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I Was Part of A World Record

26 Sep

Forgot to mention that I was part of the Paper Airplane world record attempt last week at our company meeting.  Here is the video:

Random Thoughts for a Friday

26 Sep

Sorry I’ve been mum this week.  I’ve started 3 posts and then aborted when I got pulled in another direction…  Here are my random thoughts today:

1.  Got my hair cut yesterday…  As typical, I raced across town after getting off work at 5 for a 5:15 appointment, and then had my hair dresser do a rush 20 minute cut so that I could get back across town by 6 to pick up Little Miss.  In the rush of things, she asked if I wanted the same cut as last time (3 months ago), and I said yes.  Evidently, she remembered cutting my hair WAY shorter than reality.  Totally unintentially, I now have officially short hair.  It’s like an inch long in the back, which is freaking me out a bit.  This morning, Little Miss was playing with my hair, and said, “Mommy got a hair cut.  You look like a Mom.”  And I had to cringe.  Is my 2 year old telling me I now have the stereotypical “Mom Cut”?!  The growing out starts today…

2. I received a new CD in the mail yesterday that I am totally digging.  It is Bossa And Roses, and they do remakes of popular 80s songs into a really chill, groovy sound.  I discovered them in an airport gift shop in Seattle, where I had to just stand in the store to hear more of the CD.  The store wanted $24 for the CD.  Got it off Amazon for $8.  I heart Amazon.

3.  I did my 8K last weekend, and was proud to have met my two goals of running the entire race (no stopping or walking) and a time under 1 hour.  I was walking on air afterwards, starting to contemplate a half marathon…  That is until I got the race results, and I placed 998th.  *cringe* 

4.  We went to Tahoe last weekend to get one last swim in there, as the water temp is dropping fast.  We showed up Sunday afternoon, and the water was the roughest I had ever seen it, complete with white caps and what seemed like 10 foot waves.  We donned wet suits (alternating to stay with Little Miss), and I fought those waves for a mere 20 minutes before giving up.  The water would pull back, exposing huge rocks below, and then the waves would crash down and send you sailing…  As I was swimming, a thought crossed my mind that these are the types of situations where people DIE, and I made the smart choice to head back to shore and my sweet little family.  Farewell, dear Tahoe.  I’ll swim in you again next year.

4.  For my birthday, JB gave me a book about an open water swimmer, Swimming To Antartica by Lynn Cox.  After watching the open water swimming event in the Olympics, I had doubts that the book would be interesting, but I’ve found it fascinating.  The author would look for swims that hadn’t been done, and would swim with no wet suit for long distances (over 20 miles), and sometimes shorter distances in 34 degree water past iceburgs and breaking ice with her strokes.  Makes my open water swimming jaunts seem like child’s play.  (But did inspire me to hop right into Tahoe and brave those waves last weekend).

5.  I’m lizard sitting this weekend for a 2 month old bearded dragon named Yoda.  Must go over and feed it 10 crickets.  That should be interesting!

6.  No real plans for the weekend.  It is beautiful weather here, and am hoping to get in a swim or bike ride (with Little Miss’s new trailer attached to my road bike).  Oh yeah, and some extra sleep.  That’s always nice.


Picture of a Girl Who Didn’t Eat Her Dinner, and then Didn’t Get Dessert

23 Sep

Compatibility View

22 Sep

Nice…  So IE8 has a “compatability view”, which enables me to write on my blog in WordPress while in IE8.

Get on Your Feet

20 Sep

Fun.  I upgraded to Internet Explore 8 Beta, and although it is really cool, it doesn’t work with Word Press yet, as Word Press won’t become compliant until it is in its final release…  So off to downgrade I go (typing this on my home PC with IE7), as I can’t blog from my work PC now.

I went to Seattle for a day trip yesterday for our company meeting.  This wasn’t just any meeting, people.  It was attended by 20,500 people, was at Safeco Field in Seattle, was hosted by Dwight from the Office (aka Rainn Wilson), featured pyrotechnics and break dancers, and the grand finale was our CEO running around like a mad man and getting a reception fit for a rock star.  (He and that video just make me smile…  Such a contrast to the up-tight CEO I was used to at General Motors.)

Yeah, I work for a pretty cool company.  I’m a PC. (Did you see the new ad campaign?)

Anyway, tomorrow is my first running race of the season — the 8K Journal Jog (4.9 miles).  The packet pickup was insane tonight, so I’m anticipating a ton of people.  Fingers crossed that it goes well!

I Should Have Known Better

15 Sep

I was trying to come up with an image to include in a meeting invite for a Post-Mortem meeting. I should have known better than to do an image search for post mortem. The results are just plain disturbing

Joys of Working in a Cubicle Environment

15 Sep

You share a lot with people when you work in cubicles. Sometimes too much.

About 20 feet from me sits a guy we all have dubbed Nose Blower Guy (NBG for short). About once every 30 minutes, he blows his nose so loud, so HONKINGLY loud, that it literally makes me shudder. It is disgusting (as he just did it again, timing is uncanny). There are at least 10 of my office mates that talk about him — he bothers us all. It is distracting and gross.

Problem is none of us really KNOW the guy, so we don’t feel comfortable talking to him about this annoying habit. So, one of my friends asked his boss to intervene. That didn’t work. Last week, another friend kidnapped his tissue box (which she put on my desk for some reason, and I’m afraid to touch it), and in its place, left a note saying, “please blow your nose in the restroom. thanks!”

That didn’t work. Now we’re debating new tactics. I know, it’s strange, but I tell you, you hear about 5 people groan each time he does it, and the man is oblivious, and keeps honking his nose as LOUD and as often as he can.

A friend of mine has a guy she calls the “nose whistler” sitting on the other side of her cube wall. It bugs her like Chinese water torture. Luckily, I am able to block that noise out with headphones, but the Nose Blower Guy, well, he comes through loud and clear, no matter how loud I have my music cranked up.

Anyone else have a good shared workspace story to share?