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I Even Left A Little Water In the Pool When I Was Done

29 Apr

Last night was the Reno Corporate Challenge Swim Meet, an annual event where we gather a team of people to compete against other local companies.  This was my sixth annual swim meet in this competition (I missed one year as I was recovering from giving birth), and we had a pretty good turn out for our team.  Most people thought I was a bit batty to be competing at 6.5 months pregnant. 

And perhaps I am, but I’ve been swimming lately, and feeling really strong.  This is my one chance to swim in a swim meet each year, and I really didn’t want to sit it out (especially after sitting out most of ski season).  I talked to my doctor, who said to go for it, and that I did.  I expected a lot of stares from strangers as I loaded my pregnant belly up onto the blocks, but there was so much commotion that I don’t think anyone gave me a second thought, besides probably thinking “good for the chubby girl to get out there and compete”. 

But my coworkers knew, and they were proud.  After finishing one race, I heard one of them yell, “yeah, baby maker!”

I think I also wanted to prove that a pregnant woman doesn’t have to sit at home in a bubble, but can actually get out there and hold her own.  I’m sick of reading on the pregnancy sites about women who think a stroll around the block is exercise, and that lifting 3 pound weights is strength training.  I personally believe that as long as you don’t have complications, you should get out there and challenge yourself almost every day — belly or not.  Yes, the belly is starting to slow me down, but I know that myself and my baby are stronger for my mentality.

Yes, it was humbling to be out there in my swim suit with all those other girls that looked like they just stepped out of their college team’s practice for the race.  I was thankful that our company provided company logo robes for us to wear in between races.  Because believe me, I didn’t want to be prancing around in my Speedo in front of my coworkers any more than necessary.

I walked away with a third place in the back stroke and second place in the breast stroke.  Not bad for hefting an additional 14 pounds through the water!  The relay competition was heated, and we came in fourth (ouch), after sweeping the relays at last year’s event.

That said, here are the pictures my coworkers captured of me last night. 

Here is my back stroke wall start…  I didn’t even attempt to get myself up onto the blocks with my knees all curled up for a proper start. 




Looking rather round in this one…


Gliding my way to a silver medal in the breast stroke…


And the next pic initially made me cringe.  But right as I was about to delete it, I thought that I should keep it, as it is the only pic that shows what the belly looked like that night.  The whole night I thought I just looked really chunky, but seeing the side profile makes me think — hey, I might actually look pregnant finally!


Out of the Mouths of Babes

24 Apr

While visiting friends last weekend, their 4 year old daughter looked at my leg, pointed to the lovely pregnancy induced spider veins I’ve developed and said, “Look!  You have letters on your leg!”

That’s just GREAT.  Yet another attractive side effect to wear proudly.

What the heck is THAT?!

23 Apr

I’ve heard the talk on the local radio stations about the really strange mascott for Reno’s new AAA baseball team, the Reno Aces.  It’s a red furry thing, and I kept hearing about “the thing that came out of its mouth”, and didn’t think much of it until a friend sent me a picture.  Check it out:


NOW I see what all the fuss is about.  I was told that the tongue looks so gross that the mascott has now been forbidden to stick it out anymore.  I see why!!!

No one knows what this red fuzzy thing is, and people that asked him at the home opener got a retort of “what do you think I am?”  I don’t know, we could have had a card, a card dealer, an actual ace…  Many options, but red fuzzy thing with a phallic mouth?!  I don’t get it…

6 Month Belly Shot

22 Apr

OK, I’ve been slacking on belly shots and posting in general.  I hit 6 months on Easter Sunday, but never managed to document The Belly for 6 months…  Anyway, on our camping trip to Bodega Bay (beach of NorCal) this past weekend, my brother took this picture documenting the shirt he gave me last time I was pregnant.  Doesn’t show the belly all that well, but makes for a few funny pictures!



We got off to a rough start camping…  Starting with what we refer to the Bad Tax Situation (reference only my in-laws will get), as we were supposed to leave Thursday morning for camping, but got a “friendly” email from the IRS stating our tax return was rejected due to my birthday being incorrect.  After a long an unproductive call to the social security administration and 1.5 hours spent waiting at their office, it was determined that 5 years ago someone typed in my birthday wrong when I changed my name to my married name.  Evidently it took 5 years for the IRS to synch with the SSA to catch it, preventing our taxes from being filed on time.  I can’t tell you how LIVID I was that we had to delay our vacation because of their mistake.

Anyway, we swung by the post office to mail our taxes with the corrected documentation, and were off to Bodega Bay.  We arrived at 9:30 at night, where it was pretty flipping cold and windy.  In fact, the wind on Friday was so impressive (and admittedly miserable in our tent trailer — my brother in his hard side was happy as a clam) that we called up a friend that lived 45 minutes away to pursue “Plan B”, which included visiting Petaluma.

Of course, while we were packing up the camper, the weather turned GORGEOUS, but Plan B was already set in motion.  Saturday morning, Little Miss and I biked along the beach, and then JB and I both went for runs on the beach (I discovered I CAN still jog at 6 months prego — woo!  The pace is slow, but jogging nonetheless), cleaned up, and abandoned the gorgeous beach weather to head inland. JB mandated that I change out of the above pictured shirt before seeing his friend, and we were on our way.

I must say, though, that I absolutely LOVE Petaluma.  It is one of my favorite cities to visit, as it is just as charming as can be.  We walked around downtown, Little Miss made friends with our friends’ 4 year old daughter, and JB got to visit with a friend he has known since kindergarten.  Oh, and they have some of the best gelato I’ve ever tasted in Petaluma.

All in all, a very good weekend, despite Uncle Sam’s efforts to stifle it.  Oh, and try explaining to a 3 year old why the camping trip is delayed…

Me:  I have to go see some people so that we can pay Uncle Sam.

Little Miss:  Who is Uncle Sam?

Me:  A not so nice man who wants our money.

Little Miss: Where are you going?

Me:  To the Waiting Place (a reference to Dr. Seuss that I found perfect to describe the Social Security Administration)

Egg Hunt

14 Apr

Got one, originally uploaded by Rebellin.

Little Miss and her cousins were so fun at Easter. They totally GOT it this year, and we had a blast! Check out my photo stream for all of our pics!

Easter Chez Bellin

14 Apr

Family pic, originally uploaded by Rebellin.

Hope you and your peeps (ha!) had a great Easter!

“I don’t want to work…”

7 Apr

"I don’t want to work…", originally uploaded by Rebellin.

JB has taught Little Miss one of his favorite songs.