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Happy New Year

31 Dec

Just back from a divine weekend at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, where we holed up in an extremely charming condo and enjoyed fresh snow both days.  It will be a quiet celebration of the new year for us tonight, so I hope some of you will party it up on our behalf.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

 I entitle this one, “I’m too sexy for the snow…”


Little Miss and a wall of snow.  But this isn’t “The Wall”, as Kirkwood enthusiasts would know…


Do you people get sick of my ski vista pics?  Sorry, but I’m often struck by the beauty surrounding me, so here you go.



Time for a Talk

28 Dec

I think it’s time to talk to Elmo about the birds and the bees, because he seems to be reproducing at an alarming rate, putting rabbits to shame.


That’s right, we are the “proud” owners of FIVE Elmo dolls. Is it any wonder my kid has an Elmo obsession?!

Note to my Mom:  she likes the two you gave her the best!

This Past Week is a Blur

26 Dec

I feel like we packed about 3 weeks worth of activity into the past week.  It has been strange today to return to the office, where 90% of people are off on vacation.  So here is the download on what we’ve been up to:

Friday:  Little Miss and I hung out with my parents for the day, dinner with my brother’s family, but my brother was missing because he got his snowmobile stuck and was trapped in the forrest until about 11pm.  We were all imagining him hunkering down in a snow cave and losing some fingers/toes, but luckily he made it out safely.

Saturday:  My parents watched Little Miss as JB and I went skiing at Kirkwood.  We met my brother and his family up there.  JB, who was in charge of packing our equipment as I made us lunches, was so focused on which pair of skis he wanted to bring that we managed to arrive at the ski resort with two pairs of skis for JB and NONE for me.  I had intended to use my new powder skis.  Luckily, my SIL let me borrow a pair of her rock skis, and considering the insane amount of rocks I hit that day, I am thankful that my powder skis did not get marred.

Sunday: Little Miss and I joined my other brother’s family and my parents on a sledding outing.  We tried to find a sledding spot without lots of people, which meant trekking through snow as deep as my thighs whilst holding a petrified Little Miss and her sled.  After about 40 minutes, we found a spot that was well packed, and Little Miss got in a few good sled rides (on a tethered sled with me pulling her). 


That night, we all went bowling.  It was a bit of toddler torture, as there were BALLS everywhere, yet she wasn’t allowed to play with them.  I was shocked when she actually picked up an 8 lb ball and dropped it on the floor (thankfully missing her feet).  Towards the end of the night, I decided to help her do one attempt at bowling.  We went up to the end of the lane, and I encouraged her to “push” the ball.  She did so, with my help, and away went the ball.  Next thing I know, Little Miss is running down the lane after the ball.  My immediate instinct was to run after her, which is when I quickly learned that the lanes are oiled and extremely slick.  Within a split second, Little Miss fell on her back, and I fell backwards onto my elbow, sliding into her.  It was like a scene out of a cartoon, except for the fact that it hurt like heck and she was screaming her head off.  Here I am carrying her on my knees back to safety, as I knew I’d fall on my rear again if I tried to stand up.


Monday:  We actually didn’t do much besides visit with family and laundry.  That night, Christmas Eve, we went out to dinner with the family.  Dinner at a restaurant with three toddlers is always an adventure, and my toddler proved to be the most challenging that night.  After Little Miss went to bed, JB and I spent about 1.5 hours assembling her gift — a spring horse.

Tuesday:  Merry Christmas!  Little Miss loves her spring horse, which she seems to be calling Pacey for some reason. 


Mom and I spent most of the day cooking, and that night, we hosted dinner for 13 family members.  There were 8 adults and 5 little people under the age of six.  It was a fun form of chaos in my house, and we had a blast watching the cousins unwrapping their gifts and playing with all of the toys.  Little Miss spent a lot of time with her 3 year old boy cousin, with whom she was dancing while holding hands and rocking with in our recliner.  My brother’s family and their dog spent the night.

