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In the Spirit of the World Series

29 Oct

A video of Little Miss’s latest trick.

Meme… Or What to Post When You Don’t Have Much Else To Say

24 Oct

Ten years ago I…

  1. Was 23
  2. Was living in Berkeley, Michigan (Detroit suburb) and dating casually
  3. Was working for General Motors
  4. Was attending grad school at Wayne State University
  5. Had a cat named Gato

5 things on today’s to-do list . . .

  1. Strength training workout
  2. Get Little Miss’s “Well Child” form signed by her doctor
  3. Harrass my IT Help Desk about fixing my computer (the dinosaur is killing me)
  4. Determine if I’m doing a date night babysitting swap with my sister in law
  5. Make dinner (chicken breast wrapped around asparagus and cheese


5 snacks I enjoy . . .

  1. Almonds
  2. Apples
  3. Protein bar/protein shake
  4. Yogurt
  5. String cheese

5 things I would do if I were a millionnaire . . .

  1. Quit my job so that I could spend more time with Little Miss
  2. Start my own business of a pool in South Reno
  3. Volunteer
  4. Buy my parents and in-laws houses nearby
  5. Buy a sports car (still miss my Trans Am)
  6. Travel the world with my family

5 places I have lived . . .

  1. Albuquerque, NM
  2. Las Cruces, NM
  3. Fremont, CA
  4. Southeast MI (Southgate and Berkeley)
  5. Reno, NV

5 jobs I have had . . .

  1. Swim instructor/Swim Coach
  2. Lifeguard/Lifeguard supervisor
  3. District Sales Manager
  4. Internet Marketing Manager/Director
  5. Program Manager

Inspired by Krisalis.

Daycare Drama

22 Oct

So a few of you know that I had two openings come up on daycare lists within the past week.  When the first one came up — a list I had been on for two years — I was having a lot of qualms making the decision.  I literally lost sleep, as I could weigh the pros and cons of each, and it seemed to be a wash, but with daycare lists being so crazy, it is rare that you actually have a choice.

And then, to my surprise, I got a call from an in-home care provider yesterday, one I had been on her list for six months.  I have always been wary of in-home care providers, but the second I walked into her house yesterday, I had a sense of calm and knew this is what I’ve been looking for

The care provider, we’ll call her Mary Poppins, as she kind of exudes that magical likability, is this adorable mid-thirties woman with bright sparkling eyes and a warming smile.  She is super sharp, and I could tell that she would be much more stimulating for my daughter than the daycare workers we’ve experienced, who tend to be young girls without much direction in life.  And her husband is a sherrif…

The house was immaculent, with a nice backyard, where the kids can play a majority of the day, and experience all of the weather — from rain to snow, to pool/splash days in the backyard.  Our current facility limits outdoor time if the weather seems at all imclement, and I always felt bad for Little Miss being trapped inside for weeks at a time in the winter.  So after a week of laboring over a decision between two daycares, I made the decision within minutes that this would be Little Miss’s new place during the week.  And I think she agrees, as she said, “I’m never going back to *daycare name* again” as we drove away.

Back to Mary Poppins, though, she is a health nut that provides all the food for the children.  You don’t know how much time that will save me, and it is so nice not to have to struggle with the sugary food that is made available at my current daycare.  The kids get a hot, homemade breakfast of waffles, pancakes or eggs every morning, and they’ll occasionally make cookies together…  I tell you….  MARY POPPINS.  The cookies are a special treat, instead of a daily regimine. 

I’ll turn in my 2 week notice at our current facility today…  Which doesn’t seem daunting to most of you, but it’s a pretty big decision in such a competitive market for childcare.  Anyway, I’m going with my gut on this one, and my gut hasn’t steered me wrong many times.

Run, Run as Fast as You Can

22 Oct

OK, I finally have time to write about my first 10K.  I know for many people, a 10K is child’s play (like my brother, sister in law and hubby).  For me, though, it was a big accomplishment.  I started running for fitness at about 19, where I would repeatedly run 2 miles at a time (not including my record setting 2 week track career in high school, ended early by shin splints). 

I have done many 5K runs, which always seemed like a REALLY long run for me, and I remember going out before the race to run 3 miles, to make sure I could actually complete the race.  Last Fall, I began trail running, which reinvigorated my running, and I found I was able to start increasing my mileage, gradually.  I set my New Year’s Resolution this year (yes, I had just ONE) to run a 10K by the end of the year.  In the winter, I was plagued by colds or aching joints, etc., but this Fall, I’ve been able to break through those issues to do my first 10K.  It was a big mental barrier for me, as I never believed I was built for running, or that I could run much farther than 3 miles, much less double that.

