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29 Aug

Just back from Urgent Care, where it was confirmed that I do indeed have Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. I’m pretty sure I picked it up at Madelynn’s daycare, though she has yet to show signs of it. I have blisters on my hands, feet, and in my mouth, along with a really horrible sore throat. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

The doctor said that Madelynn would be protected from this most likely, as long as I was still breast feeding. I’m down to pumping twice a day now. I came home from the doctor, hooked up to the pump, and started surfing the internet. I looked down about three minutes later, horrified to see that one of the bottles was filled with an ounce of BLOOD. I took off the flanges, and saw that I have these humongous cracks in one of my nipples, so much of a crack that I’m note sure I SHOULD continue to pump. So this is a lovely little pickle for me — Madelynn needs my milk so that she won’t get Hand Mouth and Foot disease, and meanwhile, my nipple is about to be yanked clean off by the damn pump. Grrrrrrr…..


28 Aug

Just back from a mock camping trip with the family. I say mock because we didn’t spend the night. More on that later.

The point of this entry is that I seriously think I have contracted Hand Foot and Mouth disease. I don’t think that Madelynn has it yet, but it is very likely she will get it too.

So much for enjoying my last week off in between jobs. I’ll be nursing myself back to health, and most likely will have a sick baby on my hands soon too. Just lovely.

I Must Have Angered the Kitchen Gods

23 Aug

While I’m on break from work, I figure I’ll make the hubby some nice dinners. I actually found a recipe in a magazine, went to the store, and cooked it up for him tonight — something I haven’t had time to do since the arrival of Little Miss.

I cooked up stuffed bell peppers, and man, they looked GOOD. We don’t like to use the oven in the summers because it heats the house up, so I put them in a Pyrex glass baking dish and put them on the grill. I had broiled countless things in that dish before, so I didn’t think twice about putting it on the grill.

I set the table on our patio for dinner, and was about to make the grand presentation of the main dish. I picked up the dish off the grill and within seconds, the glass shattered and the entire meal, glass and all landed at my feet. My bare feet.

A shard of glass cut the top of my foot, and I think it hit a surface vein, because I started bleeding like crazy. I can’t believe how lucky I got, though… An entire glass dish with scalding hot glass shattered within inches of my bare feet, and all I got was a cut about a half centimeter wide.

JB summed it up nicely when he saw the glass and blood everywhere. “It looks like a crime scene out here.”

I was most sad about having to trash the dinner I had worked on for the past hour just to clean up glass and blood for the next hour. We then called in an order for Chinese takeout, and had dinner around 8:30.

Grrrrr… The Kitchen Gods are against me.

Moral of the story: Don’t put glass baking dishes on the grill.

How Do You People Know So Much?!

22 Aug

This morning, Happy Baby was back, sending that SCREAMING horror back to wherever she came from. Thank you all for your comments, as many of you experienced Moms knew that this much screaming might indicate an ear infection. Funny, when I Googled her symptoms, all I got was teething. Glad I have all of you for support.

I was fully prepared to take Little Miss into the doctor today to have her ears checked, but miraculously, she seems fine now. We had a lovely day together, and I have renewed hope that her 6 month portraits tomorrow won’t be a disaster.

Stop with the SCREAMING Already

21 Aug

I was really looking forward to spending quality time with Madelynn over the next two weeks, but unfortunately, someone took my happy baby and replaced her with SCREAMING, inconsolable baby.

I’m pretty sure it’s teething, but she is waking up in the middle of the night, and waking really in the morning SCREAMING. She doesn’t seem to want milk, as she’ll take a few sucks and start SCREAMING again, and nothing seems to console her.

I’ve been told that teething can last for 3-4 months before they even get a tooth, and I have to wonder IS IT LIKE THIS FOR EVERY TOOTH?! I just never imagined that teething would be so extreme. I’m planning to call the doctor tomorrow to confirm, but geesh, this is absolutely miserable.

Anyone have tips for the mom of a teether?

To Pump Or Not To Pump, That Is The Question

20 Aug

It was my goal to pump for six months, and I hit that milestone ten days ago. I keep waffling on whether or not I should continue.

I have a friend who gained a ton of weight after she quit pumping for her baby, which got her back to her weight at 9 months pregnant. Yikes! That alone makes me want to pump into infinity.

But it’s just not practical. It’s increasingly becoming more and more annoying to be strapped up to a pump for 2.5 hours a day. My old job was very amenable to on-the-job pumping, which made things easier. Now that I’m on a two week break, it’s hard to fit pumping into my schedule. It seems that once I get Little Miss all fed and changed and happy and I’m ready to go on an outing, it’s time for me to sit down and pump for a half hour, which gets really annoying.

I’m also hesitant to pump at my new job. I think it’d just be strange to be the new girl, and have to disappear for two half hour breaks each day to pump. I don’t want to be labled as Pump Lady or Milk Maiden. It was easy at my last job because I worked with all women that had known me for four years, and I had a private office. My new office will be in cubicle land, so it won’t be nearly as easy to incorporate it into my life.

So, my conclusion is I’m going to start the stopping of the pumping. I think I’ll be weaning myself back to three times a day over the next two weeks, and after I return to work, I will pump before work and once before bed and see what that does to my milk supply. I had a clogged duct this morning that seems to have cut my supply in half, so perhaps my little plan will result in my milk drying up completely.

The main reason I want to keep pumping a bit is for the antibodies for Little Miss. She has been sick pretty often as it is with daycare, that I dread her getting more sick because she won’t be getting breast milk. But, that’s a risk I’m going to have to take eventually, because I can’t pump forever. The providing of milk part is great, but sometimes I dream about throwing my pump out with the garbage.

Sorry to all my male readership for so much talk of mammory glands today, but that is what has been on my mind.

A Bunch of Blah

17 Aug

I don’t have much to say, as my work transition is sucking the life blood out of me at the moment. But I’m keeping my eyes fixed on the prize — two weeks off of work before starting my new job.

I have many plans for myself on my time off, including spending time with Madelynn, going to the gym, getting caught up on my photo albums, and finally figuring out how to post video to my blog.

Madelynn thankfully slept through the night last night, after over a week of broken sleep. When JB put her down to bed, she immediately flipped over onto her belly, which was a first for her. She slept the whole night that way, so perhaps that’s a better sleeping position from her. I’ve heard that you should put a baby on their back to sleep, but it is OK if they change their position after you lie them down.

So not much else to report, other than my last day at my current job is tomorrow. It is shaping up to be a hectic day, as everyone has procrastinated discussing the transition plan until tomorrow.

But I just keep thinking that starting Saturday, I won’t have to be anywhere at any set time for over two weeks. I can’t wait!