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30 Apr

I’m wondering why the ‘n’ and ‘m’ keys on my keyboard are the only ones with the letters worn off. Are those now the most popular letters in the alphabet? Must remember for my next game of Scrabble…

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What A Wonderful World

30 Apr

Saturday night, we went out to a restaurant called Ciao, which specializes in gourmet pizza and good wine (they even have a sommolier). We chose to go there because the lead singer from Uncle Funkle, the band that played our wedding reception, was doing an acoustic set there.

Dinner was good. Little Miss was well behaved, and then wanted to show off her new trick to the entire restaurant after she was done eating — WALKING! That’s right, we officially have a walker, aka a toddler on our hands! She walked all around that restaurant with her hands up, and doing the ultimate balancing trick — walking while holding her ear (don’t know why she’s doing this, but it seems to help her balance).

After dinner, we went into the area where the music was, and after the first song ended, everyone clapped. Little Miss then started clapping, very delayed, but very enthusiastically. The singer (I think his name is Joe) saw her, Brother Cled, and said into the microphone, “there is my biggest little fan!” He then dedicated “What a Wonderful World” to her, and JB danced with her to that song. It was a beautiful moment, where I truly felt that it was a wonderful world for my little family.

After we left the restaurant, we went to a car dealership across the street, where JB gave her a balloon from one of the cars, and she held that balloon in between her arms, and WALKED the whole length of the dealership all by herself, saying, “uh uh uh, oh!” repeatedly. It was utterly adorable, and I really wish I had brought a camera with me!

So I leave you today with a picture that just melts my heart. Happy Monday, everyone!

Daddy’s little girl:

daddys girl.jpg

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Bottle Intervention Days 2 and 3

30 Apr

Saturday was a rough day, as Little Miss refused any sippy cups, as sippy cups are the ROOT OF ALL EVIL. I finally was concerned with her getting dehydrated, so I gave her a bottle of water.

On Sunday, she started drinking from a sippy again, but refused all milk. Did you know that milk in a sippy cup tastes like poison?! It does, just ask her. Now concerned that she wasn’t drinking any milk (down from 3 bottles a day), I gave her a bottle last night. And man, did she enjoy that bottle.

As I admitted to my in-laws last night, I’m playing this all by ear, because I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I guess the latest strategy is that I’ll give her one bottle a day if she refuses milk all day. And then we’ll discuss with her doctor at her 15 month appointment.

This parenting thing… Full of strategy it is…

So as for the score, I think we’re in a tie. It’s hard to tell at this point.

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Bottle Intervention: Day 1 (Evening)

27 Apr

The battle wages on. I offered her a sippy for her night time milk, and was greeted with screams. I then tried to brush her teeth, and she had none of it, so off to bed without a bottle she goes.

She is really pissed.

Little Miss – 1; Momma – 1

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Bottle Intervention: Day 1

27 Apr

I decided to start the intervention this morning, and offered Little Miss her milk in a sippy cup. She pretended to take a sip (didn’t actually get anything out), and then proceeded to gag dramatically. She then threw the sippy cup.

Being the tough Momma that I am, I decided that she’d just have to go without, so I went about my business of preparing our lunches for the day. She came over and started whining, which escalated into screaming, and rationally, I knew that I could stop all of this if I just fed her some solids, but I was already late for work.

So I poured her milk into her bottle and gave it to her. She happily sucked it down.

Score: Little Miss – 1, Momma – 0

I was still late for work this morning.

Does anyone have advice for me as I head into the weekend of intervention?!

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Prepare Yourself

26 Apr

Prepare youself to be overcome by cuteness… Tonight, I decided to feed Little Miss outside since the weather was so beautiful. It took her a matter of minutes to figure out what fun it is to feed our dog, Shadow. Poor guy was so patient as she fed him one grain of rice at a time!

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Staging an Intervention

26 Apr

I went to the dentist today. While I was there, I asked them about the deadline Little Miss’s doctor had given me for getting her off the bottle at 15 months (which is less than 2 weeks away).

The dentist strongly urged me to get her off the bottle stat. I then got quite a lecture about how bad it is for babies to suck on a bottle and get milk sugars all in between their teeth, and how horrible it is to have a kid with tooth decay, yada yada yada.

