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Toddler Discipline

31 Jan

I was talking to my Mom yesterday, telling her how challenging it has been for me to keep Little Man out of mischief while I’m on crutches. We then started talking about the video that shows how Little Man gets really scared if you “roar” around him.

So Mom says, “what if you roared at him when he gets into mischief?”

I shared that thought with JB last night, and we shared a good laugh. I didn’t think anything of it until this morning, when I heard “clank, clank” as Little Man played with some bottles in the recycle bin. JB happened to be walking through the room, and next thing I know, I heard a deep, loud, “ROARRRRRRRRRR”. It sounded like a very angry Daddy bear!

Little Man stopped in his tracks, gave a little cry, and then moved on to something else.

I think Mom is onto something here, though I don’t know how long it will work!

Flying Solo Again

30 Jan

Part of me was dreading this weekend. Being laid up, I shuddered to think of an entire weekend where I couldn’t take the kids anywhere or do the things we
love to do. So far, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

The morning started with yet another cuddle session with Little Man, and some quiet time with the kids in the morning as JB caught up on sleep. He then got up and made us all pancakes, and then we all went to the park together.

Being at the park was a little frustrating, as I’m not normally a parent to just sit on a bench and watch. I like to get on the equipment, play with the kids, and run around with them. But today, I was on the bench. I think some other mothers thought I was nuts when I started doing tricep dips on the bench. But come on, I’m afraid my whole body is going to atrophy during this recovery process.

After lunch, we put Little Man to sleep in a pack-n-play in our bedroom (since I can’t get upstairs to his room) while JB went out skiing (and later mountain biking when the conditions sucked). While Little Man slept, my daughter and I read books on my brand new Kindle and watched our DVDs of Little House on the Prairie. First off — wow, the Kindle is amazing. It’s the perfect new gadget for someone stuck in a recliner most of the day! Secondly, a neighbor gave us the Little House on the Prairie box set (it was a cast off of theirs from a white elephant gift exachange), and I’ve truly enjoyed watching the series from the beginning and explaining the plot and what it was like living on the prairie a hundred years ago.

So now on to day two. Tomorrow, I’ll be flying solo with Little Man while JB takes my daughter to ski camp (sniff — that used to be my job!). I’m a bit nervous about watching him by myself in my gimpy state, but hopefully it goes smoothly. Unfortunately for me, it’s supposed to snow, so I guess I’ll be homebound. Crutches and snow just don’t mix.

Hear Me ROAR

28 Jan

We’ve been trying to teach Little Man how to roar like a lion.  He’ll say a quiet “brwoar”.  When I try to teach him to say it with gusto, this is what happens.

Some things are back to normal…

28 Jan

I am usually (OK, always) the one to get up with the kids in the morning.  Now that I can’t climb stairs, JB has been doing it.  And though it is nice to not have to rush out of bed, I have missed my morning snuggle-fests with Little Man.  The only time that kid is into cuddling is first thing in the morning, before he is truly awake.

It had been three mornings since my injury, and JB had been taking care of Little Man in the morning.  But this morning, I asked JB to bring Little Man to me with his milk. 

Once again, it felt that all was right in the world.  We lay with my arm wrapped around him, and the other hand rubbing his soft and truly irresistable belly.  We stayed like that for 20 minutes, and it was truly my favorite time of the whole day.

Tonight, I have two girlfriends coming over with dinner and much needed company.  I can’t think of a better way to start, or end the day.

P.S.  Today’s workout was going to the grocery store to refill my pain meds.  I opted not to use their motorized cart, and instead hung my purse over my shoulder, and my shopping bag around my neck.  I was rather sweaty after I picked up a few necesseties and my prescription, and a few store employees stopped me to remind me of the motorized cart.   I was resistance training on crutches! I finished the “workout” by coming home and taking a shower.  It’s amazing how exhausting everyday tasks are when you’re on crutches!

Playdate Anyone?

26 Jan

Remember how I was lamenting about how challenging Little Man was in a house that wasn’t very child-proofed?   Ha!  I didn’t know how things could get even MORE FUN when you add one gimpy Mamma to the equation.  The past few days, I’ve had to resort to verbal reprimands with Little Man, as I’m no longer physically capable of picking him up and removing him from a situation.  Let me just tell you how this goes…

Mamma:  “No!  Put that back!”

Little Man looks at me and smiles, then starts running. 

I then try to corral him by hopping after him with my crutches, and try to guide him with the crutch. 

It’s highly inefficient. 

Oh, boy, this is going to be fun.

I think I brought this knee injury on myself.  Just last week, I told JB that I’d like to “switch roles” with him, saying that perhaps he’d have more respect for all I do in regards to the kids and around the house if he just had to do it for a week.  Wow, did I get that wish.  And JB sure isn’t happy about all of this.

