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Influential Women In History

27 Sep

I’m on a roll here, confessing little gems about my past.  Here is another one that sticks out in my memory…  When I was in high school, my honors English teacher assigned us to do an essay on an influential woman in history.  We had to submit our subjects to her in advance for approval.

The influential woman I initially chose?  Marilyn Monroe.

And yes, I was denied.  So then I think I came up with Pocahontas.  Which, OK, yeah, she helped the white settlers with their relations with the local Indians/Native Americans, but that was the best I could come up with?!

My original submission just cracks me up.  It would be like my daughter wanting to write an essay on Anna Nicole Smith.  Yes, both are highly publicized, but influential so that they should be held in high regard?  Not so much.

So do any of you have good gems from your past you want to share in the comments?  You can do so anonymously, you know…

The Kicker

27 Sep

Just to finish off my thoughts on yesterday’s post, one last embarrassing tidbit…  So when I was in college, studying Marketing and dreaming of being like the ad execs on Melrose Place, I also intended to buy my entire professional wardrobe of suits from Victoria’s Secret.

Ha!  I think I just wanted to be a sexy little business woman.  Luckily, Mom swooped in to save the day yet again and helped me select an appropriate wardrobe in which to start my career at General Motors, where my expectations were put in check almost immediately.  Can I tell you how BAD it would have been for me to show up at GM world headquarters, the conservative capitol of the country, in a saucy little Victoria’s Secret get-up?!

Hello, I’m Amanda

26 Sep

Ah, geesh.  I’m having some troubles coming up with anything of interest to say on this site lately.  Sometimes life is just routine, and it’s hard to come up with anything truly worthy of posting.

So I thought I’d post a few embarrassing little tidbits about myself.  I was thinking lately about how skewed my impressions of the “Real World” (i.e. the working world) were when I was younger.

For instance, when I was in middle school, my Mom insisted that I take a typing class.   I remember getting all offended by this, telling her pompously, “I do not intend to be a secretary, so I don’t need to take a typing class.”

I can’t tell you how much I laugh at that now looking back.  Ever since graduating from college, I have been practically strapped to a computer for at least 40 hours a week.  And by the way, I’m damn good at typing.

So then there was this time in college when my computer did something wonky (word of the week, y’all), which was probably user error, but I THREW the keyboard across the room, and proclaimed that I hated computers and was proud to be computer illiterate.

Yes, I did that in front of my roommate and good friend, A.  Good thing I got over my aversion to computers, because if I hadn’t, I might have ended up being one of the girls that holds road signs at construction sites.  (Not that that is a BAD thing, just not my gig!)  Ha!  And to think I now work in high tech for a software company!

I also recall that one of my reasons for choosing to be a Marketing major was because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on computers.  Oh, and because I didn’t like math.

And now for the kicker, which is more embarrassing because it was when I was in college…  I remember back when I chose Marketing as a major.  I just loved my advertising classes, and truly pictured my career to be like those of the characters on (drumroll please) Melrose Place.  I even recall thinking that I wanted to be a powerful business woman just like the character Amanda (played by Heather Locklear).

Seriously.  If I could only go back and level-set my past self.  I never pictured myself sitting in front of a computer in a cubicle, doing a lot of number crunching throughout my day.  I mean Marketing has budgets and cost reduction and customer stats…  All math…  I really think I thought I’d be sitting in a big office dreaming up funny ads and commercials.

And though my job is pretty cool, it’s not nearly as – dare I say it – ‘sexy’ as I had once imagined. 

So there you have it.  Mom was right.  And I hope to encourage my own daughter to be a bit more educated on her career choices by doing some internships and job shadowing.  You better believe she’ll be participating in Bring Your Daughter To Work Day (a brilliant program started about 15 years ago).

Ah, man, I’m still chuckling at my former ignorence.  Hope you enjoyed a good laugh at my expense!

Wow, They Heard Me

24 Sep

The Snow Gods must have heard my plea, as it has snowed in the mountains at least two days this past week.  We’ve had a dramatic shift in the weather, where it has been cold and rainy in the valley and this is what the mountains look like

JB keeps teasing me on how I’ve complained about the suddenly cool weather and yet I’m excited about the snow.  September is usually a warm, Indian Summer type of month around here, but lately it feels much more like November.

On Friday, my employer held a big party up at South Lake Tahoe, which started with a lake cruise and then dinner/drinks/dancing at a restaurant overlooking the lake.  It was a cold, overcast day, but still very enjoyable.  A dear friend picked up Little Miss from daycare and watched her that night so that we could stay out late.  We then stayed at that friend’s cabin in South Shore, and awoke to an amazing thunder storm.  Wonky weather, I tell you.

My plans for hiking this weekend were cancelled due to weather, but I still managed to get in some good long runs.  Luckily, I will soon get a break from this weather, as the hubby and I will be vacationing in the Mexican Riviera very soon.  Woo!


19 Sep

**Updated to add:  When I got home last night, check out the story that was on the CBS Evening News — Bears coming into the city of Reno!** 

I feel so sorry for all of the bears that have been venturing into Reno lately due to lack of food in the forest.  It was such a dry winter, followed by a hot and dry summer filled with fires that they are starving.  The most recent report of a bear sighting in the city occurred about 2 miles from our house.  I guess I should keep an eye out now while walking the neighborhood, right? According to our local paper, this is about the 10th sighting of a bear within city limits recently.

Read article.

The Execs That Made This Decision Haven’t Traveled With Toddlers Recently

19 Sep

As if air travel with a toddler wasn’t miserable enough, my favorite airline, Southwest, has totally disappointed me by deciding to end pre-boarding for people traveling with children under 4.  Ugha.  It is challenge enough to get to the airport early enough to check bags and get through security, but now we have to worry about our spot in line?!  Say farewell to sitting together as a family (where it helps to have a ratio of 2:1), and say hello to sitting in a middle seat with a lap child and strangers on either side.  Oh boy, does that sound like fun.

Southwest, you have failed me.

I Pushed Her All The Way

18 Sep

JB has been busy training for the Xterra Nevada triathlon in a few weeks, meaning he has been doing a lot of mountain biking on the weekends.  Since he has been preoccupied, I have been venturing out lately with the jogging stroller to go hiking with Little Miss and our dog, Shadow.  This past weekend, we went to Thomas Creek, which was a bit rocky for the jogger, but do-able.  I even had a few people comment on “you pushed that stroller all the way up here?!”

I may try to use our backpack soon.  I’m just a bit hesitant to use it by myself, as I’m not sure I can get it on and off in the middle of the forest by myself.  The jogger enables Little Miss to get out and stretch her legs by hiking on her own a bit, and it also has a tray for her snacks when she gets hungry.  I’m sure I’d get a better workout whith the backpack, though…  Carrying 30 pounds on your back would definitely up the intensity!

Does anyone recommend any other trails for joggers in the area?  I’ve found the Galena Creek trail off of Callahan Road to be the most jogger stroller friendly, but I am looking for some variety here.

Anyway, here are my pics from Sunday’s hike.  Enjoy!