The race was early Sunday morning.  I had been having asthma issues when I ran the prior week, so I doped myself up with Singulair and multiple hits to my inhaler.  JB went with me, and we met up with a friend of mine who was visiting from Colorado.  I kept telling my friend that I run slow, and to not feel like she needed to stay with me, but we both got into chatting, and she stayed with me for 3 miles.  During those 3 miles, I was definitely pushing at a faster pace than I would have without her, and she was running much slower than her normal pace.  Anyway, at 3 miles, she decided to break away, and I turned up the iPod and got into my normal running pace.

The race was sponsored by my company, with 50 of my co-workers volunteering, so every mile or so, there would be a rest station with a bunch of my co-workers cheering, which I think made me push harder, as you don’t want to look like you’re hurting in front of your co-workers! 

The race was at Damonte High School, which backs up to the Virginia Mountains, where wild horses frequently graze.  They made an announcement prior to the start that there could be wild horses on the course, and to watch out for horse dung.  And what do you know — I saw many piles of horse poop, but the majority were on the sidewalk…  I thought it funny that the horses have been using the sidewalks.

The race was rather uneventful.  I ran with inhaler in hand, but luckily didn’t have to hit on it.  As I came to the finish, I saw a 10 year old boy running beside me for the last 50 yards.  I looked over and said, “race ya”, and we sprinted into the finish.  Now I’m not much of a sprinter, so he was pulling ahead, but slowed down right before the finish line, where I then sprinted past and said, “shouldn’t have stopped”!  I’m sure he told his parents about the old lady that beat him.  I’m hoping the race photographer caught that, as I think it’d be a really funny picture.

So, I’m proud of breaking down my mental and physical barriers, but know that I’m still on the beginner end of the spectrum of running.  My average pace was 10:45 per mile, and the woman that won my age group, well she was doing 5:45 per mile.  But hey, it felt good, and I have two more 10Ks planned before the end of the year, with the goal to break an hour, shaving at least 6 minutes off my time.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a half marathon in my future.  I’ll keep you posted with that!

So Sad

20 Oct

My shiny new computer that I got last month died.  Now I’m back on the machine I call “The Beast”, and I’ve been watching it clock all day long.

But the good news is that I finished the 10K!  More on that later…  Must try to get work done on this dinosaur of a computer…

American League Championship Conversation

17 Oct

Here is the conversation that happend in our house last night:

JB:  THE RED SOCKS WON!  IT WAS THE BIGGEST POST SEASON UPSET IN OVER 80 YEARS!  blah blah blah blah blah blah blah……….  *insert about 5 minutes of excited chatter here*

LB: (after seeing a blurb on ESPN about the game) THEY HAVE  A PLAYER NAMED COCO CRISP?!!!!!!  Seriously?!  Coco Crisp?

Sorry, but I find that much more entertaining.  That’s even worse than Ocho Cinco.

Second Best Day of Work EVER

16 Oct

I’m back from spending yesterday at the Squaw Valley Ropes Course.  It was AWESOME.  So awesome that I’ll call it my second best day of work, as the first best day was our ski day at Squaw a few years back.

Anyhow, we were split into groups, and my group decided I’d be the first person to climb.  We were harnessed in, and then a man offered to be my belay…  He was a tiny man who was LITERALLY FROM ETHIOPIA.  I told him, “I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to make you fly when I try to rapel down.”  He argued with me, saying he was sure he weighed more than me, and I had to be adament…  I didn’t want to be the person that made the Ethiopian launch 5 feet off the ground!

Anyway, I did four of the courses..  The first one was a wire bridge, which was really easy.  The next one was a climb up a 200 foot (at least) tree.  It was like my childhood fantasies come true.  I was so happy to keep climbing and climbing, and then you ring a bell when you reach the top.  Another fun one was climbing up a telephone pole, then standing on top and jumping to catch a trapeze.  The standing on the telephone pole got me so worked up with adrenaline that my hands got sweaty and I fell right off that trapeze when I caught it.

So here are my pictures.  Wow.  So cool.  I’m totally taking people up there next summer with me!

(I used the multiple upload tool in WordPress, and it evidently didn’t like two of my pics, and then doesn’t provide a way for me to delete them…  Sorry for the broken images below.  Each picture can be expanded if you click on them.)