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You Know You’re a Rookie When

27 Mar

I showed up to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and it wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot that a light bulb went off above my head.  You know what you bring to an Easter egg hunt?!

An Easter basket!

*smacking myself in the head*

Little Miss got to do her first Easter egg hunt with a plastic grocery sack, which looked a bit WT compared to all the fancy baskets that kids were sporting because it didn’t even cross my mind to bring a basket. 

I also learned from a Mom friend that you’re supposed to practice things like this in advance, to prevent my experience of the hunt starting and my kid standing there dazed and confused.  We paid $5 to do the egg hunt, and my daughter got ONE EGG.   You know how many eggs I could have bought with $5?! 

I’m still learning about how to do this Mom thing. 

It’s Groundhog Day. Again.

27 Mar

This morning, the first word out of Little Miss’s mouth was her yelling “MOM” at the top of her lungs.  Through the baby monitor, there wasn’t any hint that she was awake until she started yelling for me, which immediately sent JB and I into laughter.  Who wakes up yelling?! 

I’ve determined that living with a toddler is a bit like living in the movie Groundhog Day.  They are creatures of habit and thrive on repetition.  For instance, our bedtime routine every night (EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT) is as follows:

1.  Read books

2.  Change into pjs, brush teeth

3.  Turn on her Noah’s Ark music box that plays “row, row, row your boat”, but as I reach for it, she yells, “row, row!”

4.  We have to get her blanket and her monkey and then rock in the dark to Row Row.  When Row Row is done, she demands, “birds”, which is another music box.

5.  I get up, put her in bed, and turn on the birds music box.  She cuddles with monkey and her blanket, and then wriggles about and demands, “back!”, as she wants me to rub her back.

6.  Before I leave the room, I ask her if she wants to be covered by a blanket.  The answer is always no.  If you try to cover her anyway she’ll have a fit. 

7.  I leave the room, close the door, and wait right outside the door, because without fail, after about 30 seconds, she will start demanding her blanket, so I go back in and cover her with a blanket.

It just cracks me up to have those same steps every night without fail.  Another example of repetition in her life is that we have the same conversations numerous times a day.  For instance, she initiates the conversations about how cars can hurt you whenever we’re in a parking lot by saying, “cars, hurter!”  And every day when I pour her milk, she wants to hold the top of her sippy cup, demanding, “I hold dat”. 

It all makes me laugh, and I know she is developing right on track.  But it’s funny, no one ever told me that this is what parenting was like.  When I was pregnant, all I could imagine was what it would be like to have a newborn.  Little did I know that in a few years, I’d be living a Groundhog like life.

Out of the Mouths Of Babes

25 Mar

My daughter has embarrassed me twice in the past week, and I have a feeling that the fun is only just beginning.

Situation #1:  In the locker room at the pool, after we had finished getting dressed.  Another woman was changing next to us, and Little Miss pointed to her and exclaimed, “boobies!”  I said, “yes, we all have boobies in here”, but meanwhile was pondering how to tell her not to talk about mammory glands in public.

Situation #2: At the grocery store when an older woman with short gray hair walks by us.  Little Miss points at her and exclaims, “Grandpa!”  The woman looked mortified.  And so was I.

Happy Easter

24 Mar

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.  I thought about going to church.  I really did.  But then I decided to go skiing for a few hours instead.  (God forgive me…)  I made my first ham for dinner (which turned out really well), and my brother and niece came over to help us celebrate (sister-in-law was stuck at home with a sick niece).

I made yet another duck cake, which was a hit with the two girls, who weren’t interested in dinner much because they knew duck cake was coming!

Anyway, here are pics from our day yesterday, which included an egg hunt and some family time.

Did I mention my hair cut?

20 Mar

As promised, here are some recent pics.  I included some to show off my new hair, which is like 6 inches shorter than it was before I got it cut.

Snow Shoeing in the Sierras

20 Mar

Last month, I got the opportunity to go snow shoeing with a few people from work.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I got some great pictures of Lake Tahoe.  Enjoy the view — have I ever mentioned how much I love this place?!

I Sarted

18 Mar

I bought a baby monitor last week…  For my two year old.  You see, my husband now prefers to sleep with a fan on for “white noise”, and I had one too many mornings where I wouldn’t hear Little Miss until she was in a full-on scream.  Our old baby monitor was crap (used to wake up my girl by picking up neighbor phone calls), so I just started using a monitor again after not doing so for probably 1.5 years.

What I have found most interesting is what Little Miss says when she first wakes up.  The first morning, she said, “OK, Mama”.  It was like she woke up and decided she was all done sleeping.  This morning, her first words were, “my ball.” 

I’m also realizing that she wakes up in the night more than I knew, but manages to put herself back to sleep quite well.  One night at about 2am, I woke to her saying, “Mama”, and then it was silent again.  Of course, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so there are definite draw backs to turning a monitor back on.

Anyway, I have to say that Little Miss is at such a charming age right now, and I’m enjoying the heck out of her.  I know she’s in the Terrible Twos, and yes, the tantrums and ever-changing opinions get tiring, but she has had two recent developments that floor me daily: comprehension and memory.

I can pinpoint right around when she started having memory of things that happened in the past, which was late January.  It all started when my Mom’s dog popped her balloon in New Mexico (2 months ago), and I now hear about that incident multiple times daily.  She also grasps concepts like skiing (Daddy skiing in mountains on snow, she’ll say), and her shadow (which I didn’t even think to explain to her, thinking it was too complex). 

Her new favorite TV show is Tigger, Pooh, and Friends, where we can actually have discussions about the plot afterwards.  And days later, she’ll remind me how Eeyore was sad when he lost his tail, or how Pooh had a rumbly in his tummy.   

She knows where the park is now, and points it out from the highway, exclaiming, “park!”  She has been loving swimming, and daily tells me how she jumps in the pool, does kicks, and her “scoops” (I call her arm movements ice cream scoops). 

She points out birds, and then tells me when they fly away.  She points out airplanes, telling me they’re flying in the sky, and also tells me when the sun is “hiding” behind the clouds.  And all of these developments are just thrilling to me.  I know they sound mundane, but I’ve been talking to her for 2 years pretending that she could understand, and by golly, now she actually does.  I love our conversations, where she actually grasps when I start to explain the ways of the world.  It’s like watching a beautiful flower opening a bit more each day.

The funniest thing she has done lately was one day when she was having a melt-down, and came running into my room for comfort.  I happened to be changing in my closet, and she ran in and saw me half naked and immediately perked up as she exclaimed, “Boobies!”  Yes, my boobs can stop tantrums.  It’s quite a talent.

She also recognizes when someone in our family passes gas, which doesn’t seem to grow old.  Just yesterday, she exclaimed, “Daddy poop” when JB let one go.  When she does it herself, she says, “I sarted”, and then will say, “excuse me”.  My gosh, people, it is so hard for me not to constantly pinch her cheeks or smother her in kisses — she is THAT CUTE.

So before you all get sick from all of this gushing, I’ll sign off.  I promise to post some pics soon…  I had left my camera in my desk drawer at work for the past month, and hence no pics.