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Are We Done Yet?

30 Nov

The end is in sight.  I’m in the fourth day of all day meetings and all night dinners (lasting until almost 11pm).  I have been meeting with people from all across the world.  Just last night at dinner, I sat with a Canadian living in Singapore, a Russian, a Britt, people from Ireland and an Australian.  I’ve met a guy from Yugoslavia, and people from Japan, Mexico and Ireland.  It makes for interesting dinner conversation, that’s for sure.  I think I’m getting better and understanding all of these accents.

So Little Miss is on the mend, and I can’t wait to see her when I get home.  It was a hard week to be away, and our reunion will be that much sweeter.

This afternoon, I think a few of us are going to downtown Seattle to actually enjoy ourselves a bit before the flight out late tonight.  Lord knows we deserve it!

Who Did You Say Was Attending?!

28 Nov

About 10 minutes before I was scheduled to do a presentation to my peers, I was informed that my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss (i.e. 4 management levels up) would be attending.  EXCUSE ME?!

Internal panic ensued.  I ranted to myself about how I would have created the presentation much differently if I had known this big wig would be attending, regretted my wardrobe choice, and then frantically reviewed my slides.  Thankfully it went smoothly.  Crisis averted, but man, was that an adrenaline rush!

Hunt and PECK

26 Nov

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  We sure did, as it included a lot of quality family time, relaxing, and good food and drink.  We flew with Little Miss to visit her Grandparents in the Bay Area, and she did remarkably well on the flight, despite us being on the delayed last flight of the day on the #1 and #2 most traveled days of the year. 

We went to a really nice restaurant for Thanksgiving, and she was a little angel until about the time the entrees arrived.  At that point, she hit the wall, and entered tantrum land, from which there is no return.  I ended up taking her outside and letting her wail, as she didn’t want to be held, but wanted to stand by a trash can and cry it out.  Ah, life with a toddler.

On Saturday, we took her to Ardenwood Historic Farm, where she joined in the Barnyard Buddies program and got to help feed the farm animals.  We saw clydesdale horses, cows (including a week old calf), sheep, lambs, chickens and bunnies.  All was well until the poor kid got pecked by a chicken, to the point that it drew blood.  Luckily, we cleaned her up and found a display where they were serving hot chocolate chip cookies made in a wood burning stove, and all was better.

We got home last night around 10:30pm, and Little Miss was in bed by 11pm.  I unpacked, and then packed for a business trip (leaving this afternoon), and right as I got comfortable in my own bed, she started crying.  Little Miss then stayed up until 1:30am, which was loads of fun, but I guess that’s what we get for getting her so off her routine.

So after spending one night in my bed, I am heading to Seattle this afternoon for a lovely (said with sarcasm) 4 day meeting, consisting of days where I’m booked from 8am to 9pm, and I’m somehow supposed to keep up with the hundreds of emails I’ll be receiving while I’m in those meetings.  I guess I won’t be sleeping much, eh?

Anyway, don’t expect to hear too much from me this week.  Toodles.

Updated to add:  The fun just keeps getting better.  Daycare just called, and looks like Little Miss has been exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and has blisters in her mouth.  Hence, she is kicked out until further notice and I’m about to go get on a plane.  Lovely timing, I tell you!

Updated later to add:  blisters in mouth and on hands and feet have been confirmed.  Calling in the emergency backup support.  It’s days like these (as I have a trip I cannot get out of) that being a working mom just plain sucks.

Gobble Gobble

22 Nov

I have so much to be thankful for, but no time to list it all in a thoughtful manner.  So I’ll just say that superficially, I am so glad that Thanksgiving will include a quiet affair with just my in-laws and going to a nice restaurant.  I hear all my co-workers talking about 20+ family members coming to dinner and cooking multiple turkeys, and can’t help but think that my day will be so much more relaxing!  And now I turn off my computer, and hope to keep it off until Sunday.  Adieu!

Just Wait Until JB Finds Out

20 Nov

I blame it on my co-workers who told me ghost stories yesterday.

I’ve mentioned on this site before how I have lucid dreams occasionally, where my dreams are so real that they invoke me to take physical action, usually including screaming and leaping out of bed in the middle of the night.