This morning, I was in denial, but was thrust back into our routine as I took Little Miss to daycare and got myself to work.  It has been a quiet day, which makes for a relaxed working environment.

That’s all for now.  Here are pics from the past week.  I fought with way too long for this show.  It managed to delete my captions multiple times, so I gave up and here is the show sans captions.

Pump Up The Volume

20 Dec

It snowed last night.  It only snowed a little, and it’s all melted off in the valley right now.  But at the gym today, there were people working out in their snow boots and wearing stocking hats.

And to those people, I just have to say YOU ARE NOT WORKING OUT HARD ENOUGH.  The gym is 70 degrees inside year round.  Working out in outdoor winter gear is just plain stupid.

That’s all.

Santa’s Retweet Anyone?

17 Dec

I had to come back to work so that I could get some rest, as I have been a regular Suzy Homemaker this weekend.  This weekend, I:

  • Did 7 loads of laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Baked 2 loaves of pumpkin bread
  • Baked 2 loaves of cranberry bread
  • Baked 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies
  • Whipped up a batch of fudge
  • Made two dinners last night – chili for us and chicken nuggets (from scratch with broccoli puree) for Little Miss, which she outright REFUSED to eat.  Grrrr…

Need I say that the house smells divine?!

On Saturday night, we went to JB’s company party, where the ‘entertainment’ was a White Elephant gift exchange.  I am not a fan of these exchanges, as you always seem to come home with something you don’t want, and Saturday night was no exception.  But the way it went down was humorous.

JB decided to buy a nice $20 bottle of wine for the exchange, as the limit was $20.  He then decided that his goal was to get his own gift back in the exchange.  It got picked, and he enacted the ‘stealing’ rule, and went over and stole it back from someone.  I was laughing so hard at him.  And then he decided to be all coy and placed the bottle of wine behind his chair on the floor.  You could tell he thought he was scott free.

Until about 20 minutes later, when this woman sniffed out the bottle of wine like a blood hound and stole it right out from under him.  So JB went up to pick out an unopened gift, and took an inordinate amount of time shaking different packages, trying to find one with alcohol.

And what he ended up with was a frufy ceramic Santa cookie jar, aptly branded ‘Santa’s Retweet’.

I almost fell out of my chair when he opened that, as it was really funny to see the man lose a good bottle of wine for a ceramic cookie jar.  We spent the rest of the night trying to convince people to swap gifts with us, but everyone just laughed.  We came home with that darn cookie jar.

I told JB that I could take it to my work and put it in the common room with a sign that says ‘free to a good home’, but he grumpily said that he will save it to re-gift next year.  But he was really peeved that he ‘has to waste garage space’ on that ceramic Santa.

The plan was foiled, but it sure gave me a lot of enjoyment to watch — it was like someone was taking candy from a toddler.

A Prize For Daddy

14 Dec

Little Miss is always presenting JB and I with tiny treasures she finds, such as a piece of lint or a hair that she has found on the floor.  Tonight, she walked up to JB, and handed him something.  He took it, and then started to inquire what it was.  It almost looked like a grain of rice.

He sniffed it.

And sniffed.

“I smell poop,” he said.

I grabbed her hand, and it was covered in poop.  Evidently, she had put her hand down her dirty diaper, and felt the need to share it with Daddy.

I can’t tell you how hard I laughed as I remembered JB unknowingly taking the piece of poop from her and then sniffing it not once but twice.

As I was changing her diaper and cleaning her up, she learned a new phrase:  “stinky poo-poo”.

I’m Famous

14 Dec

You know that when I say that I’m famous, it is with the utmost sarcasm.  But I’m the featured Mom of the day on  Check it out!

Seattle Pics

13 Dec

Thanks to my co-worker and travel mate D, who took the below pictures on our Seattle trip.  Even though we were in REALLY long meetings most of the time, we did get out for two fun activities.  One night, our group went to the Seattle Glass Blowing Studio, where we had a catered dinner, drinks, and we were able to create our own glass masterpieces (with the help of the true glass blowers).  I came home with a really pretty bowl and a sphere (that Little Miss is obsessed with, as she thinks it’s a ball to play with). 