Oh, boy, this isn’t going to be fun. She loves her sippy if water is in it. But if you put milk in her sippy cup, she will take one sip, spit it out and THROW the sippy cup, as if to say “how dare you, woman!”

This weekend, we will be staging an intervention. We will try having her quit cold turkey. I plan this on a weekend, because it is a time when I can be more flexible with my sleep, as I don’t think this is going to be pretty.

Is there an equivolent to a nicotene patch for babies being broken of the bottle? If so, please send some my way!!!

Wish me luck!

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My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours

26 Apr

Tonight, JB decided to make a milkshake. Here were the ingredients:

1. Vanilla ice cream
2. Milk
3. Organic wild blueberries (he was very specific about this)
4. Peanut butter
5. Scotch Whiskey (aged 12 years)

And as random and icky as that sounds, it really wan’t half bad.

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Little Miss Demonstrates Kneeing

22 Apr

It’s been a month since I posted a “video of the week”, so here is documentation of Little Miss’s kneeing, as mentioned in the previous post.

I’m not sure why I sound so out of breath in this video…

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Why Walk When You Can Knee?

19 Apr

The number one question acquaintances are asking me about Little Miss is, “is she walking yet?”

Well, yes. And no… She can walk. She can walk pretty darn far as long as she has one of our fingers to hold on to. She has repeatedly taken about 30 steps at a time. But, you see, she either lacks the motivation or the courage to walk on her own. I’m not quite sure which it is.

Her main form of transpotation now-days is what we call “kneeing”. She goes practically everywhere on her knees, and will often drop to her knees if we try to get her to walk. They’ve already delayed graduating her to the toddler room at daycare because one of the requirements for that room is that you must be able to walk.

She’s a bit slow on talking, too. Right now, practically everything is “da” in her world. The second she wakes up, she is pointing to things in her room and exclaiming “da!” at each item. Who knew that one word (or sound really) could have so many meanings?!I’m working on the sign language thing, and I THINK she did the sign for eat yesterday, as she tried to stuff her entire hand into her mouth.

I don’t know, it could have been coincidence.

But something I’ve realized lately, is she definitely is starting to gain some word recognition. I ask her to point out a few things in her books, and she has done so accurately for ball, dog and duck. This morning, I asked her where her duck was, and she crawled over and picked up her duck. It’s encouraging… Perhaps soon we will have a meaningful conversation. (Said with a tint of sarcasm.)

The past few days, Little Miss has been obsessed with sticking her tiny little fingers up my nostrils. And let me tell you, those tiny fingers can go REALLY far up there. She thinks it is absolutely hilarious as I try to thwart these attempts.

I’ve been a bit obsessed about the food she is eating, trying to mesh a strategy that won’t create a picky eater with one that will create a healthy eater. I’m a bit convinced us parents don’t have much control there, and this child baffles me daily, as she refuses yesterday’s favorite and sure doesn’t like to try anything that LOOKS different. The ironic thing is that at daycare, she is known as a “great eater”. Pretty good, I’d say, but not horribly adventurous.
Cautious might be the word, just like she is in walking.

That’s the update for now, on my kneeing 14.5 month old. I’m off to Seattle for a day-trip tomorrow, so don’t expect to hear from me for a few days.

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My Heart Goes Out to the Hokies

18 Apr

Little Miss went to bed at 6:20 last night, so I found myself with some unplanned time on my hands. Instead of spending that time wisely, or reading one of the many books I have checked out from the library, I got sucked into the media coverage on the Virginia Tech shootings.
It breaks my heart to learn about the victims, all of whom had so much going for them. It makes me wonder what this world is coming to. I think back on my days in college, and they were carefree and happy days. There wasn’t concern over security on campus and I felt safe there. The Virginia Tech students have been robbed of that security. I can only imagine the emotional trauma of the survivors, and the anguish of the family members.

Being a mother, I think these types of incidents bother me more now than they used to. It makes me wonder in what kind of world my daughter will grow up. I worry about terrorism, drugs, and global warming, to list a few. All of these things weren’t of concern to me as I was growing up, and it pains me to realize that she will have to deal with the threats of these much too young. It scares me to have her leave the safe cocoon that we have created for her, but I know that must happen. It brought tears to my eyes to see the parents talking about their lost children.

I told JB the other night that my worst fear would be to lose either him or Little Miss. I asked him if he ever had those thoughts, and he said no, why would you die? I wish I could live in that state of bliss, but I have seriously become a worry wart.

