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It’s Really So Simple

26 Feb

Last night, Little Miss asked if we could make pumpkin bread. I happened to have all the ingredients on hand, so I obliged after we ate dinner. After the bread was in the oven, she turned to me and said, “This was the best day of my life.”

I asked, “why, because we made pumpkin bread?”

She said yes. I didn’t know that was the true key to happiness. Must stock up on more ingredients.

Sorry for not posting much of late. To be honest, I’ve been under some crazy stress with some scary unknowns in our future, and I haven’t felt much like writing. I hope to work out of that funk soon!

Guess I Need To Update My Will

12 Feb

This week has been a blur. I had my first business trip since the birth of Little Man. I headed to Seattle Sunday afternoon, right as the Super Bowl was starting. This meant that as I was trying to give last minute instructions to JB, he was glued to the TV, and I had to just give up, and plan to update him after the game was over.

It’s a mixed bag being away on business. It is refreshing to get into a new city, and traveling solo is SO easy that it feels like I’m cheating. I just fly through security! I got to travel with one of my closest friends, so it was fun to sit next to her on the plane and catch up for a few hours. I like meeting my co-workers, many of which are from the far corners of the earth. I was meeting with my counterparts from Singapore, Ireland, Ft. Lauderdale and Seattle. It’s nice to have adult only dinners, where I’m not concerned with the mess my daughter is making, and making sure my son isn’t pulling the table cloth or my food off the table.

But overall, it’s hard to be away. It was even harder this week, as I was gone for Little Miss’ birthday. I usually take her birthday as a vacation day and spend the entire day with her, and this year, I was stuck in meetings just thinking about her constantly. I left my trip two days early, and made it home at 9pm on her birthday. I had to take a crazy long flight routing me through San Francisco with a two hour layover, but I just wanted to be with her, even if for only a few minutes on her birthday. I burst through the door at 9pm, picked her up, swung her around, and then got her ready for bed and cuddled with her. She probably wouldn’t have known the difference, but that meant so much to me.

Her party is tomorrow. Though I am a firm believer of simple childhood parties, with her birthday being smack in the middle of winter, we can’t do park or backyard parties… Plus, it seems the trend recently is that you get often both parents and the siblings of everyone invited. So, we’ve outsourced it. We’ll be going to a bounce house place, and she has requested a Wizard of Oz themed party. She’ll be wearing her red sparkle shoes, and we have a lovely Wizard of Oz themed cake planned.

This morning, we had a standoff on what she wants to wear to her party. She wants to wear a new dress-up dress she got from Grandma, which is complete with sequins and tulle. I told her it would get ruined with all the jumping and slides, so we settled on a compromise… Her magesty will have a wardrobe change once she is done with jumping and before the cake portion of the party. Hopefully she will forget this request, but it just cracks me up. She even said, “but Mom, I want everyone to think I’m pretty at my party.”

I had no idea those thoughts started at 4.

Oh, and another good Little Miss quote… After travling for 4 hours to be with her at bedtime on her birthday, she says to me, “when you die, I get all of your jewelry, right?”

Goodness, is she trying to off me already?!

Well, I’d better run. I’ll post pictures of the fun later!

Can I Have a Clone?

1 Feb

I need two of me this week. Not only is Little Man’s daycare closed Weds through Friday, but he has been sick, and increasingly sicker over the past few days. Dad is home with him now, and I’m at work wishing I was holding my poor baby. These are some of the hardest days of being a working Mom. I’m here physically, but my heart wants to be with my coughing, pink eyed screaming baby. I’m sure he misses me too…

This work thing sure gets in the way sometimes.