Then, on our last day, we had about 4 hours to burn before our plane departed, so we headed down to Pikes Place Market.  I got a lot of my Christmas shopping done, and the atmosphere was just lovely as the market was all decked out for Christmas, and there were a lot of singers and street musicians adding to the ambiance.

So, here are the pics.  I just love Seattle.  It’s a great place to visit, but I really would prefer not to live there.  I’m a desert girl at heart.

Jump Little Miss Jump!

13 Dec

Last night, a friend and I took our 2 year olds (OK, Little Miss is a few months shy of that) to Jump Man Jump, which is basically a warehouse filled with bounce houses, inflatable slides and an inflatable obstacle course.  It was fun watching Little Miss’s reaction as we combined one of her favorite playmates with one of her favorite activities.

We had a blast, and I have to send out kudos to Jump Man Jump for having open play hours in the evening so that us working moms can participate in the fun.  I can’t tell you how many cool activities for moms and tots go on during the day in the work week, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity.

It also turned out to be a good workout for Mom, as I jumped up and down like a little kid and scrambled through the obstacle course with Little Miss.  Her playmate was much more adept, and he ended up lapping her several times as she made her way through the course.

It has been challenging now with the time change and cooler weather to find activities that are fun for Little Miss (besides going to the grocery store — woo!).  I think we’ll be frequenting this place throughout the winter. 

And I’m also thinking this could be a really fun team building exercise for my group at work.  Especially if they’d let us go to happy hour beforehand!  😉

Here is a pic of me with the two munchkins on a huge inflatable slide.


Thank God For Minor Miracles

10 Dec

My office Christmas party was this past Saturday.  We stayed out pretty late, going to a Martini bar afterwards, and the Heavens aligned the next morning, when Little Miss slept until a record setting time of 9:30 am.  You people without children don’t know how absolutely amazing that is.  And it’s a good thing, too, because anything earlier would have just plain hurt.

Last year, I felt totally under-dressed for the Christmas party.  So this year, I went out and bought a new dress, hose and stiletto heels.  I paired the outfit with my wedding rhinestone jewelry and guess what?!  I was totally over-dressed this year.  *grumble grumble*  I guess it averages out, eh?  I was barefoot by the end of the night anyway, as I just suck at walking in heels.

Here is a pic of us at the party.  There were two pictures of us — one where I looked good and JB didn’t, and one where he looked good and I didn’t.  Well, since this is my site, I’m posting my good pic, so sorry JB.  Concentrate on opening your eyes next time!


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

7 Dec

To fully chase my ba-humbugs away, Mother Nature finally sent us the gift of snow.  We’re having quite the storm hitting us, and I was so excited to see about 5 inches of snow in our yard when I woke up this morning.  I was even more excited to see Little Miss’s reaction, as I’m sure she doesn’t remember snow from last winter.

As I expected, she was very intrigued, but tentative.  I fully documented the experience with pictures and video (did you expect anything less?!). 

Video of Little Miss experiencing this winter’s first snow

Here are the pics:

Burned Again

6 Dec

Someday I’m going to learn my lesson.  For the second year in a row, I have been burned by online Christmas shopping.  Last year, I had to show up to Christmas morning with pictures of many of the gifts I had purchased online Dec. 1 that were delayed in shipping.  I placed an order this year on Dec. 3 at, and just found out that they don’t intend for it to arrive until the week AFTER Christmas.  Of course, there wasn’t any messaging about this before the purchase, as I wouldn’t have purchased with them if that was the case. (Note to my friend, A, it’s the shipment headed for your house, so expect a delay!)

How do online retailers get away with this?!

Edited to add:  I would be remiss not to post that Amazon has rectified the situation.  After utilizing their ‘click to call’ feature, where within a split second of me clicking on the button telling them to call me, the phone rang, and the customer service representative totally fixed the problem.  There is a reason why I’m an avid Amazon customer!

