October-November Pics

20 Nov

Sorry I’ve been slacking.  Only excuse is I don’t have much to say…

Took Little Miss to the grocery store tonight, where she turned into poltergeist child and started throwing a fit, which included chucking a can of green beans out of the cart and screaming at me, “NO I WILL NOT STOP YELLING AT YOU.”  I went through the store doing my best to ignore her tantrum and the looks of bystandards, and when we got in line at the checkout as a last resort, I asked her, “do you need a hug?”

She did.  Tantrum over.  Had no idea this one would be so easy to stop.

(And to you people out there without children:  if someone gets in the line behind you to pay at the grocery store with a child having a melt down, PLEASE let them go ahead of you.  I wanted to strangle the lady ahead of me that didn’t show that courtesy, and then held up the express lane for 5 minutes with a price check.)

Here are the pics I promised:

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