I have been thinking recently how everything is going well for us. I have finally realized my biggest life dreams, including finding the love of my life and having a child. I look at our life, and how unbelievably lucky we are, and I start to worry that something will happen to take that away from us.

Seeing the images on TV regarding Virginia Tech remind me that it could happen in a split second. I thank God every day for our blessings, and make a conscious effort to tell the people in my life how much I love them, but I can’t keep the fears from my mind.
God bless everyone affected by this tragedy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Who Runs This Place, Anyway?

17 Apr

Our taxes were completed at about 12:30 am. Just back from the post office, to which I’d like to submit this feedback:

  • This is a great day for your self-serve kiosk to be out of service
  • Weren’t you expecting a lot of business today?! Perhaps you could have staffed up
  • Speaking of the staff, could they move any SLOWER? I watched them mosey from the back room back up to the front counter repeatedly as the line grew and grew
  • To the people who were mailing things other than tax returns, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! The woman ahead of me was mailing a Land’s End return. Seriously?!

Glad that project is over for another year. We have made our annual contribution to the black hole otherwise known as Iraq.

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Scared of My Own Shadow

12 Apr

We had a scare with our 10 year old black lab mix, Shadow, this past week. I was home from work on Monday hanging out with my parents when I saw him crouching as he walked across the yard. He then lay down, and when I approached him, something was really WRONG.

He was drooling like crazy, his body was all stiff, and his eyes looked empty. I seriously thought he was dieing, and the first thing that popped into my head was the tainted pet food that has been in the news lately.

I’m so glad my parents were there. I called Mom out while I went in to get truck keys and shoes so that I could rush him to the vet. I pulled our pick up truck up right next to him, and loaded him into the bed. And then, he stood up, and was totally fine. The sparkle was back in his eyes, he was wagging his tail, and was totally oblivious to the panic he had stricken in his master’s heart.

That’s when we determined that he had had a siezure. I then recalled that he had experienced a siezure years ago when he was much younger (before I had ever met JB and Shadow).

So, I’m glad to say that Shadow is fine, though it took quite a while for me to recover from the adrenaline rushing through my body and the fear that we would lose yet another precious dog within a year’s time.

Here’s hoping that Shadow is still in it with us for the long haul. He is such an awesome, loving dog that I really hope he is.

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If Only All Childrens’ Books Were So Honest

12 Apr

When my parents came to visit, they brought Little Miss a book all about dogs, as she is a bit obsessed with them. Below is my absolute favorite page in this book, and this page makes this book one of my favorites of all of her books, as it really cracks me up.

Why aren’t more baby books true to life, with a bit of humor and bodily functions?!

(Ah, perhaps my million dollar idea…)

P.S. The bulldog that is peeing comes with a pull out tab that lets you raise and lower his leg. PRICELESS!


How cute is the pooping yellow lab?!

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Trip to the Zoo

11 Apr

On Monday, my parents, sister-in-law and nieces accompanied Little Miss and I to the Sierra Safari Zoo. It’s a small zoo, but with one attraction I had never seen before at a zoo… You start off with the deer exhibit, where you actually go into the deer enclosure, and the deer are so tame that they all gather around you looking for food. My sister-in-law SIL A fed the deer, and we all watched in amazement. Little Miss just loved them, and was kicking and pointing while exclaiming “da! da!”.

Here are my pics from our outing.

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Easter at the Bellins

11 Apr

Easter was a lot of fun this year, with a good portion of my family in attendance. My parents, brother Brother C, sister-in-law SIL A, and nieces KC (2.5 yrs) and Cousin K (6.5 months) all came over to help us celebrate.

Mom and I cooked up a yummy Easter brunch, and topped it off with Mimosas and treats from the Easter Bunny.

Here are my pictures from the day… Enjoy!

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Hello world!

6 Apr

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Why So Many Women Have C-Sections

4 Apr

I just read an article titled Why so many women have C-sections: About 30 percent of U.S. births are Cesareans, but are they necessary?.

Some disconcerting quotes from the article:

  • Women are opting for C-sections because of “fear of pain. Some women feel that if they have a Cesarean delivery they will have epidural anesthesia throughout the procedure without the potential of having to deal with labor and delivery pains.” There might be less pain during the actual delivery, but women should definitely fear the pain during the recovery process (especially those first two weeks, where standing, sitting, laughing, coughing, laying down and walking are all painful).

