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T Minus 28 Days: I’m Now A Trophy Wife

30 Jun

I knew this day would come. I went to put on my wedding ring today, and it wouldn’t even fit over my knuckle. This happened right around 35 weeks last time, when I started to retain fluids, so I’m not nearly as bothered by this as I was the first time (I remember exclaiming, “nothing fits me — not even my rings!”)

Staring at my naked ring finger, I remembered that I had purchased a cubic zirconia ring that looks like a rich woman’s wedding band (with a HUGE stone) for the cruise we took a few years back, as I was told NOT to take your good jewelry on a Mexican cruise. At the time, I went out and bought a ring that I thought looked real, and I went full on tropy wife size with the cubic zirconia. I dug it out today, and it seems to be a size larger than my wedding band, as it fits my swollen finger perfectly. JB says the ring looks fake as can be, but I have to wonder if my co-workers are going to start checking out my new bling!

T Minus 29 Days: The Belly As Canvas

29 Jun

Holy smokes, less than 30 days! I spent a wonderful weekend with the in-laws, where I got to relax a bit, but also got some help with baby preparations from my mother-in-law.

Anyway, last Thursday, I bought Little Miss some face paints, as she has been doing face painting at her day care, and LOVES it. We get home, and she was excited to paint her Momma. She started with my arm, moved to my leg, did a bit on my face, and then I could see the gears turrning in her head, as she asked, “Can I paint The Belly?”

You should have seen her light up when I said, “yes”. I lifted my shirt, and she was thrilled with the large canvas that awaited. I had to save the masterpiece to show her Dad when he got home. Anyway, here is a pic. I think she had the most fun poking the brush into my belly button!


T Minus 33 Days

25 Jun

Just back from my 34 week appointment, where we scheduled my c-section for July 28. Hence, I have 33 days left until I meet my son. Wow! My nesting instincts kicked in full gear this week, and I’ve made a ton of progress in the baby’s room. My main challenge is getting all of the baby stuff out of our sheds and cleaning them all up (i.e. car seat, stroller, clothes, toys, etc.), as an impressive amount of dirt got onto those things while they were being stored.

I’ve been having daily “episodes” where I get really hot, weak and light headed for the past month. I’ve talked to the doctor about it multiple times, and today, he referred me to my general practitioner, as he says I’ve passed all of my prenatal screenings, so it must be something non-pregnancy related. Or, as I read between the lines, perhaps it’s all in my head?! All I know is that my body is forcing me to slow down and take more naps, and work out less than I’d like. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it won’t make much of a difference if I trade a few workouts a week for naps.

As much as I am not necessarily happy about having another c-section, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a fixed date and time in my head. I feel like I’m going in a lot more prepared this time, both mentally, and with my requests on how I’d like the experience to go.


24 Jun

I’m sitting here wondering, when this baby has my entire abdomen to play in, why is he so entranced with my ribs?

Think About It

23 Jun

Stolen from a friend’s status on Facebook: 20 years from now you’ll be more disappointed by things you didn’t do than by things you did. Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain

Meat Market

22 Jun

Recent conversation with a co-worker at a staff lunch:

Co-worker: I hear the Sparks Farmer’s Market is becoming more of a meat market!
Me: It’s always been a meat market! I met my husband there 6 years ago!

That sure got a reaction from my team!

Father’s Day In Pictures

22 Jun

We celebrated Father’s Day by going to see a concert on the beach in Tahoe City. Even though it was a bit cool, it was a memorable, perfect evening. We danced, Little Miss played, and we all had a lovely time. Here are a few pics:

The family posing on the beach:

Self portrait with my little ham of a daughter:

Belly pic at 34 weeks. The shirt I wore for this pic is much more flattering than last week’s pic!

They had hula hoops at the concert, and we all three gave it a try. JB was remarkably good at hula hooping. I had difficulties due to my current roundness — it just slid right down!

Little Miss dancing on Daddy’s shoulders:

I title this one, “the view from here”. This pic cracks me up!