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The Closing of a Decade

31 Dec

It wasn’t until I was driving to work this morning and heard it mentioned on NPR that I even considered that this New Years is ushering in a new decade.  That made me pause and think about how my life had changed in the past 10 years. 

It was a very eventful decade for me.  I have lived in Detroit, Sparks, Carson City, and Reno.  I have worked for four different companies.  I ditched a long term boyfriend and then got married a little over a year later to JB.  We bought a house.  We had two kids.  I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Italy, and practically too many US cities to count. 

Overall, I feel blessed.  Great things have come my way, and I’m so happy where I’m living and loving my family.  I think the only thing leaving a sour taste in my mouth is this darn Recession.

I vividly remember asking my Grandmother once what it was like to live during the Great Depression.

Her answer?


I wish she would have given more details, but I’m beginning to understand how heavy that depression can weigh on a person.  When the recession first hit, we didn’t really feel the pain.  But with the housing market and the job market tanking while we live in one of the communities most hard hit by the Recession, I feel the strain.  It’s no Great Depression, but it is depressing just the same.    We’ve weathered it so far, and here’s hoping for a nice rebound in the next decade.

Sending a virtual cheers and New Years kiss to all of you!

I sign off with a video of pictures from our family’s good times in 2010.


Who is that big guy?

20 Dec

Well, we had a lazy weekend, mostly thanks to the weather.  It was stormy all weekend, making even skiing out of reach, and resulting in a lot of time spent in our pjs in front of the fire.  The weather is still blustery today, and it made me rather grumpy to have to go out in it to go to work insteat of continuing our pj time.

I took the kids to a birthday party this weekend where Santa made an appearance.  Santa sat with all of the preschoolers attending the party first, and said we could get some family pics afterwards.  While we were waiting, Little Man started snacking on grapes.  The hostess approached me as Santa was about to leave, and Little Man had a mouthful of grapes, saying now was our time to get the photo.

So, now I have a series of photos where Little Man looks like he is a chipmunk, but I think the one turned out pretty well.  It’s so hard not to go get them and continue our snuggle time today!

And for fun, here is a picture that shows the chipmunk cheeks.

And then, I thought — wait!  I could use the Windows Live Essentials free tool called Photo Fuze to combine the above pictures with the best expressions of each kid.  Voila!

My Favorite Time of Day

17 Dec

I’m not a morning person, but I find the most precious moments with my children are right after they wake up, so it has me getting out of bed without much grumbling.

Now that it’s winter (or close enough), I get the kids up, and we go sit in front of our gas fireplace to snuggle.  We snuggle as long as it takes Little Man to drink his milk.  Those minutes are pure heaven for me.  With Little Man in my lap, and Little Miss snuggled beside us, we bathe in the warmth of the fire, and let ourselves wake up gradually.  When he is done with his milk, he hands me the cup, saying, “all done”, and then he is up and away to find whatever mischief he can.

This morning, we awoke to an inch of snow on the ground, and I got such a kick out of watching Little Man re-discover the snow, as he gasped and pointed out the window, watching with absolute awe as the large snowflakes fell to the backdrop of our neighbors’ Christmas lights.

This time of year, it’s so beautiful to cuddle in front of the fire, with the Christmas tree lit up and the snow falling.  You can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit, even if it is earlier than I would choose to get up!

It Went Kerplop

7 Dec

Oh, goodness, I am becoming a BAD blogger.  BAD, BAD blogger. 

Life has been crazy.  I just started a new job last week — same company, totally different responsibilities.  Prior to that, I took 9 days, that’s right, NINE, to visit the homeland of Albuquerque.  It was so nice hanging out with family and friends for that period of time.  We did practically every kid activity in Albuquerque, including the zoo, aquarium, River of Lights, a merry-go-round, Explora, and the Bugg Light Display.

Little Man loves Christmas so far.  His trademark move right now is to point at something, open his mouth gawking, and do a surprised sounding shreak.  He especially does this when he sees Christmas lights, so I have been on a parade of light displays, simply to watch his reaction. 

We put the tree up this weekend (much to the prodding of Little Miss, who helped this year).  I refrained from putting the most breakable ornaments on the tree, as I have a feeling Little Man will be knocking it down sometime soon.  It is fun to watch him re-discover the tree every night.

Little Miss had her first ski lesson this past weekend, and since she didn’t cry and willingly participated, I’m calling it a success.  Lesson number two is this week, and ski camp starts for her in January.  Hopefully this will be a good jump start to her love of the sport!

Last night, Little Miss went to the bathroom…  She was in there for a while, and then JB found her in there with toilet paper all over the floor.  She comes out and announces to me, “you know why there was toilet paper all over the floor?  I was going poop, the poop went kerplop, and then I fell off the toilet.  And now my hand is wet because my hand fell in the toilet.”

I tell you, people, you can’t make this stuff up.  She’ll kill me in 10 years when she realizes I posted that on the Internet. 

Here is my skier, the Turtle (that’s what they call the beginners at Mt. Rose):

And here is a cute picture of Dad reading Little Miss a book.  It happened to be a baby book of her brother’s, but the moment is sweet just the same.