must look interesting to the people suntanning on the deck. I can’t really do butterfly or breastroke kick, but with my one fin, I’m able to do modified strokes and get by rather well.

I saw my doctor yesterday, who is very pleased with the progress on my knee. He said I still have another month or so before I can start jogging, but as long as I can swim, I won’t feel like I’m missing much (though I have to admit looking at runners enviously as I drive around town). He directed me to work on walking, move to power walking, and then slowly work up to jogging. Considering my walking is still SLOW, especially going downhill, I realize I do have a good amount of work in front of me. I think by late summer I’ll be able to do some jogging and perhaps some light hiking.

Things are looking up. It’s finally warm here in Reno and I’m regaining my mobility, which is all good for the body and soul.

Fathers Day

13 Jun

I totally thought yesterday was Fathers Day. Perhaps it was because preschool celebrated it last week, I got thrown off for a week. I let JB sleep in. When he woke up, he requested omlettes for breakfast, which I dutifully made.

Later in the morning, he went back to bed, and I kept sheparding the kids away from him, saying, “Daddy needs to rest, it’s his special day.”

I then took the kids to the farmer’s market, buying all of JB’s favorite things for dinner — beets, steak from local beef, gourmet mushrooms…

I posted this picture on Facebook to commemorate the day, one of a drawing Little Miss did of her father for Father’s Day. (I wondered why so many people talked about Mother’s Day on Facebook, but no one mentioned Father’s Day for some reason…)

When I came home from the farmer’s market, I started fixing him quesadillas for lunch. I called up my Dad while I was cooking to wish him a happy Fathers Day.

“A what?” He asked, sounding perplexed.

“Fathers Day.”

“Today isn’t Fathers Day,” he responded. I checked the calendar in our pantry, and low and behold, I was a whole week early!

Darnit. I don’t think JB knew I was wrong. If he did, he was soaking it up anyways… His parents are in town for the real Fathers Day, so looks like he gets two this year.

10 Weeks Post-Op and Other Ramblings

9 Jun

I presented to a Vice President of my company today. Now my mind feels a bit like mush, so looking to blog as a purge of the mush.

Today marks 10 weeks post-op for my knee. Right around 8-9 weeks, things got a lot better for me knee wise. The limp is gone, and the pain subsided, and I have been able to ramp up my cardio on the spin bike. I have also been able to take walks around the block, which sounds simple, but is something I missed dearly.

I haven’t been swimming much, mainly due to work constraints and the weather around here resembling November more than June. Thankfully, the weather broke yesterday, and I don’t want to jinx things, but I think Reno will actually get about a week of spring before the calendar officially switches to summer.

Little Man has words all of a sudden. It’s like someone turned the faucet on, and now words just gush from his mouth. A month or so ago, the boy spoke mainly in sign and grunts/cries. But now, he surprises me daily with words like helicopter, basketball hoop, ketchup, sister, etc.

Last night as I was putting him to bed, I decided if he could say helicopter, the boy could sure as heck learn how to say his own name. Each time I asked him to say his name, he smiled and said, “Honey.”

Adorable, I tell you.

This morning, I woke up early to prepare for my big presentation. I got Little Man up, and he then went in to his sister’s room. He walked right up to her bed, and I saw one of her eyes open as he gently patted her head and said, “hi, sister”.

Not much else has been happening around here. We’ve had snow and rain the past several weekends (“snain” in my head), and I’m thrilled to start making outdoor pool plans for this upcoming weekend! Watch out, world — white girl is going to don a bathing suit in the light of the sun!

As you can tell, I’m a bit slap happy. Must go now.