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A Lovely Summer Evening

29 Jun

I just love when the days are long and it’s warm outside. I got some good pictures of Little Miss last night as we enjoyed the evening. Here she is on the bench on our front porch.

Little Miss on the Bench

We also spent a bit of quality time with JB and the pooch, Shadow. Here she is cuddling with Dad.

Little Miss and Daddy Cuddling

And the kid that is obsessed with beads decided to share them with her dog.

Shadow wears beads

And It Keeps Burning

28 Jun

Need I say how sad I am about the fire raging in South Lake Tahoe right now?  I search for news updates on it practically hourly.  Lake Tahoe is such a natural treasure.  I have felt so lucky to live close to Lake Tahoe, and enjoy summers swimming in the lake and hanging out on the beach, and winters where I ski with amazing views of the blue water.

Tahoe has been extremely vulnerable for fires, especially because of environmental restrictions on thinning the forrest and conducting controlled burns.  Looks like this fire is going to have a much more disasterous result than what the restrictions have prevented. 

Our plan for this weekend was to spend one day at the beach of Lake Tahoe.  I absolutely love spending time up there.  But now, I hear there is a layer of black soot on the lake…  Perhaps our plans should change.

I also worry for all of the people who have lost their homes.  Yes, there are some filthy rich people living in Tahoe, but there are also the casino workers that are just struggling to make it by.  If you’d like to help, you can donate money online to the Northern Nevada Red Cross.

I also found the below article very insightful.

Ash endangers campaign to clean Lake Tahoe

Forests had grown thick, but thinning plan was controversial

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Community leaders have long warned of the possibility for catastrophic wildfires that would jeopardize the decades-long effort to restore Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity and forest ecosystem.

As black soot settled on the lake Monday from a massive blaze raging out of control near the south shore, authorities and environmental activists took no pleasure in the fact that their predictions had come to pass.

“This is really a disaster,” said Coe Swobe, a former Nevada state senator who in 1969 authored legislation creating the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, a bistate agency charged with regulating the region’s development. “The cinders and the smoke are polluting the air, which in turn pollute the waters. It will take many years to recover if this continues.”

The fire began Sunday and quickly burned nearly 2,500 acres and more than 200 houses and other structures. The winds died down Monday, slowing the fire’s spread, but it was just marginally contained by mid-afternoon.

All parties agreed the amount of fuel in Tahoe Basin forests had reached critical levels following years of wrangling among environmentalists and government agencies over a plan to thin forests and reduce the fire threat.

Environmental groups were wary of causing air pollution through controlled burns or jeopardizing the health of the forests by logging. Meanwhile, public officials argued among themselves over how best to address the wildfire threat without harming fragile forest ecosystems.

Plan was drafted only recently
In April, the U.S. Forest Service finally settled on a 10-year plan to thin and burn 38,000 acres of forest to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. But it may have been too little, too late.

“This fire didn’t wait 10 years,” said South Lake Tahoe City Manager David Jinkens.

Ironically, the failure to thin the forests and reduce the fire threat is likely to have a far-more serious impact on the environment than controlled burns or logging, environmentalists and public officials agreed.

“The time has come to make some tough decisions to avoid more catastrophic fires,” Swobe said. “I don’t know what it’s going to take to wake up some of these people that are against moving fast. This may be the awakening.”

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Extensive logging during the late 19th century clouded Tahoe’s crystal blue waters, and rampant development in the popular mountain resort area during the 1960s caused soil erosion and algae growth that furthered its demise. Visibility dropped from more than 100 feet to an average of a little over 70 feet today.

A catastrophic blaze like the Angora fire can damage the watershed for years, said Rochelle Nason, executive director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, also known as Keep Tahoe Blue.

“This is that event we’ve all dreaded,” agreed California state Sen. Dave Cox, who represents the area.

Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, acting as governor in Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s absence, called the wildfire a “devastating situation, one that’s going to go for some while because not just the fire, but then the recovery and the potential environmental problems that will result from this fire.”

