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You Know What Really Chaps My Hide?

28 Aug

Now that it is summer, I regularly get peeved by the cute young things that come to the gym just to sunbathe in their bikinis.  (I know, something my male readers couldn’t understand.)  I workout HARD every time I go to the gym.  I have a trainer that regularly kicks my butt.  I bust my butt in spin class, on the treadmill, and I swim really hard when I work out in the pool.

It just doesn’t seem fair that when they go to the gym, all they do is slather on tanning oil and lay in their oh so perfect bodies.  I workout hard enough to deserve a body like that, darnit!  It’s just not fair!

The Root of My Success

27 Aug

I got a kick out of this snippet from the Reno Gazette Journal this week:

Curly hair advantage

It might be time to give the straightening iron a rest. According to a story last week on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” employers are more likely to hire a woman with curly hair. A behavioral study found that woman with curls are considered self-starters, low maintenance and trustworthy compared to their flat locked peers.”

I love it! I knew there was a reason I wasn’t putting out the effort to straighten my hair all these years! (Besides not wanting to take the time to do so.)

On My List of Things I Don’t Want To Hear

26 Aug

Here is yet another quote from my 2.5 year old that I don’t want to hear again:

“I poop on my foot!”

I had no idea poop on the potty was such a challenging feat.

An Exercise in Deliberate Bad Taste

25 Aug

You know it’s a slow news day when the headline of the local paper is “Beware of the lure of casino carpets“.  But it does bring to light something I’ve always pondered — why do those carpets have to be so tacky and awful?

My favorite quote from the article: “Casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble,” David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wrote in an essay.

They also mentioned that the hideous designs don’t show dirt, spilled drinks and cigarette burns easily.

What entertained me the most about the article was the man mentioned that has made it his hobby to take pictures of casino carpet, and numerous pictures were featured in the paper.  Unfortunately, those aren’t in the online article, but here is a LiveSearch of Casino Carpet Images.  Just in case you’re bored…


25 Aug

With another birthday looming, it was comforting today to be told my Real Age is only 28.7.  Phew! Here’s to reverse aging!  How old are you?

Edited to add: Great, my brother that is 7 years older than me has a RealAge of 28, so now I’m not so proud of my 28.7.

We Went to the Potty 20 Times, But I Still Ended Up With a Turd on my Stairs

25 Aug

Ah, it’s Monday again.  As you can tell from the title of this post, we’re back in the groove with potty training.  Things seemed to click for Little Miss while we were camping last weekend (much thanks to her older cousin setting the example), so I sent her to daycare last Monday in underwear…  When I picked her up, she was in the same clothes — no accidents!

It was a huge breakthrough, as she has the pee thing down pat.  The poop thing, well that continues to elude her.  As an example, yesterday we went to Lake Tahoe with my brother and his family.  I’d be lounging on the beach relaxing when Little Miss would announce, “I poop on the potty!”  So, I’d pretend to be excited, would get up, and walk the 300 yards (of sand, mind you), I’d strip down her swimsuit, put her on the toilet, and nothing would happen…  So then I’d get her dressed, walk her back to the beach, would sit down to relax, and then she’d announce, “I poop on the potty!”

And the whole process would repeat.  I swear we did this five times at the beach, and the last time, I put her in a diaper, as I was sick of this game.  When we got home, she announced again, “I poop on the potty”, so we went to the potty, took off the diaper…  And nothing happened…  I then tried to put a diaper back on her (because she’d been talking about poop for 2 hours, I knew it was coming), but she ran from me screaming “no diaper”, and she ran up the stairs.  Not two minutes later, she proclaims, “I poop”, and a huge turd dropped down onto my stairs.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggh.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about poop this much on my blog, but well, I thought my readers would get a good laugh out of my predicament. 

Anyway, we had a lovely date night on Friday, including all you can eat sushi (and I ATE), and then we went to the KT Tunstall concert.  KT rocked the house, and JB and I didn’t even bother finding our seats, as we found space at the back with a much better view, and we danced the whole time.  I especially loved hearing the song that makes me think of Little Miss, Suddenly I See

Have a great week!

Women’s 10K Open Water Swim

20 Aug

OK, admittedly after watching this, open water swimming doesn’t make for the best TV.  BUT, watching the Olympic open water swim is good on your computer, as you can jump through to the good parts really easily.

This is for any of you nutty people like me that are interested in watching the women’s 10K Open Water Swimming event.

View the video on MSN