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Pictures from Palo Alto and San Francisco Zoo

31 Jul

Here are the pictures I took on our trip to the Bay Area this past weekend.  The first pictures are from Hoover Tower, which is on Stanford’s campus.  Enjoy!

Fists of Fury

30 Jul

This past weekend, JB and I went to Palo Alto, CA to visit with my in-laws and as an added bonus, my SIL from New York (or da Bronx, as she says) was there, too.  We opted for a 45 minute flight there over a 5+ hour car ride, and Little Miss was a perfect angel on the flight to California.

We had a relaxing weekend with a lot of family time, swimming, running, eating good food, a trip to the park, and an outing to the San Francisco Zoo. 

Unfortunately, our return trip was the complete opposite of the first flight.  Little Miss was tired and cranky when we arrived at the airport.  She then decided to fill her diaper with a stinky present for us right as the pre-boarding for our flight started, and was pitching a fit about her unclean state.  I convinced the gate attendent to let JB on the plane while we went to change her diaper.  The fit got worse, and she started flailing the baby powder all over the place, so as I boarded the plane, both of us were covered in powder. 

She was manageable until the plane started to descend.  I handed her some milk to help with her ears, which she downed in about 10 seconds, and then we were left to deal with a kid that was already cranky and her ears were hurting.  I have never seen such a fit from my child.  We were definitely “those people” that everyone hates having on the flight.  Little Miss would not be comforted, and for about 20 minutes, she flailed, clenched her fists and SCREAMED at the top of her lungs.  It was an impressive show.  And I’m glad JB was there at least for moral support, as a few times, we just glanced at each other and had to laugh at this predicament. 

The melt down subsided soon after we landed, and that’s when I said a blanket, “I’m sorry, everyone” to the people around me.  People then began to comment on her amazing lung power.  I said that yes, her strong lungs were going to give me hearing damage.

She fell asleep in the car on the way home from the airport (as it would have been way too easy for us if she had slept on the plane), and didn’t wake up for 12 hours.  She was a much happier kid this morning, but I’m still feeling shell shocked, and am not sure we want to fly with her again for a very long time.  I’ll post pictures later this week. 

P.S.  And want to know how hard I was kicking myself that I had forgotten her Tylenol at the in-laws house?!  Knowing she was already tired and cranky, I would have dosed her before the flight as a preventative measure.  But NO, I had a major lapse in memory and forgot the magic juice.  Shame on the Mama.

I Jinxed It

24 Jul

Last week, I bragged to a co-worker that Little Miss had been on a well streak, and hadn’t been kicked out of daycare in almost two months.  I even said, “knock on wood”, but there wasn’t any realy wood around for me to knock. 

The next day, she got a stomach bug and was kicked out.  That was Friday.  We got her well Saturday, and then Sunday, she started getting some funky eye infection.  Luckily, since it wasn’t pink eye, daycare didn’t kick her out, but I decided to take her to the doctor today.  Turns out she has a staph infection on her eyelid. 

As I dropped her back off at daycare after going to the doctor, a kid about 5 feet from her puked.  Ah, the fun of daycare.  I can’t help but wonder if the stomach flu is next on our menu.

More Donner Lake Pictures

24 Jul

Thanks to my SIL for taking these pics at the Donner Lake Triathlon. 

This pic would have been perfect if I would have been able to stay out of the picture (I was trying to fix her hat).



The Best Laid Plans

23 Jul

Ah, the best laid plans of the parents can be foiled by the toddler.  We had been planning a camping trip for weeks with some good friends.  I found this awesome camping resort on a lake, and then on Sunday, we were going to meet up with my brother’s family at their condo for even more fun.

I had planned to take a half day on Friday to finish up my preparations.  And then at 11am, I got the dreaded call from daycare.  Turns out Little Miss had a stomach bug.  So, despite the fact that we had non-refundable reservations and were completely packed, we stayed home.  It was a good thing, as Little Miss was not in condition to go anywhere on Friday.

By Saturday night, she was back to her old self, and we ventured downtown for a free Latin Jazz outdoor concert featuring Pancho Sanchez.  Little Miss danced a lot, spinning in circles and doing a great head bob.  I had even thought to bring beer for us, but then we discovered two road blocks — no glass was allowed on the premesis and I had forgotten to pack a bottle opener. 

JB purchased a cup for $1, and I went to a cheesy souvenier shop, where the cheapest bottle opener I could find was a $4 key chain.  I figured, if we drank both beers I had brought, it would still have been cheaper than purchasing the $6 beers that were being sold at the venue.  The first beer went down without a problem.  JB poured the second one, and next thing we know, Little Miss had grabbed hold of the cup, and spilled it all over our feet.  The entire beer.  No, we haven’t taught her about party fouls yet.  After all that effort, our tasty beer ended up making our feet sticky instead of warming our bellies.  Darnit!

I spent a lot of time in the pool this weekend, as I am contemplating doing a 2.7 mile open water swim in 3 weeks.  I was able to get my yardage up to 3500 yards yesterday, and I figure if I can swim 4,000 yards non-stop, I should have no problem with the swim.  For those of you non-swimmers, I did 140 laps yesterday.  Woo! 

**Edited to add:  After the concert on Saturday, JB decided he needed dessert.  That is how we ended up walking through a casino at 10pm with our 17 month old.  Classy, I know.  And to the woman who looked at my daughter disapprovingly and then looked at her watch to imply we had her out way too late, I say a few things:  1.  Bite me.  2.  Just because we had a kid doesn’t mean we can’t have a life and 3.  Keeping her up late meant we all got to sleep until 9am the next morning, so once again 4.  Bite me. 


19 Jul

Vegas mom gets placenta back – to eat

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A judge has ordered a southern Nevada hospital to return a placenta to a mother who sued to retrieve the afterbirth for her own consumption.

Clark County District Court Judge Susan Johnson granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday, ordering Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center to return the placenta to Anne Swanson.

Hospital officials said they will comply.

The hospital had refused to give the uterine lining to Swanson following the April 12 Caesarian birth of her daughter, with officials calling it contaminated biohazardous waste. The organ is currently frozen.

Read entire article.

Donner Lake Triathlon Pics

18 Jul

Here are some of my pics from the weekend.  Enjoy!