JB was away on an overnight business trip last night, at at about 2am, I distinctly thought someone was standing in my bedroom, so I yelled at the top of my lungs and threw my pillow with all of my might.

That is when I heard a crash.  I somehow managed to hit the lamp on my night stand, and it fell to the ground, shattering into many pieces.  I had no idea what the crash was, but once I turned on the light and saw the carnage, all I could think was, “JB is going to have a field day with this.”

And then I couldn’t get back to sleep because I was so bugged that I now need to add buying a new lamp to my never ending list of to-dos. 

Remarkably, I somehow didn’t manage to wake the toddler sleeping in the next room.

Jumping To Injury (twice in one post)

20 Nov

On Saturday, the hubby was under the weather, so Little Miss and I took off for a girl’s day.  We started by meeting some friends at the park, then went to tour the Lake Mansion in downtown Reno, where they were having an open house and pictures with Santa.  When we walked in, Santa said ‘ho, ho, ho’, and Little Miss got very frightened, which is how we ended up with a picture of me in my sweats (totally unprepared for a pic) holding a cowering toddler as Santa stood behind us. 

From there, we went to watch the guys that were jumping off a ski jump on top of the Silver Legacy Casino.  Unfortunately, due to wind conditions and a jumper getting injured earlier in the day, they didn’t jump when I was there.  But I looked up the video online, as I was especially curious to see Jesse Hall, who got his ski caught in his parachute lines and blew out his knee in the process.  I’m sure glad nothing more serious happened, and it definitely makes for some dramatic video.

Here is the video.

Now how many cities can claim that they’ve had guys going off of ski jumps off of a 40 story building?  One.  That would be Reno.  Talk about ‘America’s Adventure Place’! Read the article.

Anyway, the next day, JB took Little Miss to the park while I went trial running.  Trail running is my new pass-time on the weekends.  It is a really hard workout, but is almost therapeutic to be running in the crisp Fall air with the leaves on the ground. 

Unfortunately, Little Miss fell on the playground, and hurt her shoulder.  I spent the afternoon consoling her, and this morning, she woke up screaming in pain.  We determined she needed to go to a doctor.  I spent the morning taking her to the doc, and just like always, she seemed to have a miraculous recovery right before the doctor walked into the office, and I ended up trying to explain why I’m not insane for bring my perfectly well child into the doctor.  She’s still a bit sore, but the doc and I think she will be A-OK in a few days.  She got a sticker for putting up with the doc’s poking and prodding, and seems to be none worse the wear.  And yes, I’m glad for that outcome.

That’s all that is happening around here.  Two dramatic falls in one weekend.  Looking forward to a short work week!

No Foolin’ This Kid

12 Nov

I had been seeking a copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook for about three weeks now, ever since seeing it on the Oprah Show.  You see, for about two months now, Little Miss has been on a vegetable strike.  Up until about September, I had a kid that would eat a wide variety of foods and most of the vegetables I prepared.  Now, she’s picky.  She won’t eat anything that LOOKS remotely different than the small palate of favorites that she chooses. 

So the premise of this cookbook is how to incorporate vegetable purees into healthy and kid-friendly foods.  As soon as I saw it on Oprah, I knew that was going to be my next plan in trying to get my toddler to eat healthy.  Unfortunately, the publisher WAY underestimated the demand for the book, so it has been very hard to locate.  I ended up mail ordering it and paying a bit of a premium to get it before the next printing is available in 5-6 weeks.

Anyway, the book arrived on Friday, I read through it on Saturday, and made up some vegetable purees on Sunday.  Last night, I made homemade maraconi and cheese, fortified with cauliflower and carrot.  It tasted delicious.

Too bad Little Miss refused it.

JB is happy, as now he has an entire batch of homemade macaroni and cheese to devour without scrutiny.  I’m hoping it was just her mood, and we’ll try it again today, but after all that build up, it was very frustrating to have my ‘deceptively delicious’ food outright refused.

Ah, life with a toddler…

Updated to add:  Just called daycare, who said she’s having a great day, but wouldn’t eat her Mac N’ Cheese.  Refused twice!