Not Dead Yet!

19 Feb

And here I am again, back from the dead in the blogosphere.  Someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life, and I’m just struggling to keep up.  My best way to describe work lately is that I’m drinking from a fire hose.  Home life has been similarly hectic. 

Last week, Little Miss turned 3.  I took the day off of work and took time just to celebrate her.  It was a lovely, amazing day in which I felt honored to be her mother.  I have more to post from her birthday, but will do so later with pictures.  Anyway, that night, I caught a cold and got about 3 hours of sleep.  The rest of the week was a blur.  I was able to convalesce for a half day, and then had to march myself into facilitating a class for two days.  Let me tell you, being sick and pregnant is not so great for performing your best.

I was able to slow down a bit and recover over the weekend.  I swear I’m still tired, though.  My nephews were in town, and it was so fun to have Little Miss get together with all four of her cousins from my side of the family.   Monday was yet another daycare holiday that I don’t get, so I took the day off.  Between sick days, personal days, and days leading training, my Inbox at work is about to self destruct, and my to do list trails out the door of my office.

Did I mention I recently got an office?  Thank God for doors. 

Be patient with me as I get out some pent up blogging.

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