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Reasons I hate USPS

22 Jul

Edited to add:  After countless calls to the national USPS customer service and our local post office, I was told that my normal carrier was on vacation, and that’s why they thought the package got lost.  Just the day after she returned from vacation, the package arrived in my mailbox, thrilling me to no end.  So, lesson learned…  If you’re going to send USPS, buy insurance!  I know we shouldn’t have to, but this experience proved to me how unorganized they can be when things go wrong! 


I ordered a very sentimental, personalized gift back in June, and according to USPS, it was delivered to my house on Friday.

But the problem is that it really wasn’t. 

I called them on Saturday and opened a case, and also discovered that because I didn’t get insurance, I’m SOL if they don’t find it.  I’ve always had an issue with them selling insurance.  Aren’t I paying you for a service?  Why should I have to buy insurace if you fail to provide the service for which I’m paying you?!  Just makes me angry.

Now I’m even more angry.  They said someone would get back to me on Tuesday.  No one did.  I called on Tuesday, they said someone would call me by end of day. 

They didn’t.  I called on Wednesday.  They said someone would get back to me by end of day.  They didn’t.

I called today, and they said I should call the local post office.  I did.  The line has been busy for the past hour.

I’m ready to scream.  I’m not sure whether to re-order this package, or if I should still wait on them.  I’m sure the delivery person stuck this small package in the wrong mailbox, and I’m also wondering why no one bothered to get it to me if that is the case.

After this experience, I’m no longer going to use them unless it’s required.  Just because they’re a government entity doesn’t mean they can treat people like this.

Did you hear that?!

9 Jul

I recently read my daughter a story about how dolls and stuffed animals move when you’re sleeping, and then they go right back to where you left them before you wake up. 

Anyway, on the 4th of July, we didn’t go see fireworks because we were stuck at home with a baby with a 104 degree fever.  We didn’t mention fireworks to Little Miss, and I don’t think she remembered to miss them.

That night, I put her to bed, and cuddled with her for a few minutes.  I could hear fireworks outside, and right as I was about to leave her bed, she turns to me wide eyed and whispers, “I can hear my dollies moving!”

I guess that fireworks show sounded like magical dollies to her.  I love the imagination on that girl!

Ariel’s Twin Sister

1 Jul

If you can’t have a bit of fun with your kids, then what point is parenthood?  An excerpt from a family conversation this morning…

Little Miss:  (holding up two Ariel dolls)  This is Ariel, and her twin sister

JB:  Oh, is her name Areola?

Little Miss:  No.  Mom, do you think that is a beautiful name?

Me:  Oh, yes.

Little Miss:  If you had another little girl, would you name her Areola?

Me:  Definitely