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How To Make Me Crabby

28 Feb

I stopped by the grocery store yesterday after work. I needed to buy the basics, but I was primarily concerned with buying some nice dark chocolate. I find that a small piece of chocolate each day can curb my sweet cravings and make me feel happy all around.

When I got home and unpacked the bags, one item was missing.

My chocolate.

Of all things to leave out, they picked my chocolate. Yes, they managed to charge me for it. They couldn’t have left out the spinach, salad, etc. They had to leave out the chocolate. I searched my car not once, not twice, but three times, and confirmed the chocolate is missing in action. And it really is just too much of a pain in my butt to march back in there to get my chocolate because one trip to the store weekly is challenge enough with a 1 year old.

I don’t know if that started a string of events, but I woke up this morning, and soon thereafter, I was just peeved. And I’ve been peeved the whole day, wanting to just go home and take a nap. In my prior life, on days like this, I might actually cave into that whim,and after a nap and some veg-out time, I’d probably be my normal chipper self. But I have plenty of real substantial reasons for which I miss work, and hence I shall just remain peeved.

I did manage to sneak away to purchase some chocolate at a nearby store, which after that and a tall cup of leaded coffee (which I save for situations when I really need the jolt), perhaps I will see myself out of this peevish hole in which my day has been residing.

The Snow Gods Finally Smiled Upon Us

27 Feb

A storm hit us yesterday that put a foot of snow at our house in the foothills of the mountains, and a storm total of 79 inches of snow at Kirkwood and 54 inches of snow at Mt. Rose (15 minutes from our house).

The entire valley is blanketed in snow, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I keep looking out the window wistfully at Mt. Rose, which just looks amazing. I’m sure many local people will be calling in sick this week to take advantage of the conditions. Not me, I’ll be skiing with all the people on the weekend because I’ve already missed too much work lately due to real illness and not the pow-pow sickness.

My buddy Robert took some awesome video at Alpine Meadows this past weekend, when the storm first started to hit. Imagine another foot or two on top of what you’re seeing in this video!!!

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

26 Feb

Today marks the fifth anniversary of my blog. I would link you to my first ever entry, but it was in a makeshift site I created and updated via Frontpage (very rudimentary), so those entries only exist in a backup file on my other computer. It also wasn’t very interesting anyway. I moved to Movable Type (the current platform) one year later in 2003, so here is a link to my first month on this platform.

In the past five years, this site has documented my life as I moved from Sparks, NV to Reno, NV to Carson City, NV and back to Reno, NV. It documented my meeting of the infamous JB, our courtship, which included me being a groupie at his band’s shows and an insane amount of skiing. It then documented our engagement, the planning of our wedding, life as newlyweds, and then my pregnancy and journey into motherhood.

Many of you have been along for a lot of the ride, and for that, I thank you. I know I’ve been reaching for content lately, but have patience with me!

Both of my parents are celebrating birthdays this week, so here is a big call out to them. They are celebrating with a ski trip to Steamboat, CO. How cool is that?! You guys rock!

This weekend, JB and I had a ski date. We hired a sitter and drove to Kirkwood for a day of skiing on Saturday. Unfortunately, everyone in Northern California had the same idea, as I had never seen as many people on the slopes as I did that day. There was a one hour traffic jam backup on the highway to the entrance of the resort. The line to get lift tickets was like 50 people long, as was the line to the restroom.

Luckily, the lifts we like to ski at Kirkwood are labeled Experts Only with a sign that has a skull and crossbones, meaning it scares off 90% of the people and we didn’t have to wait in line much for the ski lifts. There was 4 feet of new snow, meaning JB was in heaven, and to put it mildly, I was challenged, as I have mental issues with powder (stemming from my leap off a cornice in 2002 that ended in partial tears of multiple tendons in my knee). It’s amazing how much money you can spend in one day when you’re paying a sitter $10/hour and buying gas/food/lift tickets. Needless to say, our ski dates are few and far between now.

Little Miss and I finally seem to be well, though her asthma symptoms and treatments continue. She had her 1 year checkup last week, where she measured 100th percentile for height at 31 3/4 inches, and 80th percentile in weight. Tall and skinny — that’s my girl. She is finally starting to take more steps on her own, which we captured on camera last night. If I ever figure out how to upload video to this site, I’ll show you. I just don’t have time to deal with it right now.

We have crazy snow storms hitting the mountains this entire week, so hopefully I will be skiing the Mt. Rose Chutes this weekend (some STEEP, awesome terrain that has yet to open this season).

Oh, and now that I got Little Miss and I well, JB has the flu and pink eye. My house is one big germ, and I need a bubble to keep me safe!

