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Swimmers Itch

31 May

JB and I are still broken out in a rash from the parasite we picked up in Utah. I did some searching and found this article talking about the parasite.

A few exerpts:

Swimmer’s itch surfaces in Southern Utah lakes

ST. GEORGE – Health officials have released information on a condition known as schistosome dermatitis, a parasite that’s become an annual nuisance, to Southern Utah lakes.

The condition, also known as swimmer’s itch – red, itchy, bite-like welts that appear on the body several hours after swimming – is caused by a flatworm parasite.

And while the parasites have left some visitors “bugged,” officials say the condition is no cause for alarm or reason to avoid local waterways.

“It’s not a disease that we track,” said Dr. David Blodgett, health officer for the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.
While several reports have been recorded, the condition “is not incredibly common,” he said. “It’s not really a health concern. It’s just something that happens when you swim in natural waters. I definitely would not say don’t swim because of it.”

“It’s naturally occurring. It affects less than 1 percent of the population,” said Laura Melling, Sand Hollow complex manager, who noted that visitors have identified areas on the east and south shores at Sandy Cove as potentially problematic.

It only affects less than 1 percent of the population! It’s like we won the parasite lottery, with BOTH of us picking it up! I am now self conscious changing in the locker room at the gym, wondering if people think I have some crazy contagious disease, as the bumps are pretty apparant!!!

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The Making of a Water Baby

30 May

Those of you that know me know that I love to swim, and I love to hang out at lakes/beaches/pools/the ocean, etc. This past weekend, Little Miss made it obvious that she is not yet signed up for this plan with me.

I decided it was time to start her acclimation to the water, so I took her to the pool today after work. My first challenge was changing into my swim suit as Little Miss tried to walk her way back out of the locker room. I never even anticipated that being an issue.

Then, on to the swimming lesson. It was pure baby torture. She screamed the whole time and clutched to me for dear life. Last summer, she loved the pool. This summer, she has discovered fear.

I used to teach Parent-Tot swim lessons with babies from 6 months of age up to 2 years. I have seen some kids throw some impressive tantrums the first few class sessions. I’ll have you know that my daughter’s tantrum today would have rivaled the best of my former pupils.

I will not be discouraged, though. I know this will take time and perserverance. Much to her chegrin, we will be headed back to the pool on Friday, and then at least twice a week after that until she becomes the Water Baby I know she can be.

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We Made it To The Carnival

29 May

I am back from spending four days in St. George, Utah visiting some friends. We had a great time hanging out and catching up with our good friends. The traveling with Little Miss went relatively well. That is, until we missed our return flight. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

We spent every day of our vacation going to local lakes and hanging out on the beach or on our friends’ boats. It was very relaxing, and I was able to get in some nice open water swims each day, which makes me very happy.

Little Miss has a ways to go in becoming a good beach baby… She absolutely hated the sand, and also getting her feet wet. I didn’t even try to get more of her wet because she threw such a fit when we dipped her feet. It was the only time this vacation when she was still (besides naps). She wouldn’t move from the beach towel.

I was right to think that vacationing with a toddler isn’t really a vacation, as I spent most of my time following her around and trying to keep her happy. She was crabbier than usual, which I think was just due to stimulation overload.

Things really got interesting on our return trip. We spent Sunday at the lake (and our host’s mother graciously volunteered to watch Little Miss for the day, so I was FREE – yeah!!!). Par for the course with us, we stayed at the lake as long as we could, with each of us getting in a nice 45 minute swim. On our drive back to our hosts’ house, we started itching. All over.

Turned out that we picked up some kind of parasite in the lake. FUN!!! So there was a bit of a delay as we figured out what was wrong with us (as we had rashes all over our bodies), put on Calomine lotion and our hosts dug up some allergy medication for us to take. We then hit the road for the 2 hour drive to the Las Vegas airport. It was relatively smooth until we got turned around trying to find the rental car return. Next thing you know, we’re REALLY tight on time. We checked our bags, ran to the gate, and arrived just in time to see our flight — the last flight to Reno of the day — pulling back from the gate.

We tried to reclaim our baggage and were denied. That is how I found myself in Vegas with three diapers and… wait for it… ONE BABY WIPE to last me for the next 17 hours.

We went to the info desk at the airport, where we told the guy behind the counter that we were looking for a decent hotel that was close and with a free shuttle. He called the Knight’s Inn and made a reservation for us, saying it is “nice”.

And it was… FOR A CRACK HOUSE. Oh, golly, that was a miserable mistake. They didn’t have a crib for Little Miss, and the only store within walking distance was a gas station. We walked to the gas station in search of diapers, milk and wipes. I found everything but diapers. That is when I got creative, and purchased some super duper maxi pads, in hopes that they would extend the life of the three diapers we had on hand.

So, Monday morning, we woke up (after sleeping in our clothes and having absolutely no toiletries available to us), I finger combed my hair (i.e. we were looking ROUGH), and headed to the airport. And that was when we were reminded how smart we were when we decided to travel on Sunday and avoid the peak travel period of Memorial Day. Ah, the best laid plans. It took almost an hour to check in and make it through security.

Little Miss did about 2 laps of the C Gate at that airport. But she was in good spirits, waving to everyone, and saying one of her new words, “hi”. She also picked up another word on the trip, “Eee-iiii”, as in “eee-iii-eee-iii-ooooo” from Old Macdonald.

