Written On a High from Seattle Coffee….

4 Nov

I think my life is on fast forward right now, and my blog is suffering.  I have tons of pics to post from Pumpkin Patches (did 3 visits) to Halloween, but that will have to wait until I return from Seattle, where I sit right now.

I’m meeting in a building in downtown Bellevue, on the 11th floor with an amazing view of Belleview and Seattle.  If you could just get rid of the layer of clouds, I’d love it here.

Halloween was full of princess fun.  Little Miss picked out a “snow princess” costume, which I told her was Cinderella, as the Cinderella Disney costumes were overpriced pieces of you know what.  Anyway, she spent the day with her cousins, one of which was also Cinderella (Little Miss had a blue dress, my niece had a pink one).  The parade of princesses was adorable.  I took the two Cinderellas (pronounced Cinderwella by Little Miss) to my work for cubicle trick or treating, and we joined my sister in law and both nieces for trick or treating in their neighborhood.  The girls were thrilled with all of the candy. 

We pretty much avoided our neighborhood until 8pm, as it is out of control on Halloween…  All of the streets in our neighborhood were lined with cars on both sides from people driving into our area, and the streets were so crowded with rowdy teenagers that you can hardly drive.  Oh, and they are RUDE.  I put a bowl full of candy on the porch around 8, and it was gone within 5 min.  No one seemed to want the snack packs of pretzels I put out.  Anyway, thankfully no vandalism to our house due to our absence for most of the night.

Back to my business trip, I have two long days of meetings, but the reward is staying in a super nice hotel (Westin — love that Heavenly Bed) and dinner tonight at a wine bar and we’re doing a cooking class at the Culinary Institute tomorrow night for our dinner.  Yum.

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