Went to the doctor yesterday, who said from a physical exam, he can tell that I probably tore my MCL tendon, and the ACL isn’t looking “right” either.  The fun part of that diagnosis is that they’d treat it as two separate injuries.  We’d immobilize for the MCL to heal and then do physical therapy for that, which will take 5-8 weeks.  Then, if I need ACL surgery, we’d do that, and then I’d have to do physical therapy specific to that recovery.

So in essence, this whole fiasco could last 4-5 months.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could go back in time and just tell myself to let Little Miss ski on her own — she’d be fine.  Instead, I now can’t really take the kids to do any kind of activity, such as bike rides, the park, swimming, etc.  I’ve always loved our outings on the weekend, and now I fear I’m just going to be homebound and unable to keep tabs on them when they go upstairs.

Last night, JB went on a walk, and I was home alone with the sleeping kids for about 45 minutes.  Of course, Little Man started crying.  After about 30 minutes of his crying, I couldn’t take it anymore, and managed to scoot my way up the stairs on my rear, dragging my crutches along.  It probably took me 10 minutes to get to the top of the stairs, and then find a chair to get myself to a standing position, and wouldn’t you know it — by the time I made it to Little Man’s room, he was fast asleep?!  Gah!!!!

While I’m throwing my own little Pity Party, I’m also so bummed that I’m about to get REALLY out of shape.  I just recently got to where I was within 2 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, and I felt like I was in really good shape.  I felt like I had completely recovered from the second pregnancy and C-section, about 18 months later.  And now, I’m looking at months of inactivity.  I’m just cringing at what that is going to do to my body, and have already started to try to monitor my food intake, considering I now get the same activity of a 80 year old in a retirement home.

The fun continues.  If you live in Reno, please come have a playdate with me.  I’m going to need friends to help me with Little Man while JB goes out to ski, as we all know he will.

Things Changed in an Instant

25 Jan

On Friday, I had a quandry. I had two free ski tickets to two different resorts — Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. I had a meeting at Alpine, where they gave me a free pass for the day, yet a work “Morale” event at Squaw.

Unfortunately, the snow conditions leave a lot to be desired, as it has been warm, and we haven’t had snow since Jan. 1. Hence, the day was 90% groomers. But, really, a bad day on the slopes is better than a good day at work, right?!

So I did 3 runs at Alpine, and then headed to the resort next door, where I met up with a bunch of co-workers for some more groomer skiing. It was fun, though, as I’m so used to skiing by myself lately with JB and I switching off skiing and staying home with the kids.  My “Morale” was sky high.

On Sunday, I took Little Miss to ski camp, where she not only advanced a level, but was a rock star.  In fact, the instructor said, “she really likes to go fast.”  Little Man was at home with a sitter, so I decided to take Little Miss up on our first chair lift ride together. 

It was a dream come true.  She was so excited about skiing, and so chill about the chairlift (after years of telling me they looked too scary).  We hugged the whole way up, and I was amazed at her progress as we started to ski down.

I even stopped to take some video.

Right after I took that video, we got close to the bottom, where the slope of the hill gets a bit steeper.  Considering her newfound lack of fear of speed, I was worried she might get going out of control, so I decided to pull her in between my legs and snowplow down together. 

We lasted about 2 minutes like that, and next thing I knew, we were falling, my knee went POP, and my ski season came to a grinding halt.  That’s right, I injured the same knee I injured skiing 8 years ago.  Back then, I was leaping off a cornice.  At least then I had a good story to tell.

So anyway, from experience, I knew I couldn’t ski down.  Ski Patrol was fetched, and Little Miss and I rode down on a snowmobile.  Luckily, my brother and sister-in-law were still at Mt. Rose to come pick up the pieces.  Audra took me to the ER, and later when JB was located, she watched the kids while they finished up on me in the hospital. 

All we know right now is I didn’t break any bones.  I’m going to an orthopedist today, and I assume we’ll get an MRI scheduled. 

So now, I deal with the aftermath.  My lifestyle just isn’t condusive right now to being on crutches.  With two young kids and a two story house, I have been rendered rather useless.  I’m really not looking forward to this recovery process, plus having to get myself back in shape after  being forced to be bed ridden for weeks.

Excuse me while I wallow in self pity just a bit.

Anyway, I guess the good news is this should give me more time for writing.  Right?  There has to be something good to come out of this!

Easy Southwestern Chicken

19 Jan

I’m always on the lookout for a healthy dinner I can throw together lickedy-split. Last night, I made one up that is a true winner, so I had to share…

Southwestern Chicken
Preheat oven to 375
Place chicken breasts in a casserole pan
Pour salsa over the top
Pour a can of drained black beans on top of that
Bake until chicken is around 145 degrees, then cover with shredded cheese and return to the oven until chicken is 165 degrees.

Voila! I was originally planning to throw in some brown rice with the mixture, but JB thinks “that would have ruined it.” I didn’t have any in the pantry, so it was left out. Anyway, I sat and played with the kids while it cooked, and was my kind of fast food!