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Heart Attack in the Making?

23 Sep

I’m either getting ready to have a heart attack, or my heart rate monitor is on the fritz.

Yesterday as I was running, it was reading 165 beats per minute as I was warming up and not jogging hard at all. Then, as I was running up a hill sucking wind, it was reading 70 beats per minute.

Hopefully a new battery will solve the problem.

What a BRAT

21 Sep

I know, I know, I’ve sucked at updating this week, and I’ve heard about it. Well, we’ve been dealing with a sick baby this week. Little Miss came down with the stomach flu on Tuesday, when she got kicked out of daycare for having a fever and upset stomach.

She slept twelve hours that night and seemed to be all better the next day, so I took her to daycare. She then projectile puked on three daycare workers and got kicked out of daycare for a second day in a row. She was then not allowed to return for 24 hours, which I don’t blame them.

I knew this would happen. It’s just Murphy’s Law that she would get sick when I absolutely cannot take off of work. I’m in week two of my new job, and really, how would it look for me to call in sick or go running off to pick her up? Not good at all. That has meant JB has had to take the brunt of this.

She has been waking up at night at least twice, and though we’ve been switching off that duty, I haven’t been sleeping well in anticipation of having to go care for her. It’s a Mom thing. Anyway, picture this… I’m on severe lack of sleep, and go to my first big meeting with the higher ups. I’m about four feet away from four of the higher ups in a LONG meeting, and the exhaustion finally caught up with me. It took all my might to stay awake, and I’m hoping that no one noticed the extreme effort it took to keep my eyes open. It wasn’t that I was bored… Just that I was so tired that it wasn’t a good idea to make me sit still for well over an hour.

It has been hard this week. Like on Wednesday morning, when I picked her up and she collapsed against me in a deep sleep. All I wanted to do was hold my poor sick baby, but I had to put her down so that I could go to work. I guess that’s the price you pay, but it still sucks.

I’m glad to report she now seems to be on the mend. This week, we learned that you don’t give a baby with the stomach flu formula, even though that is usually her main form of nutrition. (It comes right back up — wee!) We also learned about the BRAT diet of bananas, rice cereal, applesauce and toast (for you non-parents, that’s what you start feeding a baby once they’ve moved beyond holding down clear liquids). What happened to chicken soup?!

That’s about all I have to report. I am blissfully looking forward to the weekend, in hopes that I can shake the exhaustion that is gripping my bones right now and have Happy Baby back once again.

Reno Balloon Races

18 Sep

Check out this awsome time lapse video of the Reno Balloon Races, which were in town this past weekend. I would have liked to have seen the balloons in person, but the whole family was asleep until way after the last balloon had landed.

I know it’s not the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta that I grew up with, but for Reno, it’s not at all shabby.

Link to the video courtesy of Dave Laplante.

Po’Baby’s Pants Don’t Fit

18 Sep

I leave a back-up outfit at Little Miss’s daycare just in case she needs an outfit change. When I picked her up today, she was in the back-up outfit, which I could have sworn she had worn recently… This picture shows how she has grown… Those pants are supposed to go down to her ankles. Time for a new back-up outfit!


Little Miss’s 7 Month Pic

17 Sep

Here is Little Miss’s 7 month picture.


Not much else to say… Sorry, but I have to get ready for week number two at the new job!

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7 Month Pic

17 Sep

Here is Little Miss’s 7 month picture.


And this is how she took her nap yesterday.

madelynnsleeping7mo.JPG (Sorry, the auto-sizer didn’t work too well on this pic. Will edit later.)

Not much else to say… Sorry, but I have to get ready for week number two at the new job!

Be sure to check out the newest uploaded pics at Flickr!

Welcome to the World, Cousin K

17 Sep

I am proud to say that on September 15 our family welcomed into the world my new niece, Cousin K Riley Cook. My sister-in-law went into labor at 11pm, and by 3am or so, she had her new baby girl in hand (no epidural — what a woman!).

Cousin K was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 19.5 inches long.



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