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A Costume That Will Kill With Cuteness

31 Oct

Little Miss is a University of Nevada, Reno cheerleader today.  Before you fellow Aggies jump down my throat, I didn’t have access to a New Mexico State University outfit!  Thanks to her Aunt A that provided not one but TWO costumes for her today, which is a good thing, because I fully expect the cheerleader to be dirty when I pick her up at daycare.  I’ll be taking her to a costume party at my work this afternoon, at which time she’ll transform into Tinkerbell.

Hapy Halloween!




Lynnette’s Killer Ski Prep Workout

30 Oct

Just back from the gym, where I did my killer ski prep workout, a workout of 200+ box jumps that I’ve been doing at least once a week for about a year now.  I thought those of you itching to strap on the skis might be interested, so here it goes:

What you need:  a one foot box and a two foot box and two five pound weights

Warm up: holding 10 pound weights in each hand, step up and down onto the 1 foot box for 2 min.

Do each of the below 3 times:

  • Using the 2 foot box, do 10 jumps up, and then just step down after each.  This is all mind over matter, as a 2 foot box is really high for me to jump.  Once I was thinking “I hope I don’t fall”, and I missed the top of the box and totally biffed it.  Keep focused and think with each jump that you WILL make it.
  • Using the 1 foot box, start from the top of the box and jump down, focusing on a soft landing and dropping into a deep squat.  Step up with alternating feet backwards to resume starting position.  Do this 10 times.
  • Using the 1 foot box, stand to the left hand side of the box.  Squat down, and then jump sideways onto the top of the box.  Then jump down onto the right hand side of the box, focusing on a soft landing.  Go back and forth like this for 20 reps.
  • Using the 1 foot box, start behind the box and jump up, turning so that you land on top of the box with your feet pointing to the left.  Then jump down, pivoting again so that you land behind the box with your feet facing forward.  Then jump up and turn to face the right when you land on top of the box.  Use your core to help with the rotation.  Repeat this 20 times.
  • Now step away from the box, squat down and then jump as high as you can, swinging your arms and pretending to make a jump shot with a basketball.  Focus on a soft landing, and drop into a deep squat after each.  Repeat this 10 times.
  • Now with the 2 foot box and five pound weights in each hand, start with your arms in a shoulder press starting position, step up with the right foot SLOWLY, and as you stand on the top, swing your left foot behind you for a gluteal flex, and then swing that leg forward into a knee bend (bring knee to hip height).  As your knee reaches your hip, do a shoulder press.  Repeat for 10 standing lunges on each side.  This really works your balance, and is a killer shoulder workout, mainly due to holding the weights in the starting position for so long.

I started off this workout doing it twice through with 6 reps per exercise, but have moved it up to three times through with 10 reps per exercise, and it takes me about 40 minutes.  By the end of 40 minutes, I am completely exhausted and drenched in sweat.  I envision myself tearing up the moguls as I do this (though Lord knows the moguls will probably tear me up, but oh well). 

Anyway, let me know if any of you try this.  I love this workout!

Weekend Pics

29 Oct

Here are some pictures from a costume party last weekend and from today’s bike ride outing.  It was a beautiful day today, so we headed to the Truckee River bike path.  Too bad Little Miss SCREAMED the whole way.  She simply hates the bike trailer.  JB is bound and determined to return it (we’ll see if REI will let him!).

Anyway, more later!

I’m All Fired Up!

26 Oct

I’m not dead, even though my blog looks like it.  This week I’ve been in Seattle for a Women’s Conference.  A HUGE Women’s Conference filled with vibrant, exciting women and absolutely amazing speakers.  I just turned to a co-worker and said, “I’m all fired up!”, because they have hit on many of the issues I am passionate about, including life as a working mom, how to raise our daughters, health/fitness, how to make better presentations, how to advance in your career and how to earn more money.

Oh, I have so much to share with you guys.  I have a lot of gems I want to share, and perhaps I can do so on the plane ride home.

I almost cancelled out of this conference because I didn’t want to leave Little Miss again so soon after leaving her for our vacation.  But I tell you, my child has benefited greatly with all I’ve learned and the ideas I’ve been turned on to.

I had a thought hit me while standing in line for the restroom (a MAJOR draw back at a conference for all women!), I think I’m becoming a Feminist.  I had always carried negative connotations of that word and always wanted to be accepted for who I was and not what gender I was.  But I’m learning that so much of who I am is BECAUSE of being a woman, and there is so much I want to do and accomplish because of my gender and on behalf of my gender and future generations.

