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Pantsless Prince Strikes Again

29 Jan

Just thought you all would like to know we found the prince in bed with Tinkerbell today, and he still wasn’t wearing any pants.

I assume this is because of the horrific accident last week, when my niece completely dismembered Sleeping Beauty (the original mate of the Prince), taking off her head and all four limbs.  Since then, I believe he has been on the hunt for a new woman.  I just didn’t think it would be a fairy.

Klutz of the Year

27 Jan

We did a babysitting swap off with my brother this weekend so that JB and I could make the trek to Kirkwood to take advantage of the latest storm.  Considering the last time we were at Da Wood skiing, it was really icy, we needed a nice, wet snow to bond with the ice and form a new base. 

Man, did we get what we were asking for.  The snow on Saturday was extremely wet and heavy.  Good for the base.  Extremely challenging for skiing.  By the end of the day, the temperature had dipped so that nice dry snow was falling.  My brother and sister in law got the best day, as the snow that fell overnight on Saturday was dry and light, giving them about 6 inches of powder.

Anyway, as I was watching my brother’s kids on Sunday, I went to install a car seat in our truck outside (in the midst of a snow storm), and managed to fall in the effort, cracking my shin on the edge of the truck.

Leave it to me to ski in very challenging conditions without falling, and then fall in my own driveway and injure myself.

Luckily, it’s just a bruise.  I’m hoping it will heal enough for me to get the ski boots back on this weekend!

Excerpt from a Phone Conversation At Work

15 Jan

Today, while on a call with a counterpart in Asia, I had the following conversation:

Caller: Where do you sit?

Rebellin: You mean where do I live?

Caller: Yes

Rebellin: Reno, Nevada

Caller: Is that in Seattle?

Rebellin: No, it’s in the same state as Las Vegas.

Caller: Las Vegas? 

Rebellin: OK, we’re just to the East of California

Caller: Ah, California

You wouldn’t believe the laughs this got out of my cubicle mates when they overheard my geography lesson.  Not that I’d be any better at Asian geography, but come on, I thought EVERYONE knew about Las Vegas!

Snappy Casual — Help Me Pick an Outfit

10 Jan

So my work Christmas Party is actually happening next week…  It’s now a “Winter Celebration”.  Anyway, the invite for the party says the dress code is Snappy Casual, which has caused a lot of talk around what the heck that means, and who the heck came up with that term anyway.

Then, a few weeks after all the buzz on Snappy Casual, someone posted flyers with avatars modeling different outfits that would meet the definition of Snappy Casual and they are FUNNY.  I have been drooling at getting electronic copies of these for so long, as I just HAD to share with all of you the outfit options…

Which outfit should I wear?  I love how the women options range from cocktail dress to tank top with slacks. It looks like a matching hand bag is necessary as well, don’t you think?


And now, we need to choose an outfit for JB.  I’m leaning towards the pink shirt combo…


I sent the male image to JB, and his response was, “so I have to look gay to go to your party?”

Tehe.  I’ll let you know what we come up with.

The Prince Has No Pants

6 Jan

Little Miss received a gift for Christmas that included a miniature Sleeping Beauty and a Prince.  A Prince!  She was thrilled with the prince, saying, “I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Prince!”  She then had to immediately stand and twirl with him.  And then she wanted to take off his pants.  She put him in the kitchen, because don’t you know, princes eat without pants on.

She never wanted to put his pants back on, despite numerous offers to put his pants back on from me.  We had to laugh when we’d find the Prince in bed in her new doll house with no pants with one of the princesses.  Then one day, he was on the doll house couch on the roof (I guess he had been banished) without his pants.  She then wanted to sleep with the pantsless prince.  As you can imagine, this gave her parents endless fodder of jokes between the two of us. 

And then the prince went missing.  He was missing about a week, and the whole time, he had no pants.  Can you believe we had some pantsless pervert prince in our house and we didn’t know where he was?!  There was constant talk about how the prince was lost without his pants.  But last night, I finally found the pantsless prince.  He was under a bed in the doll house.  Pervert. 

Anyway, when Little Miss awoke this morning, I told her I had found the Prince, and she was elated.  And she finally wanted to put pants on him.  So I’m proud to say that the Prince is now decent again, and well accounted for.

Blog-vacation Over

2 Jan

Well, hello there. Anyone still reading this? Sorry for the silence. I guess a summary post is called for…

On Christmas Eve, Little Miss and I did the final grocery shopping and errands in preparation for my in-laws’ arrival. JB, Little Miss and I went to church at 6. That day, we had purchased The Grinch That Stole Christmas (the classic version), and JB made the mistake of telling Little Miss right before church started that we’d go home and watch the Grinch after church. She then decided she wanted to leave RIGHT THEN, and when the congregation was quiet, she said loudly, “I WANT TO WATCH THE GINCH” (ginch is how she pronounces it). They had a cute pageant, and the Mary and Joseph actors sat right in front of us. At one point, Mary turned around and handed the Baby Jesus baby doll to Little Miss, which had her floored that she was holding BABY JESUS!!!

The in-laws showed at the airport without a hitch, right as a huge storm arrived. We had a crazy white Christmas with almost a foot of snow at our house. It snowed all Christmas Day, and was lovely. Growing up in New Mexico, this was a true novelty to me. Little Miss got a doll house from Santa. She had asked for a castle, and I specifically chose a doll house because I didn’t want to encourage the princess thing… Ha! She immediately called the doll house a castle, and got multiple princess barbies for Christmas, so the princess thing is rampant in our house. Oh well, the kid is happy.

She got a baby doll that she promptly named Baby Jesus. When asked what her favorite gift was for Christmas, she said, “Baby Jesus!” Highly appropriate if you ask me.  She also got a dress, which she changed into immediately.  She then had to twirl in her dress with every present she received.  How did I, the former Tom Boy, end up with such a girly girl?!


The day after Christmas, JB and I went out to enjoy the 2 feet of new snow at Kirkwood. The powder was awesome. On our way there, we had to make a pit stop at the coldest outhouse ever. Seriously. Look.



We had to tromp through four feet of snow to get to it, and the door was snowed open, and snow was piled up inside.  But it was a truly needed stop!!!

On Saturday, I went snow shoeing with my sister-in-law, CB.  We had a lovely time, and even though it was foggy, we saw a great sunset.  It was a treat for a girl from New York City. 


That night, my parents came over, and it was the first time since our wedding 4 years ago that my parents had been in the same room as JB’s parents.  It was a good reunion, and free entertainment was provided by my two nieces and Little Miss.


On Sunday, we did a scenic drive to Lake Tahoe, but I didn’t take any pictures.  Monday, we did a late Christmas celebration of sorts with my parents and brother’s family.  It was an extra treat to get to see my parents.  Otherwise, this week has been quiet.  We had a horribly dull, adult New Years, where we stayed in and I read a book while JB researched how to use his new espresso maker online.  We spent New Year’s Day lounging at home.  Original plans were to go skiing, but we were just tired and were a bit spoiled by multiple powder days lately.  So, we lounged in pjs until about noon, and then I took Little Miss to the park.  Last night we went out for sushi (yum), and now, here I am, one of the lone soldiers in the office on Friday.

I hope you all had lovely holidays as well.