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Viva Nuevo Mexico

24 Nov

You know you’re in New Mexico when you can order green chili on your pizza.


Small Boat Advisory

20 Nov

Back in October, my brother and hubby did the Xterra Triathlon up at North Lake Tahoe.  The day of the race, the water was so rough that all small boats were ordered off the lake and the swim part of the triathlon was cancelled.  I just remembered that I never posted the below pics, which show that when there is a small boat advisory on Lake Tahoe THEY ARE SO NOT KIDDING.



October-November Pics

20 Nov

Sorry I’ve been slacking.  Only excuse is I don’t have much to say…

Took Little Miss to the grocery store tonight, where she turned into poltergeist child and started throwing a fit, which included chucking a can of green beans out of the cart and screaming at me, “NO I WILL NOT STOP YELLING AT YOU.”  I went through the store doing my best to ignore her tantrum and the looks of bystandards, and when we got in line at the checkout as a last resort, I asked her, “do you need a hug?”

She did.  Tantrum over.  Had no idea this one would be so easy to stop.

(And to you people out there without children:  if someone gets in the line behind you to pay at the grocery store with a child having a melt down, PLEASE let them go ahead of you.  I wanted to strangle the lady ahead of me that didn’t show that courtesy, and then held up the express lane for 5 minutes with a price check.)

Here are the pics I promised:

One Up, One Down

11 Nov

Little Miss started at her new in-home daycare yesterday.  Being a typical Mom, I was overthinking things, and actually didn’t sleep very well on Sunday night, as I was debating if I had made the right choice, and was wondering how the transition would go.

I cleared my calendar at work in the morning so that I could stay with her until she was comfortable.  I didn’t want anything to be rushed in the transition.  We walked in, and Little Miss was soon giving two hugs to Mary Poppins (code name for our daycare provider).  I chatted with Mary P. for a few minutes, and then Little Miss looks up at me and says, “go to work, Mom.”

It really took me by surprise.  Part of me feels like my baby is growing up.  Maybe it’s a sign that she’ll like this place better.  And of course, there was also the maternal guilt that kicked in that she is so used to me leaving her during the day that it is expected.

The day went well at Mary Poppins’ house.  They played with play dough, and Mary’s 6 year old daughter took Little Miss under her wing, and played dress up with her and rode bikes with her.  I think this is going to go well. 

What isn’t going well is swimming lessons.  After two months of participating in weekly grossly over-priced swim lessons, Little Miss has made nary any progress.  At most lessons, she screams and cries, and I’ve begun to think I’m doing more harm than good at this point.  Last night, the second I told her we were going to swim lessons, she burst out in tears, and I had to bribe her to even go.  I filled out our withdrawl form last night, but unfortunately, we’re still obligated for one more month (2 lessons of which we’ll be out of town, and no make up lessons are allowed). 

If only I had the capital to open up my own lessons business…  These people have such a hold on the market that some competition would do them good.

I think we’ll take up swim lessons again in the Spring.  I’m hoping that by then, Little Miss will decide swimming can be fun and will want to do it.

As for the weekend, we had JB’s parents in town, and Little Miss just thrived under her doting grandparents’ attention.  We ate some great food (mmm…  sushi), and JB and I even got a quick date to the Chocolate Bar, where I paired port wine with a truffle (YUM). 

We’re starting to get snow in the mountains, so I’m hoping to be skiing soon!

Oh, that reminds me…  I went to the UNR Ski Swap this weekend and got Little Miss skis, boots and a helmet.  It’s amazing how much they can charge for used, crappy equipment.  Anyway, when I tried to put a helmet on her head, she started screaming, “I DON’T WANT TO GO SKIING TODAY”, which was just lovely.  JB has proclaimed that she’ll be just as miserable with skiing as she has been with swimming, but I have hope that it will be better…  I really don’t have plans to do much skiing with her this year, I just want to introduce her to it, and have something to do with her when we’re switching off skiing.

The words of my sister in law have been echoing in my head…  She said that Little Miss is an individual, and I have to respect that (or words to that effect).  Perhaps this is God’s way of telling me not to shove my favorite activities down her throat and let her choose what she will excel in.  That’s fine and all, but she’ll definitely have to do her time at the ski slopes and at the lakes in the summers, as that is just what we do as a family!

Enough rambling.  More later.

I’m All Out of Love

5 Nov

I am getting old.  Last night, I was happily asleep in my Heavenly Bed at the Westin until 1am, when a party erupted in the room next door.  Some woman was belting out Air Supply’s “I’m all out of love” and there was loud talking and laughing and OMG, I was pissed.  After about a half an hour of this, I called the hotel front desk, who sent security to the room.

I hear security come by and tell them to be quiet, and as soon as they were gone, the party raged on with more rousing 80s tunes.  I turned on the TV trying to drown it out.  I was miserable.  I banged on the wall a few times…  And after another hour of this, I called security a second time, who assured me that the ‘unregistered guests’ in the room had been escorted out.  I asked for ear plugs, but they didn’t have any (mental note to travel with those from now on).

I don’t function well on lack of sleep.  And I was so pissed that by the time the party died down at like 2:30am, I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I was very tempted to bang on their door this morning to show them how it feels to be woken up.

So here is the kicker…  I meet up with a co-worker this morning to walk to our meeting together, and I tell her how I’m low on sleep because there was a party in the room next door, and she busts up laughing…  Come to find out, that room was full of three of my co-workers (good God, it sounded like 30).  The girl belting out 80s tunes at 2am?  One of my good friends.  And evidently SHE called security on me because I was banging on the wall. 

I don’t know how she does it.  That co-worker, who had to be sloused last night, is leading today’s seminar, and she is chipper as can be.  Meanwhile, I was sober and just a grumpy old woman, and I’m dragging. 

It sucks getting old.

Oh, and my partying friend?!  She’s like 10 years older than me.  I guess it’s all a state of mind.

Written On a High from Seattle Coffee….

4 Nov

I think my life is on fast forward right now, and my blog is suffering.  I have tons of pics to post from Pumpkin Patches (did 3 visits) to Halloween, but that will have to wait until I return from Seattle, where I sit right now.

I’m meeting in a building in downtown Bellevue, on the 11th floor with an amazing view of Belleview and Seattle.  If you could just get rid of the layer of clouds, I’d love it here.

Halloween was full of princess fun.  Little Miss picked out a “snow princess” costume, which I told her was Cinderella, as the Cinderella Disney costumes were overpriced pieces of you know what.  Anyway, she spent the day with her cousins, one of which was also Cinderella (Little Miss had a blue dress, my niece had a pink one).  The parade of princesses was adorable.  I took the two Cinderellas (pronounced Cinderwella by Little Miss) to my work for cubicle trick or treating, and we joined my sister in law and both nieces for trick or treating in their neighborhood.  The girls were thrilled with all of the candy. 

We pretty much avoided our neighborhood until 8pm, as it is out of control on Halloween…  All of the streets in our neighborhood were lined with cars on both sides from people driving into our area, and the streets were so crowded with rowdy teenagers that you can hardly drive.  Oh, and they are RUDE.  I put a bowl full of candy on the porch around 8, and it was gone within 5 min.  No one seemed to want the snack packs of pretzels I put out.  Anyway, thankfully no vandalism to our house due to our absence for most of the night.

Back to my business trip, I have two long days of meetings, but the reward is staying in a super nice hotel (Westin — love that Heavenly Bed) and dinner tonight at a wine bar and we’re doing a cooking class at the Culinary Institute tomorrow night for our dinner.  Yum.