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One Day, This Won’t Make Him Smile

25 Oct

Little Miss has started dressing up her brother. He’s smiling now, but I’m sure this will get old for him fast.




Like My DVR

13 Oct

You know when you watch a recorded show on your DVR, if you push fast forward once, it jumps ahead a little, and each time you push that button it goes forward faster and faster? That is my analogy for life with kids… Having one kid is like pushing fast forward once. Go back to work, and it goes by faster. Have a second kid and life speeds up again. Then go back to work with two kids and everything will zoom by in a blur.

Things are good. Sorry I suck at blogging right now. Life is whizzing by me right now at an incredible pace.

I’m blogging one handed while feeding the babe. So, I’ll leave you with some pics.

October pics on Flickr

Bath Time Video

Talking — well kind of — Video