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Easter Pictures

28 Apr

Here are a few of my favorite Easter pictures. It sure is hard to get a good picture of both kids, considering the constant motion!

And now for a few random pictures… First, Little Man the rock star, with his mohawk, AC/DC inspired shirt, and pink princess sunglasses:

Next, Little Man put on his sister’s rain boots when he went to play in the backyard. Too cute!

Simply Gimptastic

27 Apr

Ha. I made up a word, and it makes me laugh — Gimptastic! That is my life right now! My knee measurements are back at my pre-surgery levels, with flexion of 130 derees. I have been crutch free since Monday, which is all great progress.

But oh, is this stage of recovery tedious. I reminded my physical therapist today that I hit the 4 week milestone post-surgery tomorrow, begging him for some new exercises. I’m motivated!!! But, he brings me back to reality, reminding me that it takes bones 4-6 weeks to heel, and I have four screws in my bone.

Well, fine.

He then said he tends to be conservative, as he doesn’t want me to tear my graft. He gave a patient as an example, who at the 6 month mark post-surgery, managed to tear his ACL graft while he was setting up a tent in sand. WHAT?! In my mind, I thought I’d be fine because I have no plans for crazy sports, and would wait 9 months to ski. But, no, he says, you can tear it just turning the wrong direction getting out of the car.

Like I needed something else to worry about!

So, back to the tedium of the geriatric exercises for which I am cleared. Right now, I’m just setting my sights for the day when I can walk around the block again!

The Candy Orgy is OVER

25 Apr

I feel like a bit of a failure in the aftermath of Easter. After years of obsessing on how to get my kids to eat healthy food and not be obsessed with sugar, I came to the conclusion yesterday that I’ve failed.

I remember when Little Miss was a baby. I decided I didn’t want her to have a sweet tooth like her mother, as it has been one of my toughest challenges in managing my weight. I thought what if we just have fruit for dessert? I tried to keep candy out of the house.

But somewhere along the way, she got older, and the few bits of sugar/sweet treats I gave her became an obsession. Somehow, she now expects dessert every night (even though I didn’t want to get in that rut), and her entire focus yesterday was CANDY and SUGAR! Lately, I’ve been trying to steer her towards fruit with whipped cream for dessert, which does seem to do the trick, but Easter convinced me that we have a problem…

My theory for the past few holidays (XMAS and Easter) is that I’d just lift all of the rules for one day. Candy before breakfast? OK. Cake with lunch? OK. More candy in the afternoon? If you insist. And that was exactly how yesterday went. She dug into the Easter basket at 6 am and started in on the candy. I then encouraged her to eat a healthy breakfast before we went to church. After church, there were baked goods served, and she devoured a piece of chocolate cake.

After church, we headed to a neighbor’s house for lunch, where there were bowls of candy at easy reach of my kids, and Little Miss fed herself and her brother. That’s right, her obession is now starting Little Man in on the sugar thing at way too young of an age. It feels like a top spinning out of control.

I knew we had a problem when she asked for dessert after dinner about a hundred times last night. I finally got so irritated at the constant prodding that I said NO. NO DESSERT. I then marched her upstairs and got her ready for bed an hour early, as the sugar seemed to make her act like a crazy person, and I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

So today, I’m looking back wondering where I went wrong. My original theory was that you let them have the treats on the holiday, and then any additional treats will be allowed in small doses as dessert after dinner if she eats her vegetables and protein. I didn’t want to make sweets taboo, as I thought that would make the obsession worse. But goodness… Yesterday was just plain ugly in the nutrition department. Not only does she have a sweet tooth, but she has an insane obsession with it.

I thought about putting carrots in her plastic eggs next year, but that would probably cause quite a rebellion. Does anyone have tips for me to break out of this cycle for the next holiday season? I guess I could have put money in some of the eggs, but I was also worried Little Man would try to eat the money… He is following in her footsteps, and it isn’t something I’m happy about in this case.