  • Listed as a reason for an increase in C-section deliveries: “An increase in induction of labor. (When labor is induced there is higher risk of Cesarean sections). Approximately 20 percent of labors were induced in 2003, compared to 9.5 percent in 1990. Labors are often induced because of more active surveillance with ultrasounds in the last few weeks of pregnancy… Frequently a doctor is on call for a particular period of time, or, less frequently, may be out of town. If parents want that particular doctor to be present at the delivery they may decide to set an induction date.” I still wonder what would have happened if I would have let nature take its course and hadn’t induced mainly so that my doctor could attend to me. She didn’t show up until the C-section had been arranged.
  • This paragraph has me reeling: “It appears that it takes longer to get pregnant after C-section (however, this may be voluntary). Because of potential scarring in the uterus or in areas near the uterus there seems to be an increased risk in subsequent ectopic pregnancies and miscarriage. There is also twice the risk of unexplained stillbirth in the next pregnancy. Additionally, we know that the scarring of the uterine wall can lead to abnormal placement of the placenta (placenta previa) in the next delivery and this can lead to hemorrhage and a premature Cesarean section. The placenta may also grow into the uterine wall, a condition called placenta accrete and create serious bleeding on attempts to remove it after delivery.
    And finally, the placenta can separate before delivery (abruption), resulting in hemorrhage, fetal distress or even fetal demise. There are also higher rates of surgical complications in subsequent cesarean sections (especially injury to the bladder). The rate for hysterectomy due to bleeding is 60 times higher after more than one cesarean delivery, the risk of transfusion is greater and the average hospital stay is increased among women with multiple prior cesarean sections. A woman who is having repeat C-sections is twice as likely to be readmitted to the hospital.
    I don’t even know where to start on this, besides that this paragraph scared the you know what out of me!

A Mammoth Good Time

2 Apr

Thanks to JB’s parents, my hubby and I were able to get away for a quick ski vacation to Mammoth Mountain, California this weekend.

Mammoth is a short 3 hour drive South of our house. It was definitely spring skiing conditions, but for the most part, the conditions were relatively good. I was wearing my new FAT skis (the Solomon 1080 Guns), which power through the slush really well. They don’t do so great on ice, however, which is what I managed to find a lot of on Saturday.

Side note: One man that rode up with us asked me “how do you like your pocket rockets?” I hestitated a bit, but figured he was talking about my skis, so I started talking about my skis’ performance. JB later told me that the previous generation of my skis were called the Pocket Rockets. I was just hoping he wasn’t asking me something inappropriate!

We hit the slopes hard, and that mountain ate us up and spit us out. By the end of Saturday, both of our legs were so sore that walking to the car was even a challenge.

We went out to a lovely fancy dinner on Saturday night, complete with crab cakes, scallops, steak and a fine wine. Afterwards, we went to the Village to check out some bars. We walked into one bar to find a bunch of LA type girls — all dressed to the hilt in their stiletto shoes and completely dolled up. I took one look, and thought that there is no way those woman attacked the mountain like I had today, as I defintely was looking tired, and there was no way in HELL my aching feet were fitting into anything but my Merrel after sport Mocs. We ended up at a cafe eating a Nutella crepe and sipping coffee instead, which was much more my speed.

Our first run on Sunday, we were loading the chair and the man next to me stumbled and then fell. He grabbed on to the chair, as it was still moving, and it dragged him underneath the chair like 10 feet. I was yelling “let go!!!” He then let go, and landed in one huge puddle. Poor guy… But honestly, I’ve never seen an adult flub getting on the chair so badly.

Sunday’s conditions were a lot better, and I finally found some ego snow, and pounded out a ton of bumps runs. We did one run called the Poop Chute, and another that I said should be renamed Thighs of Steel because it was such a thigh burner.

It was a truly wonderful weekend. It was our first trip away together without Little Miss since she was born, and we did get a chance to reconnect again. We lived like we did the first two years we knew each other — sleeping in a bit, eating a nice breakfast, skiing hard, then hot tubbing with some beers. Ah, truly the life.

I took today off to recover and to hang out with JB’s parents before they leave. I leave you with some pictures from our trip.