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More Childcare Quandry

31 Jan

I haven’t written because I’ve been in the midst of a child care quandry. Now that Catherine is gone from daycare, I’ve been more critical of the care she’s receiving. I don’t think that she is getting the interaction (affection, songs, activities, etc.) that she was with Catherine. It bothers me to know my daughter is pretty much on her own when someone isn’t taking care of her basic needs (diaper changes, feedings and naps).

So I looked at a few more daycares this past week. One made me really appreciate my current daycare more. But another was offering what I’m talking about — activities with the babies to stimulate them. It’s more of a free-for-all at Little Miss’s current daycare.

But, the daycare lists in this town are out of control. The other daycare I liked couldn’t get us in for a year.

And then I got a call today from Catherine, who wants to be Little Miss’s full time nanny out of our home.

It really would be ideal. My problem with the arrangement is what if Catherine decides to quit on me? My current daycare has a list 2 years long. I’d really be in a lurch. I’ve communicated this to her, and she guarantees that she’s in for the long haul, but that’s a lot to invest in someone’s word.

I also worry about socialization. I think Little Miss really enjoys the kids at daycare. On one hand, she’d get undivided attention, but will that hamper her social development?

I just don’t know what to do. It’s really all consuming for me, and it is a really big decision. It’s my daughter’s care. What could be more important???

I will be discussing Catherine’s offer with JB tonight, and will let you know what we decide. Sorry the news isn’t more exciting than that.

The Rug Pulled Out From Under Me

25 Jan

One of the things that made being a working Mom a bit easier was the fact that both Little Miss and I adored her primary caregiver at daycare, Catherine (name changed for her privacy). She was a warm, loving person that cared for Little Miss as one of her own children. I cannot tell you how valuable that is.

And she quit yesterday due to problems with the daycare management. I can hardly express how extremely upset I am by this. The other care givers at daycare are OK, they’re just not Catherine. I called Catherine on the phone yesterday, who was crying and saying how much she already missed Little Miss. I’m sure we’ll still keep in touch with her and have her babysit on occasion, but there is a huge void for me when it comes to the day-to-day care of my daughter.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so bothered by this. Overnight, I went from being completely satisfied with my daycare to feeling like I should perhaps look at some other options. I know that things might look up once I find out who her new official caretaker is, but that person will unfortunately not measure up to Catherine.

And to top things off, when I picked Little Miss up yesterday, I was given a notice saying they’re raising rates $50/month. It just stings a bit more when I know that I’ll be paying more for care that just won’t be on par with what it was when Catherine was there.

January Slide Show

22 Jan

Here are my latest pics for your enjoyment!

One Small Step for this Baby, One Giant Leap for the Mamma

22 Jan

My baby took her first steps last night. I knew it was coming any day, but I can’t help but feel like we’ve crossed this threshold… That she’s now one step closer to being a toddler.

It’s amazing how proud those steps can make a parent. She worked her way up to four steps last night, and each one made my heart swell. As I put her to bed last night, I whispered to her that she’d be amazed at all the places she would walk one day.

Little Miss and I had a wonderful weekend. JB was off at a back country skiing class, so it was just us girls. It was a quiet, low key weekend, and it was just what I needed. I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere, and instead of busting my butt to get chores done while she napped, I took the time to read a book and nap myself. True luxury, I must say. We went to the park, played on the slides (because the swings were SHEER TERROR), and went on a hike on Sunday.

And on a separate note, I’d like to wish Little Miss’s Papa, Jack, a very happy birthday today!

Google’s at it Again

18 Jan

Looks like Google is at it again with their “stellar” customer service when someone’s account gets hacked.

Help me spread the word that The Happiness of Pursuit has been hacked and is getting the silent treatment from Google.

I didn’t tell all of you the end of my Google story, by the way. They finally restored my account access, because someone within Google’s realm said they were able to verify my identity, even though they didn’t ask me any more questions. I later received an email from someone on the Google security team saying that they were researching my incident, and found some emails that the hacker had deleted from my account, so they restored those emails.

The emails were the password change confirmation and account name change confirmation emails from eBay. From those emails, I was able to find the IP address of the hacker. I sent that IP address to that person at Google, and they tracked it down to an Internet Service Provider in Italy. I was told that they could try to track the person through the ISP, but that the ISP most likely wouldn’t help, and Google thought it would be a dead end anyway.

I felt a bit better about the experience to know that Google was following up on the hacking of my account, but I still think they need to improve their process for handling these hackings. The amount of time that the hacker had access to my account was totally unacceptable. They should look at eBay as an example, who has an online chat with a customer service agent for issues with security. Yes, I had to wait in queue for 45 minutes, but I was happy to do that in order to get a live person to help me solve the issue on the spot. Kudos, eBay. Shame on you, Google.

Home, Sweet Home

16 Jan

Well, I’m back from Seattle. It snowed about 1/2 inch overnight, and I got a kick out of seeing how everyone in the Seattle area COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT over the scary road conditions after 1/2 inch of snow. In fact, once I arrived at my company’s offices this morning, I saw that half of the parking lot was empty. I then discovered most of the people I was supposed to meet with today hadn’t made it into work today.

It is a bit baffling. Back when I worked in Michigan, even a blizzard was not a viable excuse for missing work. I was specifically told that a blizzard just meant you should get up earlier since your drive would take longer.

I was sharing a rental car with a coworker, who stayed at another hotel. As my coworker was leaving this morning, she came across a poor woman that couldn’t get a cab to come get her in the snow, so she had no way to make it to her interview at our company. My coworker offered this woman a ride, and then my coworker got completely and utterly lost trying to find my hotel, which was about 1/4 mile away from hers. We finally got that poor woman to her interview about 20 minutes late, but considering her interviewer wasn’t answering the phone, I wonder if her interviewer even made it into the office. Anyway, quite a way to start off an interview day, especially at my company, where interviews are day-long marathon sessions.

I arrived home and picked up Little Miss from daycare. As I put her in her car seat, she started clapping. I have been trying to get her to clap for months, then I leave for two days, and voila — clapping. She clapped the entire way home. At every stop light, I would clap along with her, and I’m sure the people in the cars around me thought I had completely lost it.

Well, it’s good to be home. I just couldn’t hug my baby or smell her sweet smell enough tonight.

Goodbye, Sun

14 Jan

I’m off to Seattle this afternoon for a business trip. I’m taking my last look at sunshine before I head into the land of clouds… More later!