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Let’s Get Physical!

21 Apr

Little Man is on the move.  He’s a comando-crawling, rolling fool.  I’m already amazed at how much more physical he has been than his sister ever was.  He’s brimming with energy, many times getting all of his limbs working at once as he pants and grunts.

Holding him turns into an athletic event.  He’ll see something he wants, and will start reaching, grabbing, putting his entire body horizontal until he gets close to what he wants.  I used to eat dinner with him in my lap.  But after him putting his hand in my chili, almost dumping my bowl over, and trying to yank my placemat off the table, I now have to put him somewhere else.

He is strong.  And so determined.  My brother used to call his sons the “suicidal midgets”, and I’m getting glimpses of my boy becoming one of those as well.  People say boys may be easier in the long run, but I have a feeling I’m going to have my job cut out for me just keeping him alive and away from hazards for the next 2-3 years.

Here is a video of him crawling for the first time.  He’s already entranced by the electronics on the entertainment center and the knobs on the bathroom drawers and cabinets.  It’s only a matter of time (a short matter of time for sure) until he figures out how to do some damage!

Time for A New Header Image

9 Apr

OK, I haven’t been pregnant for almost 9 months, so time to get rid of the picture of me and The Belly on my site.  Good riddance!

No Joking Matter

9 Apr

Little Miss is trying to tell jokes. But she just totally doesn’t GET IT.

Last night at dinner, she says, “knock knock”.

We respond, of course, “who’s there?”

And she’d say “orange”, as she was eating an orange.

“Orange who?”

“Orange banana pants!” And then she’d just laugh at herself. It went on like that. Or one time, we said, “orange who”, and she answered, “orange”.

For a kid who sees so much humor in the world, we were very entertained on her lack of knock knock joke comprehension.

Here is a picture of her, dressed in my childhood dress from the early 1980s and with one of my old stuffed animals, who has been dubbed as Toto. Hello, Dorothy!