Three Weeks Post-Surgery

22 Apr

It has been 3 weeks and one day since my surgery… But who is counting?! Things are better… The whole process is just slow. I was back in the office this week, and have found that having to move around more has left me confined to the recliner in the evenings with my ice machine for hours trying to recover. You wouldn’t think that the office would require that much more movement, but going to the restroom, getting a drink, and going to meetings all seem like miles of effort when you’re on a bad leg.

My measurements are steadily coming along. This week, I was at 122 degrees flexion and 0 degrees extension. My physical therapist is really concentrating on my extension, which is supposed to be around -10 degrees. The torture of the day was the prone knee hang. It looks like this:

Except add 5 pounds of weight to my bad leg and make me stay there for 10 minutes. The last 2 minutes have me writhing in pain, and I was amazed how out of breath I got just lying there, but I guess that is what pain will do to you.

I tried to ditch my crutches on Wednesday. I made it about 1/2 the day, and walking in between the buildings at work totally did me in. I ended up going back to two crutches the rest of the day, and have been trying to get by on one since then. I haven’t been using the crutches at home, but I also think I’m paying the price, as my pain in the evenings has escalated to the point where I had to pop a Percocet last night.

Today, I actually brought my ice machine into the office, and am loving it. I thought I could get by with just ice packs earlier in the week, but turns out the ice machine can deliver sustained cool temps for hours on end, numbing my pain and keeping the swelling in check.

This weekend is Easter. I really want to take the kids to an egg hunt, and perhaps even church, but I’m not sure that is in the cards. JB of course wants to go skiing, and I can’t do those activities by myself right now. Boo. Also, I am feeling some guilt around the fact that dying Easter eggs just seems like too much effort this year for a Gimpy Momma. Little Miss dyed two at school yesterday. Doesn’t that count?!

The inactivity is really getting to me. I just want to be able to go for a walk or a swim. Hoping those activities will be in reach very soon.

The Reason for the Season

19 Apr

Yesterday, my daughter’s teacher told me that she asked the entire class of pre-k and Kindergarten students what we’re celebrating at Easter. All of the kids except for one said that Easter was about the Easter Bunny.

My little girl is the only one who said that Easter is about Jesus.

*sniff* That makes a Momma proud.

Drama Queen Strikes Again

18 Apr

My alarm went off this morning, and as I pressed snooze, I heard cries coming through the baby monitor.

But it wasn’t the cries of the baby. It was the cries of my 5 year old daughter in the room next to the baby. So, I got up, crutched myself up the stairs and found Little Miss in her bed crying real tears saying her tummy hurt.

Need I say I was just a tad bit irritated? She recently spent two weeks at home — one week with Grandma while I was recovering, and last week was Spring Break. Of course, I was paying for all of that time. And now, my first day scheduled to be back in the office, she has the stomach flu?!

Or does she? Although the display was rather convincing, she didn’t have a fever, and there was no vomit. And then she started asking for breakfast… Her tears and writhing on the floor/couch/bed went on for 45 minutes, but my Mother’s Intuition was telling me something was amiss.

And my logical side was thinking you haven’t hardly left the house for the past five days — how could you have gotten sick?!

So, although I worried about the guilt if I was wrong, I told Little Miss that she needed to go get dressed, as she was leaving for school in 10 minutes. And that she better hurry, because otherwise she wouldn’t get breakfast.

I packed her a lunch of chicken noodle soup, yogurt and Saltines just in case. When she came downstairs, she had discovered one of her favorite summer dresses in the closet, and already her demeanor had changed. She then fretted that she wanted to make sure she had time to brush her hair, and went running into my bathroom to do so.

A few hours later, I called her school, telling them the scenario and asking them to check if I made the right decision. The teacher went to check on her, and came back laughing, saying, “you totally made the right call. She’s fine.”

That girl is getting very good at playing sick. I keep telling her the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, as one of these days, I’m not going to believe her, and send her off to school despite being sick!

My New Hardware

14 Apr

Wondering if I am going to start triggering the metal detectors at the airport…

That is two titanium “buttons” at the top and a titanium screw holding my new double bundle ACL in place. There is another absorbable screw in my tibia, but that doesn’t show on the XRay.

I am Bionic Woman!!!