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T Minus 1 Day: YIKES!

27 Jul

It is Monday morning at 9am, and I’m sitting in my pjs liesurely getting ready to pick up Mom from the airport. It’s so nice to not be at work!

My last day at work was wonderful. I worked like a dog from 7am to noon finishing everything up, then our entire staff went on a catamaran ride on Lake Tahoe. It was a wonderful way to start my leave. The day couldn’t have been more perfect, we had a blast, and I even got in a quick dip at the Hyatt Beach.


Saturday, I nested. It was serious. I did 6 loads of laundry, sterilized stuff for the baby, cleaned the windows in our house, and worked myself ragged until I took a long nap. I didn’t go outside until 7pm.

Sunday, I lived it up one last day. To the pool with friends in the morning, back for a nap, to the pool with family, then up to Sand Harbor for JB’s early birthday celebration of a picnic, one final dip in the Lake for me, and a Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival show. It was a lovely evening.



Today, I pick up Mom, we’re going to lunch, and then doing a spa day. Can’t wait!

Surgery is scheduled for noon tomorrow. Will post updated here ASAP, but I’m giving you fair warning… JB isn’t one to update this blog (I tried to get him to last time I gave birth), so it may be a few days!

Updated photo streams on Flicker today!

June 2009
July 2009

T Minus 5 Days: The biggest belly EVER

23 Jul

Little Miss quote of the day: “Momma, you have the biggest belly I’ve ever seen!”

I hear you, little one. Although I feel like there is no way I can stretch any further, I think of the poor mothers that have carried multiples, and just cannot imagine their plight.

Yesterday at work was spent in presentation skills training, where I gave four presentations that were video taped for me to watch and critique my own skills. I can’t tell you how rough it is to watch that much video of yourself at 9.5 months pregnant. I couldn’t stop staring at the belly. I’m sure my audience was having the same issue! It is fun to watch peoples’ reactions when they aske me when I’m due, and I say, “Tuesday.”

I had my week 38 appointment today, which was my “pre-op”, and final prenatal visit. Yowser. I’m now measuring 36 cm, and I highly doubt this baby has shrank in the past week, when I measured 37 cm. The doctor says he has dropped, but I’m telling you he hasn’t. I’ve been fighting with him for real estate right around my ribs every day. I can feel his little feet as I try to push them back down into my abdomen and out of my rib cage. Crazy to think I’ll be seeing those feet in the flesh very soon!

T Minus 7 Days: End is Within Sight

21 Jul

Just looked at my clock, and one week from today at this time, I will no longer be pregnant. Hopefully, I’ll be sitting in the recovery room with my brand new son.

My goodness, it is dauntingly close.

Walking around the office today, I can’t help but think I’m ready to be done with being constantly HOT (office A/C problems aren’t helping), done with constantly pulling up my underwear after it rolls down under my gut, and done with the waddling that inevitably stikes after I’ve been sitting or standing for a long time.

Then again, I start to think of the c-section, and the c-section recovery, both of which won’t be fun either. I guess I’ll be trading in the pregnancy waddle for the c-section recovery shuffle (which is much slower and labored), but it will be all uphill from then, right?!

We went to a concert last night up at Sand Harbor on Lake Tahoe. They were playing Afro-Cuban (read Carribean) style music, and we all three danced the night away as a family. It was such a lovely night, and I’m glad I’ve been able to pack so much into this summer, since my activities are about to slow way down as I shift gears to care for a newborn and recover from major surgery.

It is so hard to be at work this week. My thoughts are on next week, for sure, and I’m not sure how many more times I have to field the questions of, “when are you due?”, “how are you feeling?”, and “are you excited?” Many times a day. Perhaps I should post a sign on my office door that says, “Due July 28, feeling GREAT (which is the response they all expect to hear), and excited, yet scared as heck, thankyouverymuch”.

T Minus 8 Days: Can A Prego Melt? I Am the Science Experiment

20 Jul

It’s not a good sign when you walk into the office on a day forecasted to be 100 degrees, and you see a technician working on the air conditioning.

I think I may get heat stroke. I’m wiping sweat from my brow, and sucking it up because this is my last week in the office.

Had a lovely weekend at Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake. Wishing I was up there now, as a dip in cool water is just what I need.

T Minus 11 Days: I Spoke Too Soon

17 Jul

Remember how last Friday, I was talking about how there was no way I was going to stop working out, even if it meant I had to deal with labor before my surgery?