10th anniversary of Clinton summit
This year marks the 10th anniversary of a summit held by then President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore to draw attention to the restoration of Lake Tahoe, an effort that raised $1 billion from federal, state, private and local government coffers, more than half of which went to projects aimed at protecting the water quality.

About $50 million of that has been spent so far on forest thinning, brush clearing, and prescribed burns. About 462 acres burned by the Angora Fire had received some fire prevention work.

“Everyone in Lake Tahoe has been so aware of fire,” said Julie Regan, spokeswoman for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. “We knew it wasn’t a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ we would have a fire like this. But when you actually see it happening, you actually see the smoke rising above your own neighborhood and you have friends that are in its path, it really hits home.”

Source:  MSNBC (view original article)

What a Way To Make A Livin’

28 Jun

Sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere this week.  This has been an absolutely insane week with work.  Our fiscal year end is Friday, so there is a mad rush to get all open items closed immediately.  I’ve been double and triple booked for meetings that are back to back every day.  Calgon, take me away!

And Little Miss is trying to help matters.  Three days this week, she woke up early and pissed at the world, throwing tantrums at 6:30 in the morning.  I’m not a morning person, people, and man is this hard to deal with when I’m not fully awake yet either.

I have to be at work tomorrow at 6am, and I’ll be dealing with multi-million dollar contracts.  Good golly, they better be serving up some strong coffee, as I’m feeling the pressure of having to perform at such an unGodly hour!

This past weekend, we tried out our new bike trailer for Little Miss.  I got on my road bike for the first time in like three years.  I was wobbly at first, but got back into the feel of things pretty quick.  We rode through a beautiful area of Reno that I had never seen before, and is really close to our house.  Within minutes of leaving our house, we were in winding country-like roads with cows, horses and tons of trees.  We turned around at a park at the top of Windy Hill, which had a great view of the entire city.

Could someone let me know when it’s the weekend?  I really can’t wait for a break!

Video Blogging

26 Jun

Here are a few videos I took recently.  Enjoy!

Little Miss has discovered her belly button, and likes to lift up her shirt or dress periodically just to check that it’s still there. This video just melts my heart. View Video.

She also learned what a Lion says, but it’s not a big “ROAR”, it’s a little, quiet “bwoar”. View video.

Note: The interface between Drop Shots and WordPress seems to be quirky. Sorry I’m just offering links.


21 Jun

It has just been a crappy day.  First I broke my blog.  Then my watch broke at the gym and a piece of it fell in the toilet.  So I had to stick my hand in the gym toilet to rescue it. 

Work has required stupid red tape all day, and oh, my blog images are still broken.

I had thoughts of just quitting blogging all together.

But you all know that I couldn’t do that, as I’m addicted.  But it REALLY gets to the perfectionist in me that my images are all broken.  Gah!!!!  If anyone can help, please email lynnettebellin at hotmail dot com.  I’m willing to bribe you…

Goodbye, Movable Type

21 Jun

I just couldn’t handle the gazillion comment spams I was receiving every day any more.  I was deleting many real comments as I tried to purge all of the spam from my account.

Upgrading Movable Type is a painful process.  A friend recommended Word Press, and voila!  Look at me, I changed my blog platforms ALL BY MYSELF!  OK, with only a few emails for support.  But anyway, it’s done!

Now, I just need someone to help me with some style sheets to make this site look less lame.  Anyone looking for a small freelance gig?  Let me know in the comments if you’re interested!

Updated to add: CRAP AGAIN!!!  I went from breaking half the pictures on my site a few days ago, to breaking ALL of them (including video and slide shows) when I switched platforms.  See, there is a reason I don’t screw with the platform very often.  Someone help!


19 Jun

Darnit. In my quest to remove people’s names from my site, I broke about half of the pictures on my site because names were in the code for the pictures.

*muttering explicatives*

Way to create work for myself… Darn search and replace feature…

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