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Tales From the Hospital

27 Jul

I’m just back from the hospital.

I just like saying that to get a reaction.

I was there visiting a friend who had a baby yesterday. She is one of those women that had the picture perfect pregnancy and birth — so much so that she makes me a bit sick. But I still love her anyways.

It felt so strange, and almost foreign to hold a newborn again. It really made me realize how much Madelynn has changed in the past 5 months. I think you forget how tiny they are when they arrive, how sleepy, and how completely delicate.

It really is true that babies get better each and every day. I just can’t resist Madelynn’s babbles, giggles, fat rolls and tiny sweaty feet. I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to her!

Crying Over Spilled Milk

26 Jul

I think that the saying, “don’t cry over spilled milk” was originated by a pumping mother who spilled breast milk.

Take it from me, doing so really makes you want to cry, or shout a few choice explicatives.

The New Bathroom Vanity

25 Jul

This month, JB decided to replace our master bathroom vanity because the old cabinets/counter were way too low for him. Two weekends ago, he and a friend ripped out the old cabinets and installed the new, dark wood ones that are about 4 inches taller. JB then installed new faucets.

Here is what our bathroom looked like before:


Here is what it looks like now.


Pictures Instead of Words

24 Jul

I don’t have much time to write today, so I’ll give you pictures.

This is me at work today. I was the photographer for a golf scramble.

A scenic pic… It was ONLY 100 degrees out there today!

A few Madelynn pics for the heck of it.


The Shape of A Mother

21 Jul

I discovered a great site today called The Shape of A Mother. Some very brave women have posted their belly shots during pregnancy, and more importantly, afterwards — stretch marks, saggy skin and all.

I enjoyed looking at this site, as my stretch marks are still raw, and The Belly sags over my incision site. It’s a depressing sight to me, but the joy of having a daughter makes it all worth it.

I’m not like those brave women. The picture of my belly right before Madelynn was born (bare skin with stretch marks galore) has privately been shared with friends and family, but that’s not making the website. And I’ll never have the guts to post pics of my after baby belly.

I have noticed lately, though, that the waist of my clothes are now fitting again. Last night, I got curious and measured my waist, which is two inches smaller than it was in the beginning of May. Not bad, but I still have a ways to go.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

21 Jul

I hate politics, and most politics don’t interest me. But this week, after Bush vetoed the bill that would have expanded federally funded medical research using embryonic stem cells, I was ready to scream at the TV.

My immediate reaction was, “you idiot.”

I am in shock that he vetoed federal funding for stem cell research on grounds of a moral issue. I don’t understand how it makes us morally superior to not use frozen embryos that are slated for destruction anyways. It’s not like we’re growing clones here, Bushy, they are CELLS. Cells that will not become humans anyway because they are unwanted and unused embryos that will be destroyed anyway.

So in Bush’s eyes, it’s unacceptable to destroy embryos for medical studies, but it IS acceptable to destroy them for the hell of it.

Stem cell research has the potential to save so many lives, and to improve the lives of many Americans, or humans in general. The fact that Bush favors protecting cells that will be destroyed anyways over protecting actual human life is beyond me.

And he’s not morally against sending our troops to Iraq to be blown up by roadside bombs. Isn’t that the taking of “innocent human life”, Bushy?!

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

My favorite quote of the week was by Senator Tom Harkin, when he said, “You listen to the president’s speech and you wonder who was his science teacher.”

Amen to that. That teacher should be ashamed. Very ashamed.

Harkin went on to say, “I think what the president did is really to condemn million of Americans to suffering, needless suffering.”

I totally agree. When is the next presidential election?!

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show couldn’t have said it better.

It’s Raining Babies

18 Jul

Madelynn and I went to a birthday party on July 8 for my friend’s son, Jackson. We took pictures of all of the babies lined up on the couch, and it was hilarious! Madelynn is second from the left in the green. The end result:


I love Madelynn’s smile in this picture (but check out the elf ears)!