The Journey of Death

21 Feb

For all of you NMSU Aggie Alumni out there, you need to read this article which was on the front page of the Reno Gazette Journal on Monday.

I was a amuzed, and a bit miffed at the negative portrayal the journalist gave of Las Cruces, a city that is very fond in my heart.

A few quotes:

“An early visitor, Spanish explorer Don Juan de Onate, called his trip there in 1598 the “Jornado del Muerto.”

In English, that’s “Journey of Death.” Not exactly a chamber of commerce slogan.

The city, founded in 1849, got its name after some travelers were killed by Apaches, and the survivors marked their graves with crosses, calling the area “La Placita de Las Cruces,” or “Place of the Crosses.”

Not much of a tale to attract tourists or Wolf Pack fans.”

The Las Cruces that I left almost 10 years ago was a charming college town with a lot of Spanish culture. You could find some of the best New Mexican food there, and there were REAL cowboys everywhere (as opposed to Reno, which has Rednecks and wanna be cowboys). And the bars there had the best two stepping and swing dancing joints I’ve ever been experienced.

I miss the Organ mountains, the pecan groves, the Rio Grande (especially the parties along the river banks), the mild winters and the food and the nightlife. It’s just different there. It’s a shame the journalist couldn’t appreciate different.

I didn’t appreciate the negative slant the article took, and just for that, I sure hope that my Aggies put this writer in his place when they play UNR.

I think we have a fighting chance, because our team already beat the UNR Wolf Pack once this season.

Go Aggies!

Evil Daycare Germs Strike Again

21 Feb

The babe is sick yet again. This is getting really friggen old. I think I’ve determined that her last illness was RSV, which had her homebound for six days, four of which she had to stay home from daycare. She was well for less than a week when she got the latest bug.

So now her cough is back with a runny nose and general crabbiness, and I just want to scream CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY. Yes, I have nanny services available through work, but I only get a limited number of hours per year, and I’ve burned through about 50% of our 2007 allotment within the first two months of the year. CRAP.

And then there is the guilt that happens every time she gets sick. All I want to do is rush home and hold my baby, but she is sick so often that if I did that, I seriously don’t think I’d have a job anymore. So I juggle nanny services with my husband and me, and meanwhile, I just want to be home with my baby.

JB said last night, “well, at least we only have another year of this.” And to that, I laughed, because if we go for kiddo #2, we’ll get to start this illness routine all over again. Evil daycare germs. I hope they won’t get the best of me.

Day Trip To Oakland

16 Feb

On a one day business trip, I found myself in the middle of a security breach at the Oakland Airport. I showed up with plenty of time before my flight, and arrived to find mass chaos at the entry to the airport. I was redirected outside and down about 1/4 mile from the normal entrance, and that was where the security line started. The airport was stuffy and hot, overpacked, and they had huge fans running that weren’t making a difference.

When I looked at the flight status screen, no departure flights had departure times listed.

Oh, that wasn’t a good feeling. But can you believe after all this mess, my plane was only 10 minutes late departing?

More details from this article below:

Oakland airport emptied after alarm triggered
Man vanishes at terminal; search turns up with no one meeting suspect’s description

Authorities evacuated boarding gates at Oakland International Airport on Thursday after a man set off a security checkpoint metal detector and vanished, an airport spokeswoman reported…

Airport authorities then searched for the man, including searching two flights that were boarding, but could find no one meeting the description, Barnes said.

“When they did not locate the individual in a few minutes, they made the decision to evacuate the boarding area,” sending passengers back to the public area of both terminals to be re-screened, Barnes said…

“A couple of thousand (passengers) were impacted today,” Barnes said. “There were very long lines” to get back through security, and “queuing was all the way out on the sidewalk areas when the checkpoints were shutdown.”

Before I had found out what was going on, I asked the woman checking my ID at security if there was something going on, and she shook her head no. I then asked, “this is normal for this airport?”, and no response. The Oakland airport is usually a nutty place, but yesterday took nutty to an all new level.

I discovered that the best way to figure out what is going on while you’re at an airport is to call the airline. It wasn’t until I called Southwest that I was told about the breach. It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that the extra police, bomb sniffing dogs, and crazy lines mean something is amiss, but airport personnel were rather mum about it.

Little Miss’s 12 Month Portraits

14 Feb

Here are Little Miss’s 12 month portraits! I’m not overly pleased with them, mainly because the Pennies Portrait Studio was running about an hour late, pushing her way past nap time, and she was just starting to get sick. Hence, she wasn’t at her prime for this session.

This is my favorite:






And this one, I call my Sad Clown:


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