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She Likes Her New Hat

30 Jun

So the potty training…  It isn’t going so well.  Photographic evidence:

I decided to go “cold turkey” on diapers this weekend, as Little Miss seemed to be inspired by her cousins that we visited last week in Maryland.  We went to the store, and I made a big fuss about buying her big girl underwear, and then we came home, and I cleaned up pee off the floor the rest of the day.  (Except for the times she peed outside and I took the hose to her).

Last night, I had to bribe her with an M&M to even sit on the potty.  I left for a second, and came back to the scene above.  Perhaps that’s a sign that she’s just not ready.

Now THAT is Impressive

19 Jun

Just last night, I watched the show about Jenny Masche, who had sextuplets a year ago (the show was OMG! Sextuplets! on the WE Network).  This morning, I see a news clip online that she just ran a marathon.  Here is the article.  Good golly, that is impressive!  She mentions that while she was recovering from heart failure during her C-section birth that she would dream of running again.  I understand how she was feeling, as I literally had dreams of running while I was recovering from my C-section.  It was so strange to go from being a strong, athletic person to being someone who couldn’t sit up, stand up, or get into bed by myself.  I dreamed of running and swimming butterfly.

I’ve had my eyes set on running a 10K this year.  I’ve been striving for it for months, and just as I’m making great strides in my running, it seems that I manage to get sick, which knocks me back again in my training.  But good golly — that woman just did a marathon after having sextuplets!  I just can’t phathom the idea.  Perhaps it is because I’m just not built for running, but keep pursuing it anyway.

For Breakfast: Sugar with a side of Saturated Fat

19 Jun

This article about a woman injuring her eye while trying on thong underwear was the talk in the coffee room this morning at work.  I have to admit I got a chuckle out of it.  We pondered the logistics of hurting your eye while trying on underwear a bit, which was a conversation that HR would have cringed at, but it was entertaining at least.

I have had one rant this week…  It has to due with Pot Luck lunches at daycare.  Little Miss’ daycare has these at least once a month.  They peeve me up front, as don’t I have enough to do now rather than cook food for a Pot Luck that I won’t even be attending?  But worse, it is what the other parents bring that is driving me batty.  For the past two Pot Lucks, parents have brought in donuts and croissants.  I’m sure it is repeat offenders that are doing this.

The first time this happened, I was so appalled (as in my kid could injest 1 week worth of fat and sugar in one sitting — woo!) that I wrote a note to the director encouraging her to ask parents to bring in healthy options for the Pot Lucks.  I mean you should see what the classroom is like on these mornings, with 12 toddlers on a sugar high.  The kids are literally bouncing off the walls.  And for now, I can tell them I don’t want my daughter eating those foods, but the day will soon come when she’ll feel really left out if she can’t eat what the other kids are eating. 

But really, who gives an entire Krispy Kreme donut to a 2 year old?!  I struggle on a daily basis to give her healthy food, and then she is surrounded all day by people who think that donuts are one of the sections on the USDA food pyramid.

I’m fine with my kid having sweets occasionally…  Cake at parties, homemade cookies, etc., but can’t we draw the line?  Do they have to have a ton of saturated fat as well?!

The daycare director called me after receiving my letter, and said she agreed whole heartedly that they don’t want to be pumping sugar and fat laden food into our kids…  But when the next pot luck came around, nothing had changed.

Do I throw up my hands in defeat?  I guess I could argue that it is only one day per month that this happens, but it goes deeper….  Like what they serve at daycare for hot lunches (fries, tater tots, etc.), and what other parents pack for their kids to eat (one kid came in with a McDonald’s sandwich for breakfast today)…  Soon my child will start coveting the food that her friends eat, right?  I wish I could find a daycare facility that encourages and enforces healthy eating habits.  I plan to teach her why we eat healthy foods, but I think a lot of it comes down to socialization.

Anyway, I know certain members of my family will hoot and holler about this, thinking it is a funny thing for me to get riled up about, but having spent a lifetime dealing with weight issues, I vow to fight to instill healthy eating habits in my daughter so that she doesn’t have to deal with the esteem issues that come along with the extra weight.  Is that such a horrible thing for a mother to do?!

Happy Father’s Day

16 Jun

What a wonderful weekend.  I spent both Saturday and Sunday afternoons on the beach of Lake Tahoe with Little Miss.  Saturday, I met a good girlfriend up there with my kayak, and we took turns kayaking (Little Miss sat on my lap and loved it), and then just relaxed for 4 hours chatting and enjoying the mild weather.

On Sunday, we went back to Sand Harbor with JB to celebrate Father’s Day.  He jumped in the water briefly, but it’s still too cold for my liking.  Hopefully after the 4th of July I’ll be able to start open water swimming in the lake, which is one of my favorite things to do. 

Here are our pictures from this fabulous weekend. 


I Know, I Suck

11 Jun

Sorry for the lack in posting.  I’m sick with a cold, and just can’t find motivation to do much above the basic daily requirements of work and motherhood.  Don’t give up on me.  As soon as I’m off the cold meds and my mind clears, I swear I’ll post something witty.  You just wait.

We Partied Like it Was 1999

4 Jun

That’s right — I have a blog!  I guess I’m supposed to update this thing, eh?!

So last weekend was the blow-out celebration of my brother’s big 4-0 birthday.  We started with wine tasting in El Dorado Wine Country on Saturday afternoon, with 7 of us piled in my brother’s Yukon (aka the poor man’s wine tasting limo).  My other brother, the one that likes beer and not wine, was our saintly designated driver.  I truly don’t know how he dealt with a truck load of winos, which included sing-alongs to 80s Hair Metal on the drive home.

I digress.  We then had a party/BBQ on Saturday night, and then on Sunday, a kickball tournament.  Let me tell you, the family kickball tournament was an ingenious idea — what a blast!!!  I hadn’t played since elementary school, and it was so fun playing with all of the kids.  Even Little Miss got in the game, running the bases with me.  The theatrics around the adults not getting the kids out were rather impressive.

So here are the pics.  Enjoy!