We made it home around noon yesterday, with everything intact. We felt like we had been run over by a mack truck, but we were intact. I put Little Miss down as we brought in the luggage. She went straight to her Dora car (the one my brother and his family got for her because he knew how annoying it would be), and she pushed the button that made Dora say, “We MADE IT to the Carnival!”. It was very appropriate, as the entire day had felt like some crazy carnival ride.

A few minutes later, I saw some wet spots on the carpet. I thought “where did she get a hold of water?”, and as I investigated closer, I found that we had reached max-capacity of that third and final diaper (with a maxi pad stuck inside). Her pants were soaked and there was a mini-puddle on the carpet.

I couldn’t help but think of my luck that the diaper didn’t give out while she was sitting in my lap on the plane! Wooo!!!

So that was our “vacation”. I took limited pictures (as I was too busy chasing after Little Miss), and will post them later this week.

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Bad News for My Family

23 May

My Republican family is very concerned that I’ve turned into a “Bleeding Liberal”. This short quiz seems to prove that they’re right.

So there.

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 40% Conservative, 60% Liberal

Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

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A Post Where I Bounce From Topic to Topic

23 May

I’ve been it a bit of a blog slump lately, and for no particular reason. I guess I’ll do one entry that bounces around a lot to catch you up.

Little Miss was sick Wednesday through Friday of last week with a high fever. She got well on Saturday, so we went to a friend’s birthday party at one of those indoor play areas, and Little Miss had a blast. That night, she broke out in a rash all over.

Of course, JB was convinced she contracted something new at the birthday party. My first thought was chicken pox, but considering she had been vaccinated against that, it wasn’t likely. The next morning, the rash was worse – even on her scalp, and the poor girl couldn’t stop scratching her head. I called Pediatric Urgent care, and was advised that it was simply a rash that breaks out after a fever, and that she wasn’t contagious. That is a good thing, as I really needed her to be able to go to daycare on Monday.

Speaking of the party, her goodie bag had beads in it. Little Miss immediately took the beads and put them over her head, and was completely enthralled with them. I sat there wondering where she ever learned about beads. But anyway, seeing her new fascination, we dug out some old Mardi-Gras beads we got at a bar, and she has been wearing all three sets of beads almost constantly. It’s pretty funny, but a part of me is cringing, knowing that if she turns out to be a girly-girl, it will kill a certain Tom-boy part of her mother.

I am looking at flying with Little Miss in the very near future, and I have to admit that I’ve had thoughts of making up some excuse to cancel the trip, as I’m very nervous about traveling with a fully mobile toddler who has just learned how to do tantrums. I am going to be one of THOSE people on the plane… You know, the ones that people hate to see as they board the plane. Luckily it’s a short flight.

It seems so attractive to just stay home and not throw off her schedule, and I’ve found myself thinking that about several of our upcoming trips. I realize that my challenge this summer will be to forge ahead, as a life spent at home without any travel or fun trips is just boring. I just have to accept that traveling with a toddler really isn’t a vacation, as I know it will be exhausting. But I can’t live in a cocoon forever. And I figure I have to learn how to do this and suck it up, because if I don’t, after kiddo number two (no, still not pregnant, people), I would never leave the house.

As for Little Miss, I have been referring to her lately as our “Little Celebrity”, as she waves at people every time she walks. At the grocery store, leaving daycare, it doesn’t matter, she is waving at complete strangers as if to say “don’t you know who I am?!” Many people get a kick out of this, but it really surprises me how many people just ignore her. Come on, she is adorable, and she is waving at you! Can’t you have a heart and wave back?!

So, that’s about all that is going on. I am coming up on a busy Memorial Day weekend that will keep me far away from the Internet, so don’t expect to hear much more from me this week.

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Pet Peeves

18 May

A few of my Internet pet peeves:

1. When one of my favorite bloggers quits. Argh! It’s like reading a book and finding out the ending is ripped out. There are several sites I’ve been reading for YEARS and they recently kicked the bucket. DARN YOU!!!

2. When people put songs on their MySpace profile pages. 99% of the time when I’m on the computer, I have my own music playing, and to have your song start blaring over my music is highly annoying.

3. Private profile pages on MySpace. Seriously, why bother? Just don’t post incriminating information or pictures and you’re fine.

4. Comment spam. My blog is getting over run with comment spam. I know I need to switch platforms to upgrade the comments functionality, but who has time for that?! If your comment doesn’t show up on my site, it’s probably because I accidentally deleted it while filtering out all of the spam comments.

5. Back to MySpace, what is up with the crappy layouts people use? They are mostly horribly distracting and make the pages hard to read.

I’m done ranting for now. Little Miss is still home sick with a fever, which turned out to definitely not be teething, as it peaked at 103.2. I’m fighting off the cough of the devil. Hopefully some day we will all be well again.

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Mother’s Day in Pictures

16 May

Yes, I’m still here… What, you expected me to post again after my brain dump last week?! Little Miss got kicked out of daycare today for having a fever. I suspect she is just teething, but she isn’t allowed back for 24 hours. And guess who is staying home with her tomorrow?! Moi.

Anyway, JB’s parents were visiting over the weekend and we had a lovely time. I’ll tell you about Mother’s Day using the pictures that my father-in-law took.






And yes, it was quite lovely not having to work on Mother’s Day.

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