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Ditch Day Postponed

19 Dec

JB and I were all set to put Little Miss in daycare and jet off to Kirkwood this morning, but this most recent storm came with really strong winds. If I learned anything about Kirkwood last year, it’s that they close down the good lifts pretty quick in a storm. So, we’re going to wait until tomorrow (along with the crowds).

I think ditch day will be postponed until next week. We both think it’s a brilliant idea to take advantage of pre-paid childcare so that we can ski together. Happy Friday!

Wild Ride

17 Dec

Wow, I can’t imagine how scary this must have been:

WHISTLER, B.C. — What was to be a day of fun and skiing turned into a terrifying ordeal for those jolted and then left stranded when a gondola tower collapsed. Read entire article.

Hot dog!

16 Dec

FIFTY EIGHT INCHES OF SNOW FELL AT KIRKWOOD IN THIS STORM! More snow expected this weekend! I’m so excited I can hardly type!


To Big Girl Bed or Not

15 Dec

I have a confession to make. My almost three year old still sleeps in a crib. Why? Well, my cautious child has not even thought once of climbing out, and I find it is very convenient when she is fighting bedtime or a nap.

JB on the other hand, thinks that Little Miss is ready for a big girl bed. Mainly because he has this vision (that I find hilarious) of her getting herself up from her big girl bed in the morning, getting some milk from the fridge, and then quietly reading a book while we sleep in. (Pausing so that you can all laugh with me.)

Anyway, last night, Little Miss was really fighting bedtime. I usually let her talk to herself and play in her crib uninterrupted, and she’ll eventually fall asleep. For some reason, last night, JB decided it was time to take action… That making her bed more of a big girl bed would somehow (magically) make her fall asleep. So at about 10pm, he takes off the front slat to her crib, and tells her she now has a big girl bed.

She of course starts crying because, “Daddy broke my bed.”

She didn’t want to sleep in a broken bed, so he offers up our guest Queen sized bed. Which of course, didn’t have bedding on it. In an effort not to contradict him, I made up the darn bed and put her in it. A few minutes later, she was wandering around downstairs. I then put her back in her bed, stayed with her for a few minutes, and went downstairs. A few minutes later, I hear a car race track of hers through the baby monitor, and go up to find she has turned the lights on and is playing, now at 10:30 at night.

At about 11:00, I tell JB to go fix her bed already, and we put her down the now intact crib, and she’s asleep in minutes.

Last night’s fiasco now has me dreading moving her to a big girl bed. Which will have to happen soon, as she will soon be too darn tall for a crib. Do any of you have advice on how to help with this transition?

Dear Santa

15 Dec

How thoughtful of you to fulfill my Christmas wish for snow a week early. Would it be extremely selfish of me to as for MORE? Pretty please? I have visions of skiing the pow-pow dancing in my head…


First snow storm of the year

Backyard fountain covered in snow

Dear Santa

10 Dec

All I want this year for Christmas is some snow. A lot of snow. The bare ski slopes have me depressed. I have new skis, a new ski outfit, and two season passes all begging to be used.



Good Deed for the Day

9 Dec

While at the gym today on the treadmill, there was a young man with Downs Syndrome next to me. He was walking pretty slowly, and leaning on the display. I didn’t pay much attention until I noticed he started going faster and faster, and next thing I know, he is holding himself up on the display as his feet dragged on the treadmill. He didn’t know that he was leaning on the SPEED button.

Thankfully, I caught on to the issue quickly (despite running pretty fast and blaring my iPod), and I reached over and hit the emergency stop button on his treadmill. The poor guy was scared to death. I hate to think what would have happened if no one was there or thought to do the same.