Ah, how fate intervenes and laughs at us sometimes. Week 37 came in and kicked my cocky derriere with sheer exhaustion. Suddenly, my normal day-to-day activity of walking around at work and daily chores at home seem like workout enough. Everything gets me out of breath, including grocery shopping. Every day, I’ve had plans to make it to the pool, and when the time comes to actually go, I have absolutely no motivation, and just want to take a nap.

There is part of me that feels guilty, but another part of me that says, “screw it”. I’m thinking missing a few workouts really won’t make a difference when I’m fighting my way back from 6 weeks of exercise restriction after I’m cleared.

So take that.

P.S. 37 week appointment today, and I’m measuring 37 centimeters, which is right on track (still 4 cm smaller than with Little Miss at this point). Could I truly be growing an average sized spawn with our families’ above average gene pool?!

T Minus 14 Days: Or Sixteen, Depending on Who You Ask

14 Jul

Two weeks from now, I’ll be ready to head to the hospital, and probably nervous enough to mess my pants.

I’ve been trying to communicate with Little Miss that her little brother’s arrival is getting close, but the kid has no real concept of time, and a very sketchy concept of numbers.

I got an idea to make a paper chain, with one chain link representing a day until Hunter’s arrival. So, last night, I started the chain with 15 links, and we counted them. This morning, I had her take one link off, and then we counted the remaining links. I thought — “aha, this was a brilliant idea!”

When her Dad came into the room for breakfast, I told Little Miss to tell Daddy how many days until Hunter gets here.

“Sixteen,” she says.

Perhaps this will be more effective when the numbers are single digits.

T Minus 15 Days: Not Your Typical Pregnant Lady

13 Jul

Sunday morning, I woke up early, put on my Speedo, lathered in sunscreen, and hooked up with a friend to do an open water swim at Sand Harbor beach on Lake Tahoe. My friend called me before she left her house and said, “is it windy at your house? I heard it was supposed to be windy at the Lake all day.”

I blew it off. I told her that there wasn’t any wind at my house, and though I knew it would be cold (forecasted 55 degrees at 9am), I told her the wind probably wouldn’t kick up until later, and the water would be the same temperature regardless of the weather.

Oh, did those words come bite me in the rear. We got up to the lake, and it was crazy windy, cold as all get out, and there were white caps all over the lake. As unappetizing as getting in the water seemed at that point, I told myself after all this effort, and this being one of my few chances to swim open water this summer, I must do it.

Getting in was almost painful it was so cold. Thankfully, I had double checked with my doc that swimming in really cold water wouldn’t jump start me into labor. My friend was in a full wet suit. But me, figuring I had my own internal heat source (and besides, what wetsuit would fit me right now?), I went in au natural. It took me about 5 minutes of wading before I got courage to get my head wet, and I actually had to stop a couple of times to float on my back so that I could get control of my breathing (the water was that shockingly cold). Then, for the swim. I was being tossed around like crazy. I felt like I was hardly moving because the water was so rough. In fact, my friend and I couldn’t see each other because of the crazy waves.

It was about this point when the thought crossed my mind, I’m just not your typical full term pregnant woman. In fact, I am probably certifiably nuts. After I warmed up from swimming, I managed to get about 40 minutes in before I threw in the towel. I still say that a rough, cold day swimming in Tahoe is better than sitting on the beach wishing I was swimming in Tahoe (which is what I’ll be doing very soon), so it was worth it. I’ll be headed back out there next weekend, and hopefully it won’t be as punishing.

The rest of the day was a blur. I came home, took a lightening fast shower, took Little Miss to an open house at the River School, then got us lunch at Subway (the best fast food lunches for moms and kids in my opinion), and then took her to a Siblings class at the hospital. Little Miss was so adorable as she learned to feed, burp, change and bathe a baby. (Granted, she did drop the baby once while trying to juggle the bottle and the baby.) We then went up to the nursery, where we saw babies that had been born that day, and Little Miss REALLY wanted to buy one so that Hunter would have a friend when he comes out. Ha!

After the Siblings class, we took a quick nap, and then I woke her up early for us to go up to a concert on the beach of Tahoe City. Of course, Murphy’s Law was that the lake was totally calm in the evening. Humph. We had a lovely time listening to the music, having Little Miss playing on the playground on the beach, and as I sipped my O’Douls Amber while lounging in my beach chair. We got home last night at 9:30, and is it any wonder I practically collapsed into bed?! The house is a wreck, the laundry didn’t get done, but I’m having FUN, darnit!

And now, because I truly am certifiably nuts, here is a picture of me in a swimsuit at 37 weeks after this swim. The water doesn’t look nearly as rough as it truly was — I swear!

37 weeks at Tahoe