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New Baby Pics

28 Aug

We had a photographer come to our house a few weeks ago to take pictures of our newly expanded family. Here are the best shots.


Where Is All This Time Going?!

26 Aug

So much for thinking I’d have more time to update this blog. My maternity leave time is flying by, and I feel just as busy as ever. That leaves me nervous for how my life will be once I add work back into the mix.

Anyway, I took Little Man to the doctor on Monday, and turns out, he had gained almost a pound in 5 days, which is extremely healthy weight gain. The doctor says that convinces him that the problem was my milk (damn milk) before, meaning there either wasn’t enough or it wasn’t high enough in calories. So, we are forging ahead with formula supplementation and That Damn Pump. Wow, two profanities in one paragraph!

Little Miss’s name came up on a preschool list that we’d been on for two years. Although we just love the in-home daycare she has been at the past year, we truly think she is ready for a more school-like environment. So, we made the plunge, and Little Miss starts preschool on Monday. We went by today to meet her teacher, who is very nice and a tad Amish-like (blonde hair in braids, long sleeved shirt with long skirt, and really long, curly black hair on her legs). I think Little Miss will really like it. This will force me to get out of the house every day, as I’ve committed to taking her every day (she’ll go M-Th until I go back to work), and school starts at 8. I guess it will get me in the routine of getting 2 kids out the door before I go back to work! It was hard making the break from our current care taker, but I imagine we’ll be back to have her watch Little Man in a year or so.

Well, it’s now time for me to get Little Miss and take her to swimming lessons. Ciao!

Coming Up For Air

24 Aug

Well, I’ll come out of the baby vortex to compose a post here. Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. What can I say? I’ve been busy with Little Man and having both sets of grandparents in town for the past 3 weeks! The safety net has now been removed, and we’re on our own with the two kiddos. So far, so good.

I have to send out a huge shout out of thanks to my parents and JB’s parents for all of the help and support over the past several weeks. You all made our lives much easier with all of the cooking, cleaning and childcare, as well as surrounding us in love.

I have to say that the second go-round has been much *dare I say* easier than it was with Little Miss. First of all, the recovery from my c-section this time was SO much better than last time. Yes, there were a few challenging days right after the surgery, but my recovery has been leaps and bounds better and faster this time. At my 2 week check up, I was cleared to do any exercise I wanted, as long as I started back slowly — including swimming! I got in my first post-baby swim in Lake Tahoe last Monday (many thanks to my in-laws for watching the kids while I indulged!), and have ventured into spinning and running this weekend. My first attempt at running after having my first child, I was only able to run 3 minutes without stopping. This time, I got in 2 miles straight, which absolutely thrilled me! My first fitness goal is to run the Race for the Cure 5K at the beginning of October, and today’s effort convinced me that goal is totally reachable!

Things are pretty good with Little Man. Unfortunately, he’s not gaining weight, and as of last week, had not returned to his birth weight. That meant that the doctor wanted me to start supplementing with formula after each attempt at nursing. Just as with Little Miss, when I started introducing a bottle after each feeding, Little Man has decided to forego breastfeeding. This is something that has truly broken my heart, but I’m trudging ahead with my pump (referred to in my head as That Damn Pump) just as last time. (For those of you that didn’t know me back then, I pumped exclusively last time for 6 long, tedious months. I pumped until the day my nipples tore and looked like they were about to fall off. I hate that pump.)

The doctor and I suspect that Little Man has a case of reflux, as he is spitting up like crazy. After eating, he writhes in pain, and then spits up what appears to be most of the feeding. I’m hoping to get him in tomorrow so that we can pursue a diagnosis, as I fear the spitting up has a big part in why he’s not gaining weight.

Of course, everyone that sees my baby says, “he’s so tiny”. Which, considering the challenges we’re having with getting him to gain weight, is a comment that truly grates on my nerves.

Now that I should have some more free time with our house guests gone, I promise to soon compose the Birth Story, and my entire diatribe on breastfeeding (I have composed many of those posts in my head, from “Breastfeeding: A Sore Subject” to “Breastfeeding Sucks!”).

And until then, I leave you with some precious baby goodness.

Here is Little Man during his first bath. He didn’t like it at all!
First Bath

What can I say?! I still have an obsession with ducks!
Still Obsessed with Ducks

Piece of Cake!

5 Aug

At home with my two kiddos by myself for the first time. One is asleep in a milk stupor, while the other is glued to a movie. Simple, right?!

(Said with sarcasm, of course. I know it won’t always be this easy!)

Baby Pics

4 Aug

Posting some pics before heading off to my afternoon nap!

Hunter Jonathan on Flickr

He’s Here!

2 Aug

Introducing Hunter Jonathan Bellin. He was born at 12:38pm on Tuesday, July 28. He weighed in at 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long. We’re home now, and doing well. I’ll post more when my brain has adjusted more to sleep deprivation combined with some potent pain pills!

hunter bellin

lynnette and hunter