A Laugh At My Expense

6 Dec

I returned to work today, after being mostly healed from Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (I have spots where the blisters were, but I think the contagiousness is over).  One of my coworkers decorated my cube with signs that say, “CAUTION: ENTER AT OWN RISK!  HIGHLY CONTAMINATED AREA!”  She then sprinkled antiseptic wipe packages and latex gloves all throughout my cube.  It made me chuckle, and made leaving my Lazy Boy, which had been my working station for the past three days, a bit easier today.  Most days this week, I didn’t get out of my pajamas until well into the afternoon.

I kept Little Miss home yesterday just so that we could spend some time together (well deserved after my travel last week).  She REALLY didn’t want to go to daycare today, and it tugged at my heart strings so much.  I have started to feel like perhaps I need some more work-life balance, in the form of reduced hours.  Either that, or I’m going to need to figure out how to split myself in two.

No Cookies for Breakfast

5 Dec

I think my biggest challenge with Little Miss right now is feeding her.  She has developed a picky toddler palate, and I never know what she will eat and what she won’t.  I provide healthy options for her, but many days it gets thrown on the floor.  I’ve been trying recipes from Deceptively Delicious, and I swear the kid has radar detecting when I have added vegetable puree to a food.  Without even tasting it, she’ll outright refuse it.

For instance, this past weekend, I made her homemade mac and cheese.  I didn’t add veggie puree because I was tight on time.  She gobbled it up, and I finally had to cut her off, as I thought she was consuming unhealthy amounts of mac and cheese.  Anyway, after she went to bed, I added a tiny bit of cauliflower puree to the mac and cheese, and the next day, she wouldn’t even touch it, even though it doesn’t look or taste any different.

Yesterday, I made the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, which includes garbanzo beans.  She LOVED the cookies.  Kept asking for MORE, and once again, I had to cut her off.  This morning, all she wanted for breakfast was cookies, and you should have seen how pissed she got when I told her that cookies weren’t for breakfast.  *sigh*  When does this get easier?  It sounds so simple to just offer healthy foods, but she sure makes this challenging.   

P.S.  JB has no idea the cookies he took to work today were loaded with BEANS.  Fooled him on that one, too!  I have to say they are remarkably moist!

Chasing Off The Bah-Humbugs

5 Dec

I’ve been home sick this week.  I enjoy working from home, but this week, I have felt the looming deadline of getting Christmas decorations up in our house.  I was having an especially ba-humbug moment today when I contemplated not decorating and ditching my company Christmas party so that I didn’t have to go out and buy a dress.

But then I knew that I wanted to decorate so that Little Miss could start experiencing Christmas in our house, and I also knew that I would regret not going to the company party.  So, I went out and bought a dress and some fancy stiletto shoes (let’s see if I can walk in them for the whole night), and spent tonight decorating.  I still have the huge project of the tree to tackle, but at least it’s starting to look like Christmas around here, even if it’s warm and rainy outside!

I’m making a mental note not to get bogged down by the massive to-do list that comes with the holiday and to savor the moments that make it special.

Just So The Below Pictures Aren’t the First Thing You See On My Site…

3 Dec

Here’s a pic of Little Miss at Ardenwood Farms over Thanksgiving weekend. 


Because Once Just Wasn’t Enough

3 Dec




Yes, I am on my third bout with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, thanks to my daughter being ever so generous with her daycare germs.  Little Miss has recovered nicely, and now I’m left battling the blisters on my hands, feet and in my mouth.  What fun!  I had a full blown case of this once a little over a year ago, another very slight outbreak a while later, and now, I have my second full blown case! 

So, I am working from home until the blisters subside.  I look like a leper, and my husband is definitely keeping his distance.  You should see him squirm when I pretend like I’m going to touch him.  If he teases me, I say, “watch out, or I’ll give you one big kiss and grope you with my blistery hands.”

Sexy, isn’t it?!