So stay tuned.  I promise some great content once I get time to sit down and crunch it out.  It may come in drips, but I’m committed to sharing this with my readers…  All two of you that remain!

Vacation Pics

18 Oct

Although I have a lot to share about our vacation last week, I have been completely swamped in work this week, and my system has been in shock jumping right back into my normal schedule.  So, in brief, we were on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera onboard the Golden Princess.  We had lovely weather, and stops in Puerto Vallerta (where we rode zip lines in the jungle), Mazatlan (where we sea kayaked and body surfed) and Cabo San Lucas (where we went snorkeling, ate at Cabo Wabos, and got SICK from eating the food in Mexico).  Oh, and my parents graciously watched Little Miss for the whole week, granting us our first child-free vacation since she was born (if you don’t count the weekend ski trip last Spring). 

In Mazatlan, I got to hook up with my cousin, who’s husband is a captain on another Princess ship.  We boarded their ship and lunched with them in the Captain’s quarters (pretty cool, I tell you).  They are raising a 14 month old toddler while living on a cruise ship, the thought of which baffles my mind.

Anyhow, here are the pics from the cruise.  I only have pics from Puerto Vallarta right now, as the pics from our other shore excursions are on a disposable underwater camera.  Lord knows how long it will take me to get those old fashioned pics developed and posted!

 Here are the pics I took after we returned from the cruise, including some great pics of a hike I took with my parents on Sunday to see the Aspens turning colors.

Still Alive, Amigos

15 Oct

Just back from a week long cruise of the Mexican Riviera.  I meant to blog to tell all of you I was leaving, but just got too busy.  The vacation was great, and included rapelling in the jungle, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and being quarantined for about 14 hours in my room.  Fun times.  Lots of stories to tell, but right now, I’m in email hell, as I have over 200 emails to get through before my afternoon meeting starts.  More later!

And the logic for this is…

4 Oct

As someone who has trained for open water events, the training strategy this girl is using of having her hands and feet bound in an effort to train to swim across the English Channel just baffles me.  Shouldn’t she be practicing actually using her arms and her legs?!

Read article.

Poor Bear

4 Oct

Yet another poor local bear finding it treacherous to venture into human dwellings for food…  Read article.

Xterra Nevada Pictures

4 Oct

Here are pics from this past weekend.  It starts out with Little Miss putting beads on our dog, Shadow, and then leads into pictures from the Xterra Nevada Triathlon, in which my brother and JB participated.

And the Snow Gods Laugh

1 Oct

Remember how I asked for snow this year?  Well be careful what you wish for, as the Snow Gods decided to listen to me and laugh at my hubby.

JB and my brother did the Xterra Nevada Triathlon this weekend at Lake Tahoe.  The weather was supposed to be cold, but imagine the shock when it started snowing in the valley at our house the night before the event.  You should have seen the concern in my hubby’s eyes, as he was re-thinking his strategy on which tires to use on his bike, which clothes to pack, etc.

Both men jumped in the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe at 9am when it was 32 degrees outside and snow was on the ground.  But from what they say, the challenge was mountain biking 21 miles on 3-5 inches of fresh snow.

Congratulations to both of them, who performed amazingly.  Brother G got third place OVERALL, with a finish that was dramatic and controversial at the same time.  Perhaps more details on that if I gain his permission (oh, I’ve got you wondering now, don’t I?!)  JB finished 3rd in the Clydesdales division, also horribly impressive.

Pictures to come later.  It turned out to be a lovely, clear and sunny day at Tahoe, and we even got in a bit of beach time at the Hyatt beach (hands down one of the best beaches on Tahoe).  That afternoon, I used the inspiration of the race to go run a 5K myself.  Totally unimpressive, I know, but you do what you can do, you know?!

Edited to add:  The Clydesdale division is for men over 200 pounds.  Basically, men that are usually competitive in triathlons are pretty little.  Hence, they have a special division for the ‘big boys’.  Which is funny because JB is pretty slender.  And get this — the ‘big girl’ division, known as the Athenas, is women over 150 pounds.  That’s pretty damn slim if you ask me!!!

Virtual High Five

1 Oct

I’m sending out a virtual high five to Dave LaPlante and Michael Thomas, both who were named as 20 under 40 Award Winners, an award naming the top young business people in Reno.  Both stellar guys who are very deserving of this award. 

And next year, I’m hoping that my company (the Blue Monster) will participate, as I work with some super smart and impressive people who are almost all under 40.