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Conversation Excerpt

29 Jun

Little Miss was doing great not wetting the bed for the past month, but I think the start of preschool has thrown her off, as she has been wetting the bed almost every night this week, despite me waking her up at 11pm each night to go. 

Last night, I was awaken from a dead sleep to a pat on my head.  Of course, that pat scared the you know what out of me, and I sat up and did a gasp before I realized it was Little Miss, saying she wet the bed.  This morning, the following conversation ensued at our house:

Dad:  You need to stop going pee in your bed.  No one is going to marry you if you pee in your bed!

Little Miss:  But I’m so beautiful!

Me:  Yes, and since you won’t sleep with anyone until you’re married, no one has to know that you wet the bed!  By the time he finds out, it’s “Surprise!”, and he’s already promised to be with you for better and for worse.

I Feel Sick

24 Jun

This morning, I awoke to Little Miss crying on the stairs.  “My throat hurts.  And behind my teeth hurts.”

It hurt so bad she couldn’t even open her mouth to show me.  I rocked her and held her for quite a while, thinking in my head how I would arrange the day to work from home. 

I then told her that I wanted to look at her throat.  After finding that all the flashlights in the house have dead batteries (mental note on that), I pulled off a lamp shade and held a lamp to her open mouth (I get points for creativity).

I didn’t see anything amiss.

She then sat on the side of my bed, and quietly said, “I don’t want to go to school because when they ask me questions, I don’t know the answers.”

You see, she started a new preschool on Monday.  She had been going to a Waldorf school, that doesn’t do cirriculum, and just does arts and songs and imaginitive play.  She is now at a preschool that will teach actual cirriculum, and a lot of the kids in her class already know how to read, so I can imagine how she feels.

But what struck me is I never expected to have her play sick…  Such a convincing performance, mind you, at the age of four.  JB laughed at me, saying I was a sucker for almost falling for it.  We’ll see how “sick” she is when I pick her up this afternoon.