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A Conversation I Didn’t Anticipate Having with a 4 Year Old

25 Aug

While driving home from Lake Tahoe on Sunday, Little Miss asks me, “how did your Grandma die?”

And then I embarked on a conversation I never envisioned having with a four year old.  I told her one of my Grandmothers died from old age, but that the other one got really sick from smoking cigarettes and it ended up killing her.

So then I had to answer the following questions:

“What is smoking?”

“Why do people do it?”

“If they know it will make them sick, why do people do it?”

“Do only stupid people smoke?”

The list went on and on.  I can say that watching my Grandmother’s decline due to emphysema when I was only 14 made a life long impression on me.  At a very impressionable age, I saw how she constantly coughed and couldn’t catch her breath, and then she died at the relatively early age of 74.  I learned from my Grandmother’s experience, and am proud to say I never smoked a cigarette in my life.  I’m hoping to instill the same knowledge and aversion in my own children, but I wonder if at some point, they’ll think I don’t know what I’m talking about because they haven’t seen it with their own eyes.

I can’t say how I’ll react if I catch one of them smoking one day in the future.  I will be livid, and I kind of liked the reaction I heard of one father, who made his son smoke an entire pack of cigarettes as he watched, knowing it would make his son sick and that experience would help his son develop an aversion.  I’m not sure I’d have that in me, but I could see a hospital or nursing home visit in our future, where I’d make them talk to people with emphysema.  There is more than one way to skin a cat!

The Cleanse

19 Aug

If you recall, Little Man had a bit of a spit-up issue as a baby.  OK, he had a huge reflux issue, and we had him medicated and on soy formula for most of his first year.

But now we’ve transitioned him to cow’s milk, things are good, and he only spits up about once a day.

So was I tempting fate to call in the carpet cleaners today?  We’ve been waiting anxiously for him to be “done” with spitting up so that we could call the professionals in to remove the countless spit up stains on our carpet.  We did our best to wipe it up, but that kid was a bit of a fountain, and at some point, we kind of just gave in, saying we’d get them all removed once he grew out of it.

I think the carpet cleaner was impressed with the spit up stains.  He even recommended we get the super duper scotch guard, which I gladly signed up for. 

So, if you live close by, maybe you should drop by.  Because I don’t think my carpets will look like this for long!

As Promised, the Cake Video

17 Aug

Here is the video I promised yesterday.  The ending is pretty funny — NOT what we expected him to do!

Happy Belated Birthday, Little Man!

16 Aug

What a busy month we’ve had!  Little Man recently turned 1.  We were so blessed that my parents were in town, and we got to spend his birthday with them.  We went to the pool, got professional pictures taken, and ate my homemade chocolate cake.

This pic captures their relationship perfectly!

When we put the cake in front of him to blow out the candle, he promptly reached for the flame.  I must post the video soon.  We go from prompting him to blow to screeching “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!  Don’t grab it!”

It makes me kind of sad that the baby phase is over.  Knowing he’s our last child, I’ll miss all the newborn snuggling.  But he is getting so much fun.  He is a speed crawler, is on the verge of walking, and takes his sister’s abuse like a true trooper.  He loves going to the pool, and LOVES his toy monkey. 

He doesn’t like to cuddle.  He normally shrugs me away, prefering to wriggle himself to sleep in his crib.  But last week, before I put him to bed, I held him, and he cuddled.  After 6 months of not cuddling, I siezed this opportunity, and held him for at least 30 minutes.  He felt all the contours of my face, and a part of me wished I could just freeze in that moment forever.